Filling the Stable

Well it’s been a long time. I took this blog off line back in December. Lots of stuff going on & I couldn’t seem to figure out what I wanted to do – with this blog and with WoW. But I miss it – “it” being this blog & WoW. I miss being Bravetank 🙂

It’s taken me a long time to get back into WoW though. Tried doing a bit with Seashell my mage – did LFR, defeated Garrosh once, but that was about it. Then pre-bought WoD & fast tracked a druid to 90 – a mistake, can’t seem to face playing her either. I did wonder for awhile if that was it for me & WoW.

But the last week or so has found me back in the game – slowly leveling a Horde Hunter. I need a change – a different class & a different set of quests. I‘ve never properly played Horde – I have a warlock in her 70s but got her there via dungeons alone. This time I’m questing, actually reading quest text (amazing – I finally know why I’m killing all those yetis – I thought they were just bad ‘uns), and really trying to immerse myself in the whole experience. I’ve even turned the music & ambience up high – I want to be truly present in the game. Mindfulness in WoW.

I will return to Seashell with WoD and garrisons. But right now I’m enjoying this different experience. And I’ve discovered taming hunter pets – something very new to me. So far I have tamed 5 rares (not much but I’m only level 34 & so can only have two out) – Gorefang (wolf), Lost Gilnean Wardog (dog), Krethis (spider), Weevil (beetle) & Cackle (parrot) – called respectively David (from American Werewolf in London), Eddie (after my beloved dog), Roberta (after Robert the Bruce), Lennon (after John) & Iago (parrot in Aladdin).  Roberta was tamed specifically to cure me of my spider phobia – if I come to love & trust her perhaps I will feel the same about any spiders I find in the house?  Yes WoW as cure for phobias. Could work. Scared of swimming – go for a dip in WoW (avoid the naga); scared of heights – get your flying mount out & jump off the cliff (while on the mount of course – otherwise – well you might overcome your fear of ghosts at the Spirit Healer) – the possibilities are endless.

What about my other phobia though – fear of harsh words & ridicule in 5 mans & raids? Well not done too many dungeons with my hunter so far but I excelled myself in the one dungeon I did do (Scarlet Monastery) by almost immediately causing a wipe by fleeing directly into a group of mobs. I apologised profusely. They all ignored me. Plus ca change & all that.

But actually I’m tougher now.  You see I’ve been playing Hearthstone in my hiatus from WoW & Hearthstone has taught me a few things. There are well mannered players who say Well Played & mean it and there are players that say it sarcastically when you’ve clearly  screwed up a move. There are players who, when winning, will kill you off quickly & efficiently without milking it, and there are players who will showboat to the very end. I can face them all now – good & bad. Yes the annoying ones make me swear at my computer (sorry dear neighbours)  but the good ones make me smile & feel all warm about the game.  Saracasm & ridicule – it fazes me no longer. I am braver now – I am Bravetank.




12 thoughts on “Filling the Stable

  1. Bravetank rides again! Excellent Madam. I must admit I haven’t let Ariciel out of the tent for a long time myself, but things are about to change for me, and I think that a bit of pixelated violence will be most welcome on the other side of these things.

    1. Thank you. It’s nice to be back – seems like I’ve been out of action blogwise for a long long time. Nice to be back in Azeoth too. Hope everything is ok with you.

    1. Thank you for coming to visit my blog too – I’ve been away from blogging for a bit. Nice to see new bloggers on the scene.

  2. Yay, one of my favorite WoW bloggers on my Feedly is back! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    Also been toying with the idea of going back to WoW to level alts during the lull.

    1. Aww thanks 🙂 It’s nice to be back and I’ve definitely got a new wow lease of life levelling my new hunter. But I always become so devoted to my alts they become my main – can see that happening here too!!

  3. I just came back to the game as well, and have experienced a good bit of culture shock. LFR and general chat are so incredibly toxic – nothing new there, but I guess I’ve lost the ability to tune it out. Even when all the bosses in a section die without any wipes, some yahoo has to complain the entire time about the “retards” at the bottom of the dps/healing/damage taken etc meter, and how they should delete their accounts. I wish there was a way to teach civility, or at least reward it. /rant. Welcome back, by the way 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Sorry to hear things are worse in lfr though – for some reason I’d hoped things would be better. I’m enjoying quietly questing on my own at the moment – at least then if I mess up it’s only me giving me a hard time!

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