I have the flag – now what?

It’s been ages since I’ve done anything in PvP (and I’ve never done a lot – although my claim to fame is the fact  I do have the Matron title & not just because I’m old), so yesterday I decided to venture into Warsong Gulch. I vaguely remembered how it worked – I had to run across the field, help the team get the enemy’s flag  & then run back with it to the home base. I figured that was enough to get by  – I’d stay with the group & just try to be useful. I had no PVP gear on (of course) & was in my Elemental shaman spec, which with hindsight wasn’t ideal – turns out my shaman is a very slow caster and mispronounces the words of all her spells.

But anyway I queued, got in, waited for the gates to open (probably looking like a right party pooper by not joining in with the dancing – there’s a time and a place for all that I thought with my matron hat on). Once the gates were opened I mounted up & followed my team mates across the field. Of course about 90% of the group decided to stop and fight in the middle – I’m no pro but even I know that’s usually wrong. Nevertheless peer pressure got to me and I joined in (trying to make up for the lack of dancing probably). I had some wild idea of one shotting someone and getting a rousing cheer from my team mates but it was not to be. While my shaman had clearly mastered the simple flame strike, Lava Blast proved her undoing (she struggles distinguishing the “V” and “B” and kept saying “Bava Vlast” the silly sausage). Before too long she (I) was one of the first casuaties of war and waking up in the graveyard.

Undeterred though I ran back out onto the field & actually made it over to the Horde base. I ran up to the flag room –  it looked like only one Horde guy was on guard. I threw off another flame strike (I had it down pat by now) and then summoned one of my big totem guys (the fire one), hoping he could keep the Horde guy occupied while I stole the flag. All for nothing though as there was another Horde standing behind me chuckling. He proceeded to pummel me to death.

I awoke once more in the graveyard, waited to resurrect and then set off towards the enemy flag base with a pluckiness that can only be admired (not by my teammates though – one was already yelling at me not to go back there alone). “Nice of you to care,” I shouted back (in my head). In truth I did wait for a bit and was pleased to see a rogue and warrior turn up to support me (actually they run past me without acknowledging my presence despite the fact I was waving and Yoohooing like a fool). In ghost wolf form I followed them up to the flag room. They were busy fighting the Horde and the flag stood unattended. Oh no, I thought, this means I have to grab it. The pressure, the pressure. But I was not willing to let my side down so I squared my hairy shoulders (wolf form remember – no need to send me links to Gillette or something) and grabbed the flag & went off at a quick pace.

I was a nervous wreck. In all seriousness my hands were shaking. We had already captured one flag, this could seal the deal.I somehow made it across the field – screaming hysterically whenever I saw an enemy player but still managing to keep my finger firmly pressed on “W”. However, I had completely forgotten where to go and what you do with the flag once you have it. I ran up our ramp shouting to husband “Where do I go? Where do I go?” He thought I was planning a trip or something so helpfully suggested “London?” I finally got to what I think was our flag room & ran over to stand on the raised platform bit where I think our flag would have been (had it not been in the hands of a Horde player who was probably less confused than me at this point). Nothing happened. “What do I do?” I shouted to husband. “See a show?” he replied. I won’t go into what I said next. Suffice to say he realised the error of his ways and came to see what was going on. “Don’t you need to do something with that?” he said helpfully, pointing at the flag. I couldn’t speak (luckily for him), I just sat there gibbering at the keyboard, my shaman still holding onto the flag. By now there were a few of my team mates in the room but interestingly none of them yelled at me to click it, drop it, please leave and never darken this battleground again  etc. They said nothing. Their silence confused me. Maybe I need to stand here for the rest of the match, I thought to myself. Perhaps I’m doing it right. But that didn’t seem likely. I mean we’d captured one flag & our score had been updated. I was holding another flag –  how did I get it registered as a captured flag?

Inevitably some of the enemy team ran into the room, My team mates fended them off. I stood there waving the flag like a patriotic pacifist. My heart was hoping and praying I was doing the right thing, my head was wondering how easily it could separate from my heart and bugger off to the South of France. Then a second wave of Horde came in – this time they headed right for me. With hands full of flag I could not defend myself. The inevitable happened. We lost the flag and I woke up in the graveyard.

Amazingly I did not receive one word of rebuke in chat. I honestly think most of my teammates did not know what had happened & those in the flag room must have thought I was doing something devilishly clever. But this is me. Bravetank. There was nothing clever going on. I just didn’t know what to do. So someone please help me – should I have clicked something to get the flag properly captured? Everything on the internet just says run to your flag room. I did this (I think it was our flag room) but clearly I needed to do something else as well. What should I have done?

Amazingly though we did win. Thank goodness. I don’t know what I would have done if we’d lost because of me. Might have had to do a Cersei-like ghost wolf walk of shame through Stormwind  and then everyone would have seen my hairy shoulders.


6 thoughts on “I have the flag – now what?

  1. Oh that brought back memories for me. I remember running it back on my Priest, standing there trying to figure out what to do, having a Paladin yell at me to hand him the flag, and I did not know how. Pretty much you cannot capture the flag as long as they are in control of yours, and vice versa. Your team should have taken out the enemy carrier as soon as you were heading up the ramp.

    1. Oh that explains so much. Thank you. That’s why they didn’t yell at me then – there was nothing I could do until our flag was back. I never knew that!

  2. By standing at the flag turnin spot you were more or less doing perfectly 🙂 it means as soon as your teammates kill the enemy flagcarrier and return your flag, your team will score. A common “mistake” is to get to caught up in the action and not notice your flag being returned, allowing the enemy to recapture it before you can score.

    1. That’s great 🙂 Many thanks. That explains also why I did see someone who had the flag later run up to the roof & not immediately jump down to the flag stand – they were waiting for our flag to be returned first. So it wasn’t as bad as I thought 🙂

  3. Ah, the memories! I used to run a lot of flags in Warsong Gulch, back in the day (because so many others were just fighting in the middle). Sneaking into the flagroom while invisible. Polymorphing the defender who couldn’t see me. Grab the flag, down the ramp, hug the western edge of the map. Free action potion, every man for himself (you have a human mage, right?), blink to escape snares. Nitro boots to help outrun attackers. Frost nova, and ice barrier (when it could automatically frost nova attackers) to snare your attackers in turn. It all came to a sticky end at level 50, when you found yourself being chain-deathgripped by the nine DKs on the enemy team.

    1. Sounds like fun!!! I’ve not been back in since I posted. Even though I now have a better idea what was going on I don’t think my nerves could take it!

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