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Interesting daily prompt- write anything in your regional accent/dialect. Well I’m Welsh (South Wales) & I suppose I often use Wenglish phrases (a Welsh English jumble that’s grown up over time). In fact looking at the Talk Tidy site I’m amazed how much of it I (a) say all the time (b) assumed was commonly used by everyone in Britain. Not sure how to deliberately write in Wenglish but here are 10 classic Wenglish examples, placed of course in the WoW world:-

1.”I’ll do that after” – when I was in university some lovely (not) sarcastic people would say “after what?” But it doesn’t mean after anything really. It means “later”.  A simple example is “I’m not doing that quest now. I’ll do it after.”

2. “What’the time by you” – i.e. “do you know the time?” I don’t know why we say it like that.  So in WoW  it would be, “This raid was meant to start at 8.00. We’re the only ones here. What’s the time by you?” (Welsh people do have clocks under mini maps of course – we just like other people to tell us the time).

3. “mun” – derived from “man”, but more an expression of indignation now, as in “I’m not doing that quest again mun, I must have killed a million tigers for Nesingwary by now.”

4. “Bag of nerves” – “totally stressed”.  I thought everyone said this – and maybe they do.  In Wow this is me before any LFR if I’ve never been in there before –  a total bag of nerves.

5. “Conflab” –  “a long discussion” – as in “we had a bit of a conflab about the boss – and then we wiped” (conflabs are not infallible)

6.  “Cut up” – “upset” – as in “I was really cut up about what happened in LFR last night. Poor Garrosh. I think he’s been totally misunderstood.”

7. “Dab hand” – “excellent” – as in “I‘m dab hand at being a mage now  – if I stick to the farming”

8. “Fair do’s” – “fair play”, as in “He did a good job tanking today, fair do’s” – something we should all say to tanks in LFR if they are giving it a good go- I couldn’t do it.

9. “Give”- “prefer”, as in “Give me a dps class  any day, I just can’t play a tank” (something I wish I’d realised  before calling this blog Bravetank)

10.”It goes through me” – “it upsets me deeply” – as in “When I see the hard time the raid are giving those poor healers it goes through me” (aww poor healers)

There are lots more on the Talk Tidy site. I don’t think I could ever write a blog post in the dialect, however – it would be totally incomprehensible. But perhaps Blizzard could consider introducing a few Wenglish npcs. Cousins of the dwarves perhaps. Now wouldn’t that be great mun!

One other thing –  before I close can I just give a little mention to my new guild on EU-Darkspear. It’s called Heroes of Azeroth. Some of you might remember my previous attempt to get a guild going of like minded people who wanted to level and perhaps run some dungeons & raids together in a very supportive environment- no criticism, no abuse, everyone free to try new things (like being a tank)  no matter how many wipes etc. Well I started it on a PvP server and, as some of you will also know, that was a mistake & it never really took off (although I ended up joining another guild called Half Life which is a great guild – but on the wrong server for me). But anyway I’m trying again on a PvE server – EU-Darkspear. Heroes of Azeroth is husband’s guild but he is letting me partly hijack it! It’s only Level 7 so no cool perks I’m afraid. But who needs perks when you can have nice people! Anyway if you’re interested in joining send me a whisper in game- usually either Seashell the mage or my new toon Sesasme the rogue. The only requirements are  friendliness & niceness – and the ability to understand Wenglish 🙂


13 thoughts on “Wenglish WoW

  1. I still say all of those except the time by you & mun but give me 30 minutes on the phone with my Auntie & it all comes back! Treorchy was my school summer holiday haunting grounds 🙂

  2. oh my gosh – just had a look at Talk Tidy & just skimming the A section has taken me back home! I’m going to have to send that link to my Mum!

    1. I know. It’s brilliant. Some of the phrases I’ve never heard, but some are so common I thought everyone said them. A few I’ve only heard my mother say though – I always thought she was making half of them up!

  3. My regional accent… Um. I would, but it’s Dutch, which would introduce significant amounts of noise on the line. Also, I was born in Haarlem, and people there are famous for speaking… accentless Dutch. Mind you, I lived for a long time in a rural village where I spoke anything but. But that was before the Internet*, and I struggle to remember any good phrases now. Like “knoert” pronounced “cnoort” – anything big. And a very useful stand-in name if you need a filename or an account name. And the word “Jottum!” which was a general exclamation of approval. “Gozer” – “Bloke” is not very regional. “Boereklooi” – A “boer” is a farmer. And “klooien” is to mess things up. Hence, a person not to be tasked with anything more delicate than digging a deep hole.

    Used to work in The Hague, where they have a very interesting vocabulary, but for reasons I had better not go into in Bravetank’s living room, the Haguish** dictionary only has the letter “K”. Did some work in Friesland, but calling Frisian a dialect is a great way to annoy the descendants of Grutte Pier, which is inadvisable. It’s a proper language, with some words quite similar to English, actually.

    Most of my current “dialect” actually comes from on-line. Words like “sub-optimal” to describe a smoking crater where your datacenter once was. “If you use more than 85% of your disk, the monitoring agent goes all emo and starts barfing out emails.”

    So… Yeah.

    * I’m an offline-born… What a phrase!
    ** Haags? Wat is Haags in ‘t Engels?

    1. Interesting. I like both Jottum and Gozer – think I might try to introduce them into my daily vocabulary :). And yes – I think I use far too much on-line terminology now – it’s all Techno Wenglish these days 🙂

  4. I’m a filthy Yank, but my family tree’s roots reach back to Swansea. It would be an interesting turn of the tables to play on EU servers, after having EU-based guildies playing on a US server.

      1. If my experience on Oceanic servers (predominantly AUS/NZ players) is any indication, I would say “Yes” to the first question. Make no mistake – every server in every region has its trolls and douchenozzles, but they just *feel* less prevalent as you move away from US mainland servers. /shrug

      2. Interesting. I’ve had both really good & really bad experiences on my servers but it’s the bad that tends to stick in your head. So the idea there could be worse is horrifying!! But when I really think about it, and certainly recently, my experiences have been generally positive (wow look at me being all positive & glass half full for once 🙂

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