Been There, Bought the T Shirt

I’m going to be in work today when things start to warm up in Azeroth so I’ve been doing a little bit of reading to see what to expect later when I finally get a chance to log in. According to Blizzard Watch  invasions will occur in Azshara, Dun Morogh, Hillsbrad Foothills, Northern Barrens, Tanaris, and Westfall. There’ll be a green icon on the map to show where to go & you basically enter a world scenario. Assuming you have to be 100 for this (if you want to survive anyway).

During the invasion you have to kill the demons, lieutenants and commander, achieve certain objectives and then defeat the boss. Sounds like typical day in the office.

If you complete the invasion you get Nethershards and sometimes chests with ilevel 685/700 equipment. You can trade Nethershards at Illidari vendors in the capitals and invasion zones. I notice Blizzard Watch mentioned transmog opportunities in regard to the chests that drop and in regard to what you can buy from the Nethershards. I guess transmog is now a thing right? Beanie is still rocking her eclectic look (i.e. nothing matches and the colours ill suit her complexion) because she’s too lazy to go to a transmog. Husband swears he saw a portable transmogrifier the other day. I have never see such a thing (I don’t get out much) so I googled it and discovered the Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak. How did I ever miss this? Oh I know – never cared about transmog and will never have that much gold. But now there’s all these uber well dressed players around me and I’m starting to feel inadequate. But I’m also lazy. I need that yak. For free. In the mail when I next log in. According to the Law of Attraction this should definitely work. I’ll let you know.

It does look as if these invasions are a good way to get ilevel 700 gear (via the Nethershards). But you need to grind for it. I’m assuming iLevel 700 will be the level 100-101 gear drops that we get in Legion so I will probably just gear up via basic quest rewards. I don’t need anything too fancy in my line of work (killing boars in Elwynn). But it will be fun to do at least one of the invasions. Just to get the “Been There, Bought the T Shirt” achievement. (Is that a real achievement? It so should be.)




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