Out of Time

I’m always out of step with everyone else. Consider these recent blogs. I’m lost in Darkshore and Ashenvale levelling my hunter through her 20s and 30s while everyone is busy getting ready for Legion. Part of me wishes Legion wasn’t due for another month or so yet (I know – sacrilege!). I’m back into WoW and enjoying these early levels but come Legion I’ll have to leave Beanie and pick up one of my 100s and play through the Legion stuff. Another month or so and Beanie could (could) be 100 and I could be doing the Legion stuff with her, and ready to do it, having naturally got to that point with her.

I’m going to miss Beanie when Legion lands and I have to switch to a 100. I can’t boost Beanie. I used my pre-purchase Legion boost on a priest healer and she’ll be the one I’m levelling in Legion.

Basically then I’m out of step with everyone. For so many Legion is long long overdue and they have been bored senseless waiting for it. But for me there’s been no wait, no delay. I’ve not been that interested in WoW and now that I am interested I’m interested in the old stuff. And I’m now attached to the wrong character!

Of course I could just ignore Legion. I could continue to play through the old quests and let all the new shiny new stuff pass me by (if that will indeed be possible – I’m not even sure if the old world is going to  change in some way meaning all levels are affected?). But I know when the time comes I won’t want to do that either. Once it launches I will want to be there to see what it’s all about and experience the story. But I’m worried part of me will also want to get it out of the way. Gain all my new levels and reach that point where I would really need to raid to progress any further. And then put my level maxed character back on the  shelf and go back to Ashenvale or whatever zone I abandoned Beanie in on August 30th.

That said I listened to The Instance yesterday and heard some stuff about World Quests that got me excited. It suggested interesting things to do beyond the levelling and not just involving raiding. We’ll see. I’m also surprisingly sad about missing the pre-launch event on the 9th August when I’m back in work.  Why do I care if I just want to stay in Kalimdor levelling Beanie? My head confuses me sometimes.


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