An Unexpected Moment

Warning – Legion Spoilers coming up. Can anyone still be spoiled about Legion & the storyline we are going to see unfold? Possibly. Hence I repeat spoilers, spoilers, spoilers (and I first mistyped that as “soilers, soilers, soilers” which is a completely different warning.


Ok that done I just had to write about what I saw yesterday, As you know I’m in the EU – or more precisely I play on EU servers. I am assuming Brexit won’t impact this arrangement and I won’t have to arrange a new trade deal or something. So yesterday in the EU we did not have the preinvasion event. We have it now (as husband has just informed me) and I will be logging on when this post is complete to see what it’s all about.

But anyway yesterday was the calm before the storm. I was out in Stonetalon Mountains with Beanie (beautiful place but far too many mountains for someone who can’t yet fly and constantly likes to take the shortcut) when daughter said, “What’s going on in the throne room, everyone is acting weird around King Varian?”). Now I do know what’s going to happen to the King. While I’ve not done much reading about Legion & never used the beta invite myself (shame, shame), daughter did use it for about half an hour and I watched some of the events over her shoulder. So I know what’s coming. And when I looked at daughter’s screen I saw that other people know too as there was about 10 or so people all kneeling before the King. It unexpectedly brought a lump to my throat. Husband brought his rogue on & went to have a look himself and when he got there and saw what was going on he promptly kneeled. Then daughter kneeled too and at that point I was close to tears.

I did not expect to feel that way yesterday but suddenly the imminent death of our leader became very real and very sad and it felt important to show him respect. So I brought on Luxmii (who I never play and who still hasn’t readjusted to all the new patch changes and was way too excited to be selected ) and she also knelt before him.

But then the madness started. Daughter decided to commemorate the moment by taking a selfie. It was a tad inappropriate (I rarely see selfies being taken with people at death’s door or selfies before the coffin at the funeral – although given everything else people post on Facebook I suspect it’s a matter of time), The end result was inappropriately hilarious – Varian all grim, serious and frowning at the camera; daughter’s warrior smiling broadly, delighted to be having a photo with the King. After she’d taken about three I instructed her to move away from him – I was worried players would call her out for being disrespectful. But then another player walked up to the King, turned around and faced us all and shouted, “You’re all lapdogs”. Harsh. I’m no royalist but I don’t see anything wrong in showing deep respect for and crying over a computer game leader. It’s completely normal.

Then someone popped out Lil’ Bling. Ooh. Now “respect at imminent death protocol anxiety” kicked in. Was it wrong to click him? I finally decided to creep up and click from maximum distance so no one would know. I still feel the shame.

Then another Lil Bling appeared and the two started scrapping in front of the King. It was all now too surreal for words and I left at this point. I have put a screenshot below.

The whole thing felt really powerful until it descended into Monty Pythonesque scenes. It is the end of an era in WoW. So go gently King Varian – or rather go in the heat of battle fighting for all you love and hold dear. I salute you.


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