Let’s Be Friends

Yesterday completed the New Home quest for the murlocs in Darkshore. I’m a soft hearted soul and really loved the idea of creating a new little home for them.  I know it was just to get them out of the way of the dig site but I felt like I was reaching out a hand of friendship to these enemies of old.  And for a brief time it worked. When the new seaside condo was built they turned friendly to me and celebrated their new habitat (the cute little dancing top hatted baby murloc who briefly appeared was adorable). Then they faded away which I took to mean end of story – they all lived happily ever after. But then of course I turned around and looked at the digsite and saw that everything had reset. The digsite was once again full of red angry murlocs ready to kill me on site and our brief friendship was over.

Why must it be so?





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