Milk of Human Kindness

WoW Insider’s Community Blog question this week is “What’s your end game?” This is a question I‘ve been asking myself this week. It doesn’t feel that straightforward to me. There is one easy answer – a description of what my end game currently is.  And there is another answer –  what I would like my end game to be. Two different things.

What my end game is: – Well I seem to be juggling a lot at the moment. Seashell my mage is on the “earn 3000 valor points” part of the Legendary Questline (the Black Prince now reveres me  – although deep down I suspect he reveres no one but himself). I understand that the delights of PvP & fighting masochistic Celestials awaits me on the rest of this questline.  It all feels rather overwhelming when I think too long about it …  one step at a time I guess.

As well as that I’m trying to get all the various cooking Ways done  (I have Grill & Pot so far). It’s slow going. I’m either out farming ever day until my little hands bleed or guiltily paying over the odds at the auction house.

Then there’s the Anglers,  Isle of Thunder & Timeless Isle stuff (I want the trinket). I’m leaving the other dailies for the moment. I just can’t do it all.  I’m trying to run a scenario a day with my husband & one random person. The random person normally leaves us to get on with it – sensing a domestic on the horizon. Which there sometimes is – particularly when hubby makes me run around getting in all the hozen brew while he plays with the cannon.

Ok so that’s what it is. Fun – yes, definitely. There is a variety of things to do. I’ve never enjoyed an end game as much as this one. While I’m still levelling some alts I actually find I miss being on Seashell, which is unusual for me once I’m at the level cap. But is it the end game I want? No – not exactly. I like the variety of things I’m doing  & I enjoy teaming up with hubby. But there’s still an issue – and that issue is LFR.

I want to do LFR at end game. And I want to enjoy it. I am never going to be a “proper” raider.  But I do like LFR level raiding. I like it a lot. Or at least I like it a lot when it goes well. And by well I don’t mean no mistakes and no wipes. No – I recognise that these are an important part of the game, part of the challenge, part of the learning curve. No – by going well I mean when the people are nice, friendly & tolerant. Or if incapable of that then at least neutrally silent. But unfortunately I see neither of these things in LFR. I usually see  impatience, intolerance  &  abuse. And this is an unwelcome part of my WoW end game & is turning me away from something I should be enjoying.

There are some truly awful people in LFR. The things they say are extremely offensive.  Their attitude towards other people is quite appalling. The abuse stuns me. I have never spoken to anyone the way they speak to other people in the raid.  The bottom line seems to be that no one can make mistakes. No one can learn. Apparently because some of these raids have been out for a long time everyone should know exactly what they are doing. The fact that in every single LFR there are people who are there for the first time  completely escapes them. I notice some of these “first timers” now announcing their inexperience as they enter the raid. “First time here”  they confess  – the unspoken part of  this is often a plea I think- something along the lines of,  “Show some patience please. Explain the fight. Don’t be mean.” But of course there is rarely patience, rarely explanations and nearly always meanness.

It seems that even if it is your first time in a raid you are expected to know everything, to have read all the strats & to have remembered every single boss mechanic. You are expected to have good reactions & spatial awareness (lo betide anyone who gets themselves in a bit of a state when the screen is an explosion of numbers & colours). You should have watched the videos,  committed it all to memory & you should know exactly what you need to do in every situation. And yet of course for many people it’s not that easy.  Many people do not learn by reading and/or watching. They have to do something to understand it.  And yes that might mean making mistakes. In fact it often means making mistakes. Like falling down the hole when the platform disappears. Yes that can  happen. I’ve seen it happen lots of times in LFR. And it happened to me the first time (when my addon said the floor was dropping away I thought it meant the main floor so ran ONTO the platform!). But you know what? It’s never happened again. This is because I, & most people, try to learn from mistakes. After all it’s a fairly important part of life. So when someone has messed up  in LFR next time they usually remember the mechanic that caused the death, fall, shame etc. and are more aware to ensure it doesn’t happen again. They learn to move  quicker, target the adds, run from the wall, distinguish between platform and floor. That’s how it works.

Except of course in LFR it doesn’t – not because people don’t learn, but because many are so horrified by the level of abuse they see that they leave & never come back. And this means that something that might have been an enjoyable part of their end game is cut off from them. And that shouldn’t be the case.

I have no answers to this. I see my end game being constrained by my apprehension about LFR. I’m yet to try SoO – I have heard that the mechanics are complex & while I’m happy to have a go, fail, learn & have another go, I suspect there will be plenty in LFR unwilling to give me the chance to do so.

So I stay away. I run scenarios with husband & do my dailies. But it’s not what I actually want my end game to be – not fully anyway. I want my end game to include at least some degree of raiding, albeit the watered down, raiding for non raiders that is LFR. But I can’t easily have that – at least not in a non-stressful, pleasant way. And I find that frustrating.


10 thoughts on “Milk of Human Kindness

  1. I’m one of those who left and never came back and no abuse was directed at me. But having it slung at anyone ruined the experience for me. So little Wrathion will have to get by extorting others but not me.

    And thank you, it’s terrible but I always feel a little better when I hear LFR is not just abusive and ugly to people only in the US. Luckily there is so much to do this expansion that so far “end game” doesn’t mean a trip to another game for a while.

    1. Yes it’s definitely as bad over here! You’re right- there are plenty of other things to do. But I really resent the way people can ruin it for others. Absolutely no need 😦

  2. I have been lucky with some nice LFRs some bad, but mostly I don’t read the chat because I am healing, too busy! I want to do LFR so I am going to do it. I want to complete wrathion’s scenario so I am going to keep trying. I say “thank you for the food!” “Thank you for the rez!” “thank you for the group”, keep my head down and just heal. and it hasn’t been too bad. I would say keep trying!

    1. I set out a noodle cart in yesterday’s LFR & two people thanked me so that was nice. 🙂 But there was also a torrent of abuse towards the group as a whole because we wiped twice. I usually stay quiet but yesterday I had to stand up for someone – a tank new to raiding – he made the “mistake” of announcing this fact when he entered, just after we’d wiped. Poor guy. The guy who had been abusing the group started in on him & I couldn’t stand it any longer so I spoke up & made the point LFR should be a warm welcoming place for people learning & trying new things. And the good thing was a few people agreed, the obnoxious person went quiet, we restarted the fight & it was fine!

  3. Honestly, you’re probably better off trying to find a normal group for MSV/HoF/ToES — it’s nerfed by 10% and with the Timeless Isle people can easily outgear it as well, making it very forgiving.

    Ditto for Throne of Thunder — which has a 20% nerf though you won’t overgear it as much.

    For SoO, you’ll want to try Flex — intentionally tuned to be easier than normal.

    But LFR? Avoid LFR like the plague. It’s a toxic cesspool.

    I know you felt overwhelmed in ToT but it’s the kind of thing that gets better with practice. Also make sure you have a full set of 496 gear before doing ToT again (except maybe weapons) — you can get a lot of Timeless Isle gear and then you can get 496 honor gear to fill the gaps (which you can trade Justice Points from heroic dungeons for).

    1. Well my gear’s alot better now – for me anyway – ilevel 501 & soon to get my new crafted legs so will go a little higher. I’m fine with ToT in terms of dps & for Tot 1 & 4 pretty much know the mechanics now – but will not do the one with the bird nor the maze – horrible! But there’s no way I feel confident to do a proper raid. LFR is as high as I can go …but it comes with the people (not all mean I know – but the mean ones are the vocal ones!!!)

  4. Generally I don’t get involved in arguments in lfr. Let the idiots shout and scream at each other and stay rational! After all there are 25 people there and it is usually 3 or 4 at most acting like 10 year olds, so the vast majority are fine. If you are that bothered about it you could always turn off your /I channel.
    I’ve been doing some casual ToT on my healer, and I haven’t really seen anything to write home about.
    @balkoth – a pug is a pug, whether it’s lfr, flex, normal, scenarios, heroics, random battlegrounds; you meet random people who act randomly. Of course with 25 people there is a greater chance to have more idiots than in a 3,5 or 10 man group. 🙂

    Bravetank, if you want a friend to do lfr with, you can come with me. I’m currently running wings 1 and 2 of SoO on my warlock, and ToT as I said on my healer. If you are interested then we can swap Battletags.

    1. No I don’t get involved either – although yesterday did finally stand up for someone (but did so politely) & things got a bit better. I keep my head down & get on with it- did try turning off the channel but was scared I was missing some vital instruction! I know the majority are nice & silent & probably as horrified as me- but the offensive minority are the vocal ones. Very happy to swap battletags but right now I’m only doing part of ToT because I don’t like the 2nd & 3rd bit & yet to venture into SoO! Will watch some videos, read some strategies & eventually give it a go!

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