I’m going slightly mad

So yesterday my Priest Darllen completed the Stormwind bit of the Broken Shore scenario but didn’t have  chance to do any invasions. Hoping to do some today. It feels good to be back on a Priest but having done a couple of fights as Discipline I realise I’m going to need to go Shadow. The fights took forever and while I was in ruddy good health at the end it was really frustrating. So decided I need to get a good Shadow Priest build sorted.

So I went to Icy Veins & read that the following is an ideal single target rotation:-

    1. Enter Void Form by casting Void Eruption
    2. Cast Mind Blast.
    3. Apply and maintain  Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch.
    4. Cast  Mind Flay
    5. Once in Void Form cast Void Bolt
    6. Cast Shadowfiend if available at low Voidform stacks
    7. Cast  Shadow Word: Death
    8. Cast  Mind Blast
    9. Cast Shadowfiend if available at higher Voidform stacks
    10. Re-apply Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch if necessary
    11. Cast Mind Flay as filler

Some of this looks much the same as before but the bit about Void Eruption to get into Void Form and having Void Form stacks is new. Previously I basically lived my life in Void Form. In fact I used to forget what my priest actually looked like.

So I now discover Void Form is activated by casting Void Eruption. It increases all damage you deal by 20% but means my  insanity will drain until it reaches 0 and Voidform ends. When Voidform ends I gain Lingering Insanity (no problem – I have this on a daily basis), but have to cast Void Eruption to enter Void Form again.

So going into Void Form turns you insane or, more precisely, you need to be insane to use it?  Ah ok. Was that always the case? I recognise Shadow Priests draw on dark powers but insanity? I always felt ok in Void Form, but there again if you are insane you’re probably the last to realise it. I did keep seeing lots of purple balls floating around me but I assumed everyone saw them.

So Insanity itself is a resource to draw on in the fight between good and evil. Interesting. A a Shadow Priest I’m venturing into the void, drawing power from the corrupt Old Gods and turning quickly insane in the process. As I’m no longer drawing on the light I’ve also lost all the usual heals and instead use Shadowmend which wraps someone in shadows to heal but at the same time means they take damage. Eh? Only someone insane would have thought that one up. I basically heal and hurt at the same time. Exactly what my already over developed guilt complex needs.

But I’ll give it a go. Just for questing. In nice 5 mans (hoping I get chance to do some with the guild) and LFR I would like to be a healer. If I’m wrong and Discipline is viable for solo questing let me know. But if it’s not viable then it has to be Shadow for questing which means I have to embrace the darker side of life. One plus to this  of course – if I go truly insane maybe I’ll finally get to meet Harvey. I’ve always wanted to do that.



2 thoughts on “I’m going slightly mad

  1. Disc is definitely viable and the artifact certainly helps but even without it, you can solo pretty much anything. The elites may take a little longer but it’s easily doable.

    1. Thanks Cymre. I did a bit more of it yesterday & I eventually killed things with good health throughout the fight in most cases (apart from the boss right at the end when I pulled aggro. That did not end well.). But it did seem to take a long time. I’m hoping as I gear up it gets better and with artifiact too perhaps I’ll start feeling a bit more powerful?! Will be trying Shadow properly today though. And I think for healing I now also want to try Holy. Might as well given them all a go I guess.

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