Mage Fever

I try not to regret too much in WoW – I already regret too much in real life. I try to stick to the onwards and upwards philosophy. Yes I wasted all that time trying to level a Paladin tank through PuG groups but it was character building. However, I’m increasingly struggling with my decision to turn my mage Seashell into a Horde.

Seashell was my main back in MoP and I loved playing her. I even did a couple of proper raids in Cataclysm (although by MoP time I was only comfortable – if you can call it that – doing LFR). But then news of WoS came & I decided I wanted a Horde character for the expansion. After much soul searching I decided to change factions – Seashell the Human became Seashell the Undead. I admit toon vanity meant I was a little uncomfortable with her new look (the hunch, the spine, the chain smoker voice ) but I figured I’d get used to it. I had my Horde. With the WoD level 90 boost I got my Night Elf Druid to level 90. There – two level 90s to play with.

But the problem was I never went back to Seashell the Horde. I levelled the druid to 100, did some garrison stuff, started the Khadgar ring questline and then pretty much stopped playing. I never went in with Seashell – she still hasn’t even visited Draenor.

And now I miss her. But I miss the human Seashell not the Undead stranger I currently have in my character menu. I miss how things were with us. “You’ve changed Seashell”, I say, when I look at her. “Damn right,” she croaks back, “And never forget who’s fault this is. You pushed the button.” Yes, our relationship is rather fractured to say the least. To try to appease her I logged in as Seashell during the pet battle bonus event (plus her teleport helps me lug the pets around more easily). But I spent ages studying my portals with a bemused look on my face. Where was Darnassus? Finally I remembered I was Horde (Bravetank the Clueless – new in game title). When I did remember I teleported to Orgirimmar but feared attack at every turn, Orgrimmar is not my home. Stormwind is. Seashell the Undead might as well be dead – I just can’t play her,

So I want Seashell back – the human Seashell. But £22.00 for a faction change. I changed her once, now I want to change her back. She also moved realms once (I started her on a PvP realm – not a good idea given my “bunny in the headlights” approach to PvP). I have already paid for this game and all its expansions and  of course I pay a monthly fee too. How much more am I going to throw at this game?

But hold on – just had a thought. I could realm change her (I would also like a high level character on Argent Dawn where some friends are) and faction change her at the same time. That’s £17.00 for a realm change and £22.00 for a faction change. Bargain. Not. Of course I could just level another Alliance Mage on AD but all of a sudden I really really want Seashell to be building up her Garrison NOW! Typical of today’s generation (although I’m from an older one) I want immediate gratification. I think I even want to start raiding. I don’t know where all this is coming from. I do have a virus that I can’t shake off so it could be the fever talking. But I am so tempted. First world problems I know. But they tell me I only have one life (or at least some people tell me that, others say I’m a reincarnated frog working out bad fly related karma)). Decisions, decisions. Wonder what the doctor would prescribe for mage fever? Probably a time out and some paracetemol before I press the button.


4 thoughts on “Mage Fever

  1. Oh the memories…

    “Good morning, Miss. Is my friend bothering you?”

    The girl laughed. “Not in the least. We were talking about Redridge. I haven’t been to Lakeshire in a month of Mondays.”

    “That is a great loss, Miss. Ariciel? The portal trainer refuses to teach Miss Ellandriel how to do portals.”

    “Oh dear,” said Ariciel.

    “Which means we are screwed,” said Mareva. “Unless we want to go by Stormwind, and take weeks on the steamer.”

    “Which we don’t,” said Ariciel. “Which is why…”

    “The stupid nactba wants Ellandriel to take fifty-nine ‘simple’ tests before she will even consider it.”

    “I don’t think I could do that,” said Ellandriel. “It takes years to train a mage. I am truly sorry.”

    “It is not your fault, Miss Ellandriel. When last I was here, there were portals here going everywhere! Exodar. Darnassus. Ironforge, even.”

    “I heard the portals in Dalaran have also been shut down for some reason or other,” said the Human girl. “Very inconvenient if you’re not a mage.”

    “Exactly. Now all we have is Stormwind, which is no use at all, no offence meant, Miss…”

    “None taken,” said the Human girl with a smile. “My friends call me Seashell.”

    “Mareva. Long life, good health.” Mareva looked back at Ariciel. “In the mean time S’dezo’houn is lying in some filthy hospital, being treated for the Naaru only know what, by who knows what kind of saw-bones…” Mareva took a deep breath. “We need a portal mage, but where would we find one?”

    Ariciel smiled sweetly. “Well, I am not a capital-H Hunter, but we could lurk by the portal trainer and wait till one of them shows up looking for lessons.” She lowered her voice to a whisper. “Bad hunters chase. Good hunters wait.”

    “But how long will that take? We could be here for days!”

    “Hello,” said Seashell, raising a finger.

    1. I have!!! It’s done! She is now looking happy, healthy & human again and has just started work on her garrison. Don’t think she’s quite forgiven me though!

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