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Despite in the last post bemoaning my lack of free time I am now spending around 30 minutes a day learning to play guitar using Rocksmith! Who needs sleep, food and trips to the toilet (…who am I kidding – I’ll always make time for food).

Today is day 5. I am a complete beginner – although I’ve had an electric guitar for ages (it’s been enjoying some quiet time in the attic). After starting everything up I spent some time tuning the guitar (Rocksmith senses whether the strings need tightening or loosening) then threw myself right into the thick of it by trying to learn a song. It took me until day 3 to think about sorting the songs in order of  difficulty (I am so not ready for The Who’s My Generation) and day 4 to even consider looking at one of the lessons. The latter cover all the basics  & it turned out I very much needed this (who knew I was holding the pick all wrong – it should not have been clenched in my teeth).

However, to a certain extent my reckless “have a go hero” approach has worked. I can now confidently pluck the the 1st and 2nd strings, pressing down in turn on frets 2, 3 and 5 (and then back again to 2 – although had to practice that several times using the Riff Repeater). However, once Rocksmith throws fret 9 into the mix I completely go to pieces, drop my guitar and miss a ton of notes as I fumble my way back to the safety of fret 5. The songs get harder every time I make a bit of progress (one crazy play through tried to take me down to fret 14 – my fingers resolutely refused to move), then the difficulty slips back a notch once Rocksmith realises I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a beginner.

It’s great fun. I’ve always loved Guitar Hero and Rockband but doing it for real on a real guitar is even better. Is it possible one day I’ll be able to play? Of course it’s still early days but I’m going to keep practising and see how I get on. Rocksmith has a 60 day challenge which I’m trying to stick to. This means at around the start of July I should be able to play at least a few songs. Right now that seems an incredible thought but I’ll keep going. Who knows – maybe there’s a ton of songs out there that only require expertise in the top two strings and first five frets.


2 thoughts on “Bravesmith?

  1. Hey 🙂
    Ava here. Its fantastic that you’re learning to play guitar. I’ve been playing for 35 years and still pick up my guitar most days. I have rocksmith too and its good fun. If you’re serious about learning though I totally recommend that you have a look at the “guitar tricks” website. They have a core learning system that is truly excellent. Anyway, lots of luck with it and I’ll be interested to hear how its going 🙂


    1. Thanks Ava. 🙂 Wow 35 years. That’s amazing. I’m really enjoying it so far & can definitely see improvements every time I go on (although only day 5!) I’ll have a look at Guitar Tricks too. I’ll keep tracking my progress on here – will encourage me to keep going!

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