Need to Focus

Only noticed the other day that Focus has changed for the Hunter (it takes me awhile to catch up). In my defence I’ve only dabbled with Hunters before but clearly remember not being able to use certain abilities until I had more Focus and having to use some abilities to regenerate more Focus. But now it seems Focus is working more like Energy and is passively regenerating all the time and I rarely (if ever) find myself out of Focus (and now I’ve used the word Focus so much it’s lost all meaning).

Anyway this finally got me curious enough to read up on it.

A post on Blizzard Watch says:-

“Beast Mastery regenerates Focus passively at 10 per second, and every 12 seconds you cast Dire Beast which gives you an additional 3 Focus per 2 seconds, per Dire Beast”

Dire Beast every 12 seconds? Oops. I don’t ever use Dire Beast (now Dire Frenzy since I hit 30 yesterday & chose that talent). In my defence (second defence of the blog post – I am writing this as if I’m on the stand) I’m one shotting mobs as I’m over levelled for the zone (60 of 70 Ashenvale quests now completed though – Loremaster here I come. Unfortunately I am now dreaming of the zone and utterly sick of the colour purple.) But ok – this will be useful in the future no doubt. Every 12 seconds. Done.

Reading further makes me think I’m also using Cobra Shot wrong. I use it to discipline my pet. That’s correct right? I jest. Basically for any of the rare longer fights I’m involved in I spam Cobra Shot and use Kill Command at the end. But looking at the Icy Veins suggested rotation I should be doing the following:-

Kill Command

Chimaera Shot (if you have it)

One of the Dires

Barrage if you have it

Cobra Shot if over 90 Focus

So it’s Kill Command first. Ah. That explains so much (eg my pet’s perpetual look of boredom when I open with Cobra Shot, one shot the mob and never use Kill Command). That’s something I will change right away. My pet needs to start pulling his weight. Cobra Shot is used right at the end of the rotation if you have over 90 Focus. So you do need to manage your Focus after all. Not fair.I like all this passive stuff. Deep down though I knew I couldn’t ignore that orange bar forever.

Ok off to do some more levelling now – life’s about to change for Topcat my pet.


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