Whack A Mole Healing

I decided to try doing some healing on my Druid now that I’m too scared to play Balance. Sometime ago I managed to get Proving Ground Silver in my Restoration spec & so I know I could go off & try to Florence Nightingale it up in a Heroics, but  I’m no fool – there’s no way I’m up to that. I need a safe and supportive atmosphere to practice my healing. Therefore I decided to venture into LFR….

Actually it was fine. You couldn’t say it was safe or supportive – no one actually spoke. But no speaking means no criticism or abuse,  no “Frip is the useless one” (yes last week still stings) and I didn’t feel quite as exposed as I’d feel in a 5 man (i.e. it would not be an immediate & catastrophic wipe if I fell off a cliff at the exact moment the tank pulled – this has happened to me in the past).

It did start off a bit shaky though. When I first entered I could only see a few people. There was this big Npc stood right in front of me begging me to click him of course, but I was too scared to approach him or click anything in case I did something wrong. But something didn’t seem right. The chat box said a mage had conjured refreshments but I couldn’t see anything (& I always like joining in with the refreshments). So eventually I plucked up the courage to approach the Npc & of course I was meant to do this all along because he is the guy that sends you to the arena where as it turns out everyone had already gathered to have a picnic.  Classic start!

But from then on it was fine. I was using the default UI raid frames in the middle/bottom of my screen – tanks separated out on the left, then the healer column, and then 4 dps columns. It all seemed straightforward. I life bloomed & rejuvenated like a master (or a deranged gardener – you choose). I suspect I overused Wild Growth, didn’t dispel as quickly as I should have & was overly keen on using Tranquility just to see a  sea of green numbers filling up my screen. Anyway I was so happy with the way the first wing had gone that I immediately queued for the next bit & by the end of yesterday I’d done it all. I think I must have missed the Brackenspore bit though. I didn’t see any friendly mushrooms throughout the run and the dungeon guide had said to heal them up to get some buff or another. I was a bit on edge in case I forgot to do this (my immediate reaction whe I see a mushroom is never to heal it I must say). But anyway I didn’t see any.

But actually seeing things in LFR is a bit of a problem for me. During the raid I’m so busy focusing on the all the green bars that I’m not really aware of anything else going on. When DBM tells me that some enemy spell is on such & such a person I first panic, then struggle in vain to find said person amongst all the names. I’ve now made the boxes a bit bigger & ticked the box to show dispellable buffs but not sure it will help. By the time I’ve found the person in need the crisis has passed and they’re either dead or best friends with another healer and I’m off the Christmas card list. Similarly as I’m so raid box focused I don’t actually know where anyone is standing. Therefore if I need to go  to someone I don’t know where they are. And if the tanks go out of range I end up just running crazily towards the boss in the hope that will help me get the tanks back in range. It usually works (although some LFR bosses now have a restraining order out on me) but I know this won’t always be the case. I’m sure there’s a way of configuring the default UI raid frames to give me more help here, or maybe I need to use Grid (just downloaded it from Curse as it happens) to make things clearer? I need something to help me understand better what’s going on & who needs what. Until I do that I’m basically standing where I hope it’s safe, staring unblinkingly at everyone’s green bars & banging out heals as quickly as possible. It’s like an intense whack a mole session – fun yes but very very bad for the eyes.



10 thoughts on “Whack A Mole Healing

  1. It takes some practice, but eventually once you get used to whack-a-moling, you’ll start to be able to multi-task more about where you’re standing. Seems like you did this already, but one thing that helped me a lot was move my raid frames so they were closer to my character’s feet. Then I could see where I was standing and the raid frames at the same time. Sort of stare in between the two and use my peripheral vision to keep an eye on both rather than staring at one or the other directly.

    Just getting more familiar with the fights will help as well, because then you’ll get a feel for when tanks take a lot of damage, or the raid takes a lot. When you can tunnel-vision, when you have to move, and so on. Practice makes perfect, both from a general mechanics perspective, and for each individual fight.

    Showing dispellable debuffs will help a lot, since it highlights the outline of the whole player frame in light blue if you have something you can dispel. Very handy for that whole periphery thing.

    Yay more healers!

    1. I’ve gone in again to the ones I did on Sunday to have a bit more practice & I’ve started using Vuhdo which I am finding helpful (particularly after following the general configuration advice here:- http://thoughtsgrove.blogspot.co.uk/p/vuhdo-configuration-for-resto-druid.html) Hadn’t thought about positioning the raid frames close to my characters feet – that makes sense. My peripheral vision needs some work though – I’m definitely a bit too much bunny in the headlights at the moment. By the way – your game Eon Altar sounds amazing. I’m in awe of people like yourself who are successfully developing games & getting them on Steam, going to PAX etc. Best of luck with its ongoing development.

      1. Oooh yeah, if you’re not using either click to heal or mouse over macros, you’ll want to get an add on. I tried Vuhdo for a while but couldn’t get it to work for me. Default raid frames with mouse over macros is how I go, works more than fine for 98% of my raiding.

        Thanks! We’re super excited about Eon Altar and getting folks to try it. Getting word out is probably the most difficult thing, sadly. But hopefully soon we’ll have it out for real rather than just Early Access 😀

      2. Well I hope it’s a success. Good luck. 🙂 On the healing front started using Vuhdo & so far so good 🙂

  2. I was going to recommend that you get something like Vuhdo (Healbot and Grid are very similar) and possibly also Decursive, but it looks like you found your way to it on your own. You’ll be shocked at how much of a difference a good UI makes when healing.

    There are two types of friendly mushrooms, green and blue. The green ones heal everyone standing in range and are intended to be how you get through the deadly spores phases (although on LFR the damage isn’t bad enough to require it). The blue ones refill your mana and give a heroism-style haste buff to everyone in range. They appear on the ground and you have to target them and heal them. If you move your mouse pointer over the mushroom, friendly ones will have a hand icon while hostile ones will have a sword icon. Healing the mushrooms helps, but be warned that no matter what you do, the mushrooms will eventually die, since they take increasing damage as the fight wears on and eventually you can’t heal through it. Don’t worry, when they die more will spawn in soon.

    As for positioning, I would stand at range, partway between the boss and the water line if at all possible. The only place other than the boss the tank should be on the fight is tanking an add that always spawns by the water. If you’re having trouble finding a tank, he’s probably gone down to the waterline to pick up the add.

    1. Yes I’m liking Vuhdo but have a lot to learn about it. I actually practised in Proving Grounds yesterday & finally got Gold which I know is probably no big thing to most people but I was really pleased. Thanks for explaining the mushrooms – that really helps me understand what’s going on. The first time I ran that particular LFR I didn’t see them at all, now that I’ve run it a few times I have actually noticed them & clicked on one (probably the hostile one knowing me – I can’t remember what happened). Anyway I am slowly getting there 🙂

      1. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments. Healing through gold shows a pretty good proficiency with the class, so you’re on the right track.

  3. does it have an mouseover functionality – in rift I had several of my healing skill macros, that way i could activate the skill and then either just click the person or the persons raid frame

    I also found having to know the fights and their mechanics seemed more important than any other role. Once you know where and when key damage will happen you can plan accordingly and it feels less like a whack a mole exercise you’re constantly trying to catch up in

    1. Yes it has the mouseover functionality & I’m finding that helps alot. Definitely better the more I run the same raid – even if I don’t think I know more consciously I just seem to go with the flow better & my heals are timed better too. Still learning but still enjoying which is the main thing 🙂

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