One Shot One Kill

I’ve just signed up for Blaugust2016 and have committed to write a blog post everyday. I think this will be a good way to get my blogging mojo back  (but apologies up front for the Austin Powers  reference – won’t happen again).

Anyway still levelling hunter Beanie. Now 23. And still in Darkshore healing the shattered land.

The title of this post comes from the quest I just completed. I first became aware of the phrase “One Shot One Kill” in Hearthstone. In the early days of the game I used Elven Archer a lot and she says it every time you summon her. Yes every time. Gets a bit irritating after awhile it must be said. Particularly when she’s promptly picked off by a mortal coil. I now hear Widowmaker say it a lot in Overwatch.  But today I came across the One Shot One Kill quest. Finally it all makes sense. Finally my life is complete.

I must have done this quest before though as it’s a pre-Cataclysm quest that remains unaltered by the passage of time. Sentinel Aynasha says she was on her way to Auberdine (oh no) when the furbolgs attacked and poisoned her and she now needs to be defended while she applies an antidote (another magic Azeroth antidote of course).  I defend her but it takes forever with really long delays between the waves of attackers. Halfway through she runs out of arrows even though there was plenty of time to collect the used arrows from the furbolg bodies (she clearly can’t be bothered). So I deal with the rest myself and by the time we are finished her legs are incredibly much better (faker much) and she says she will go and report to her superiors what happened. Her superiors in Auberdine that is. Hmm. Awkward. Unfortunately there was no “Break it to her gently” option so I let her run off on her wonky legs to discover the horrible truth for herself while I returned to Onaeya at Maestra’s Post to dutifully report my good deed and get my reward. I leave the Auberdine bit out of my report.  I think Beanie has a darker side to her character that’s going to be interesting to explore over Blaugust. Groovy baby (sorry).



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