Blankety Blank

Just completed The Offering to Azshara Quest. Basically had to stop the Darkscale priestesses from offering the Horn of the Ancients to Azshara. It was all a bit glitchy and I don’t know if this is down to the last patch or not. Every time Azshara was meant to speak the dialogue box had “Queen Azshara says …” but no actual dialogue. Fill in the blanks yourself (actually this could be a good game – you draw a card with quest text and dialogue but with key words missing and you have to fill in the words. Sort of like old 70s favourite Blankety Blank but for WoW.)

Anyway I’ve checked out the quest on Wowhead (this would be cheating in WoW Blankety Blank of course) and she’s meant to threaten death to whoever stopped the ritual (little ‘ol me). When Malfurion runs up to save the day she says “Ah Malfurion I was hoping to distract you while my allies attack Hyjal.” This causes Malfurion to go all Buffy in Becoming, Part One (Season Two) when she realises Angel has tricked her and the other vampires are attacking her friends back in the library (bye bye Kendra). He basically gives me the shortest time ever to accept a quest (honestly- I was distracted for a second and he’d gone which meant I had to do the whole thing again) and runs off, leaving me to prevent Soggy Soggoth’s (official title) return all alone. Thanks Malfurion.

The Twilight Hammer clan are attempting to bring Soggoth – minion of the Old Gods – back to life. I stop them (easily- I’ve already outlevelled this area but I’m a completionist once I get going and I’m now thinking levelling Beanie is a good opportunity to get the bulk of Loremaster done (I am of course totally embarrassed that I’ve not already done this after all these years on WoW)). Soggoth is now a card in Hearthstone by the way (courtesy of Whispers of the Old Gods). 9 mana minion, taunt, 5 attack and 9 health. Can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers. I think it’s weak given the high mana cost & low attack but a 9 health taunt can save the day in a pinch. Anyway he’s not one I own so this is all pretty irrelevant but I’ve discovered I enjoy meeting Hearthstone cards in WoW. It’s like finally meeting a celebrity (I remember when I saw Christopher Biggins on the train – I talked about it for months). Things are coming full circle – WoW spawned Hearthstone but Hearthstone could create (recreate) an interest in WoW? Maybe. Perhaps people will end up logging into WoW just to go and hang out with their favourite cards. Or is that weird? I think I’m going off on another tangent when I really need to focus. I have WoW Blankety Blank to create.



2 thoughts on “Blankety Blank

  1. I’m glad you posted this! I did that quest recently too, but was too lazy to go looking to fill in the blanks. I assumed she was just too awestruck by my new transmog to speak…

    1. It might well have been that!! Could be my mismatched outfit had a similar affect for a very different reason!!

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