The Cool Factor

Asked daughter yesterday for an idea for a blog post and she suggested I write about why there isn’t someone like Sylvanas on the Alliance side. She loves Sylvanas – the look, the attitude, the power. She doesn’t know anything about Sylvanas’s history yet and hasn’t played any storylines that actually take her to see Sylvanas in game but she still loves her. The power of the image. I also think the cinematic trailer for Legion has a lot to do with it.

So I’ve been trying to think about Alliance females with the same cool factor. My first thought was Jaina which I promptly dismissed –  she’s powerful and strong but for me there’s a grammar school head girl quality about her that I don’t think would appeal.

The next name that came to mind was Veeresa – very similar to Sylvanas in many ways (less dead of course) and has her own interesting story. Might take daughter to see her in Dalaran – if that’s where she still is. I think  she’s a contender.

Then I remembered Admiral Rogers – some strong appearances in MoP. However, outside of specific MoP scenes and quests not sure what else I can say about her so I don’t think she’s the one.

Other possibilities –  Aysa (daughter already really likes her as she has played the starter Pandaren storyline) and Yrel (daughter has encountered her in early WoD stuff).

But then I remembered Tyrande. Night elf leader and high priestess of Elune, strong, passionate, loyal, brave and to top it all – rides a frostsaber tiger. I think both Tyrande and Veeresa might well have that cool factor daughter is looking for on the Alliance side. Both elves of course like Sylvanas when alive (night elf and high elf – not sure I fully understand the difference yet). Is it something about the females of that race?  I ask this as someone who generally levels humans and feels too tall when playing a night elf. Maybe I’m just scared to embrace my inner elven cool factor. Maybe some cosplay would help. Of course if I did this I’d look like Moira Thaurissian trying to dress up as Sylvanas – an interesting look no doubt.



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