Carried by the Crowd

Yesterday I completed the Broken Shore event and made a Demon Hunter. On the latter  – my Demon Hunter looks amazing. But I’ve achieved this by making her as undemonlike as possible & giving her bright yellow hair. She looks like the Canary on the Arrow rather than a DH so when I play her I feel like a darker superhero/assassin. Interesting.

I can’t say I’ve massively enjoyed the first level of the DH experience though. It’s all so dark and green. Not my favourite look (unless it’s on Mark Gruffalo). There was quite a lot of people around as you’d expect – although no lag and plenty of things to kill. My screen just looked too busy for me and I felt too caught up in the feverish rush to complete quests. This meant I didn’t really read anything. I just went round killing everything randomly  and looking for areas marked with a circle on the map and then those marked by a question mark. It was a good refresher on those basic shapes but not much else in terms of understanding the mission of the DHs. But I accept that was my fault and I need to slow down.

I like my DH when she is hitting stuff. The rush thing she does though (the one which is supposed to burn everything in her path) – well this often results in me badly overshooting and then having to spin around to hit the mob. Not sure if I’m doing it right – am I doing a cool move or a slapstick one? Can’t tell.

In regard to Broken Shore – again lots of people, movement, red mobs, fighting, transitioning from phase to phase without much of a clue as to which way is up and…trying to heal. Quite possibly it was pointless trying to heal in this scenario but my boosted level 100 is a Priest & I want to try out Discipline Healing. I found it confusing & I didn’t seem to have enough heals to click. I need to read up on it more. But I think I helped some people last a bit longer and I got to try stuff out so it was worth doing from that perspective.

And the ending. Oh my goodness. While I’d seen it on daughter’s screen it was very different experiencing it and I did find it incredibly emotional. It was a fantastic piece of work by Blizzard. My feelings for Sylvanas became all conflicted until I later watched some cut scenes on the Horde side of things and I was able to love her again.

So in conclusion on yesterday – I enjoyed most of it and I’m finally starting to get excited for when Legion properly arrives. But I still love my level 31 Beanie. I will not abandon her for long. She will not be like all the others. I hope…



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