Showing the love – updated blogroll

I temporarily removed my blogroll when I restarted blogging a few weeks ago as it was about a year out of date and some very fine bloggers had stopped blogging. However, since an equal number of very fine bloggers have started blogging or have recently come to my blogging attention (& incidentally I’ve now overused the word “blogging” so much it’s lost all meaning) I wanted to update the blogroll and reinstall it to its rightful place in the widget column over there ——->

Here’s a quick overview (although I assume most of you are familiar with most, if not all, of these fine blogs):-

The Ancient Gaming Noob – in depth posts that cover a number of different games including recently an Eve Online post that reminded me of just how much that game blew my mind.

Hardcore Casual – a blog I read to find out about games I’d otherwise never know anything about (so thank you for getting me out of the virtual house)

Bio Break – this blog made me want to play Wildstar (although I’m still resisting) but also covers lots of other games (look at the category menu – don’t I feel inadequate now?!)

Tobold’s Blog – lots to read here – the sort of blog that always distracts me from what I should be doing.

Healing the Masses – – in depth posts that give me some insight into current issues in the wider MMO world. This makes me feel all knowledgeable & stuff (wasted of course on real life friends and relatives  – they ignore me now).

Gamer by Design – interesting blog by someone who has also developed his own game. Another blogger (there are a few on this list)  that makes me feel slightly ashamed of my own rather stream of consciousness approach to writing. These bloggers do research, analytics & graphs. I feel like I’ve over achieved if I check something on Wowhead.

In An Age – writing about Hearthstone and so a definite winner for me (I really should write more Hearthstone posts – I’m sure everyone’s dying to read about my adventures at level 17  – Blizzcon here I don’t come). It was from In An Age that I today found out about the Warsong Commander card nerf (bye bye Patron Warrior – I never knew how to play you).

The Grumpy Druids – rediscovering this now I’m into my druid. There’s also a podcast – how’s that for value?

Atherne’s Adventures –  recently discovered. Covers a few different MMOs from a perspective I like.

Some people will never leave my blogroll.  These include Tome of the Ancient (, The Redridge Chronicles

(  and Sheep the Diamond ( The same goes for Alt:ernative Chat (dilemma of the day – should I or shouldn’t I include the colon?) –   – my hat is well and truly off for the sheer volume & quality of her writing there and at Gamers Decrypted too (

The latter four bloggers were all in my blogroll from the start. I also continue to owe nearly all my visitors to Blessing of Kings (  – so thank you Blessing of Kings 🙂

Other blogs I like include (GamingSF), (Rambling thoughts about WoW), (Moonshine Mansion – covers Wildstar) and (Cathedral of Tainted Souls – who has also left some really great comments on this blog).

I have kept the link to The Bossy Pally & the Wooden Spoon ( – I think it was the first WoW blog I ever read (back when I was playing Terema the Pally  – now 85 and stranded in Pandaria on a PvP server) and it was definitely the blog that made me want to start my own. Plus it still has the best name & header that I’ve ever seen.

So there you have it. My favourite blogs. I know I’ve probably forgotten someone – please forgive me if it’s you. And if I’m not reading you but should please leave a comment & I’ll drop by for a visit & a cuppa.



9 thoughts on “Showing the love – updated blogroll

    1. You are very welcome – I love reading about Wildstar. Wish I had time to play it. I’ve done the tutorial but that’s it!

    1. I’m the same. I’m sure there’s lots more that I’ll be adding in due course once I finish checking out what’s on everyone else’s blogroll.

  1. Aww, I miss the Bossy Pally blog too. Ophelie has been doing some traveling with her SO if I recall correctly.

    And thanks for the kind words. Some of my posts are stream of consciousness still 😛 Can’t be making graphs all the time. And really, everybody contributes something different to blogging; that’s what makes it a great place!

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