Working For It

Daughter had a bit of a  meltdown the other day because husband had managed to earn enough gold to get himself the Chauffered Chopper mount. She has wanted this for a long time. As you all know to get it you need to have bought 35 heirlooms. Now this is something I’ve not yet done. I don’t play enough these days to earn the money to get the heirlooms (although I know it wouldn’t take me that long if I put my mind to it). I’ve never been much of a gold earner. I trash when I should vendor, vendor when I should auction house, underprice when I should play the market. Basically it’s another area where I’m pretty clueless.

Husband is far more disciplined about gold making. He sorts out his garrison every day and sells his ores and herbs for good prices on the AH. I think he is also making money from the salvage yard. He is of course concerned about what happens to garrisons with the launch of Legion. He fishes to earn money. He levels pets to 25 & then sells them on the AH to earn money. He is good at earning money. And generous with it too it has to be said.

But the point is he had earned the money to buy the heirlooms to get the mount and daughter did not appreciate that. “You’re so lucky,” she cried. “Luck has nothing to do with it,” he responded, “I worked for it.” “I don’t know how to earn money,” she said. “I’ve told you lots of times what to do,” he replied. “And I’ve said I’ll help you. I’ve even been giving you 300 gold a week as WoW pocket money.”

“But I spend that in the auction house,” she replied.

“Well you should save it.”

“I don’t want to save it.”

“Well earn more gold yourself then.”

“I don’t want to do any of the things that earn gold,” she replied, “I don’t like questing, fishing, levelling pets, mining or herbing.”

At this point I interceded. “That’s pretty much the game. Maybe it’s just not the game for you. Play your other games and just have a starter account for when you want to visit Azeroth.”

“It’s not the same,” she said. “I love the game, I want play, but I don’t want to have to earn gold. It’s unfair.”

In her defence she is not yet nine, only plays WoW with us (highly supervised!), basically just enjoys starting new characters and getting them up to about 10, flying around Stormwind and doing the odd pet battle. She was also particularly tired and grumpy that day. But she does love mounts. That is her WoW thing. And in the starter zones you see a lot of Chauffered Choppers. So this was the last straw.

Husband could of course just give her the gold to buy the heirlooms to get the mount (that ate the spider that swallowed the fly that wriggled inside her etc.) but he’s done that already for so many other things (many many pets) and she does need to learn that sometimes you have to work for what you want. So we tried to use the moment to teach an important life lesson.

“In life you have to work for the things you really want. Nothing is handed to you on a plate. But when you work for something and get it then wow, what a feeling, you really feel like you’ve achieved something, and it means so much more to you than if someone had just given it to you.” We (probably nauseatingly) said this in union, cheerleader parents trying to instil a work ethic that would have made John Calvin proud.

There was silence. Maybe she was absorbing this important life lesson. Or maybe she was just seething in silent anger and jealousy. It was hard to tell. However, yesterday morning she made her bed and helped me do some baking and then suggested this meant she should be given extra pocket money (she already has £3.00 a week for …well …hmm hard to say) . I think she has figured some thing out.



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