All the small dudes

As a result of my vow not to raid anymore (although I have recently done 3 LFRs  – the lure of all those VPs was too much to resist – I want a pair of valor boots so what’s a girl to do?), I’ve started doing more of the other things on offer in WoW.

Like a dedicated follower of Julia Child I first began by scrutinising the Cooking profession achievement list to see where I had  gaps.  Having decided that I was not quite up to finishing off the Chef title at the moment – just need to do Dinner Impossible but I hear it doesn’t go down too well with PvPers – I instead  finished up the Pandaren eating achievement (yes when in doubt eat) and  cooked my way up to the Pandaren Gourmet achievement (eating again as I went along so as not to use up valuable bag space). I’ve also started slowly getting my cooking up to 600 (currently in the late 570s) by building rep with the Tillers and expanding my farm so I can grow my own veggies (while in real life my overgrown lawn stares morosely at me through the kitchen window).

The farm is great for all sorts of course.  I’ve even started planting windshear cactus seeds as a lazy way to get more windwool cloth (this will help me make enough celestial cloth to craft Leggings of the Night Sky  – ilevel 553 – perfect with my new boots – I will be quite the fashion icon in Halfhill). I’ve also nearly maxed out my fishing (although as part of that spent a fruitless hour Saturday night trying to fish up the Giant Sewer Rat in Dalaran – when did my Saturday nights become so exciting I asked myself as I reeled in another crystal vial).  I’m halfway through the Isle of Thunder stuff (love the solo instances)  and even had a nice day out on Timeless Isle (and yes that will be my answer when back in work and asked if I went somewhere nice on holiday –  “Yes I did actually –  I visited the islands”, “Oh which ones?”,  “Oh you won’t know them – Isle of Thunder & the Timeless  Isle – very exclusive resorts. But you do need a good weapon.”

So a full WoW life – yes. Except … except … in the last few days I’ve discovered something that has pushed all of the above into the background, something that I now think about obsessively when I’m not in the game & something that I’ve started playing constantly when I’m in the game. Yes you’ve probably guessed it – I know I’m not the only person who has  succumbed to this addiction –  Pet Battles.  It’s finally got me.

For some reason until now it had almost completely passed me by. Yes  I did end up doing one or two battles in Elwynn Forest on one of my husband’s characters  when it was first introduced. But it just irritated me. Every time I saw a green paw I felt I had to click it even though I was busy mining or questing or whatever I was doing at the time. Then I kept capturing all sorts of things  (unable to resist the lure of a sparkling crate) so had three of everything- all poor quality. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing & pretty soon stopped.

But I’ve now decided to give it another go – not just because of the no raiding thing but also because that exclamation mark above the Celestial Tournament host on Timeless Isle is so tantalising. I want to be able to take part in the Celestial Tournament and to do so I need 15 pets at level 25. Gulp.

So this time I decided to do it properly. I took Seashell along to the pet battle trainer in Stormwind & got my first quest.  I have a few pets already – I’m not a collector but you inevitably gather a few in WoW over the years eg Core Hound Pup, Azure Whelping, Sinister Squashling, Fossilized Hatchling, Creepy Crate etc. Because of the guild I was also able to buy Lil’ Tarecgosa. So a fairly decent starting squad.

Off I trotted into the wilds of Elwynn. I selected my first victim…I mean opponent …and clicked the green paw.  A couple of rounds later there was a dead critter at my feet. Oh how I celebrated. It was great fun.  Too much fun in fact. Because now I can’t stop. The achievements keep popping up. I’ve even won a few PvP pet battles. I’ve had none of that nervous terror I feel when raiding.  There was none of the old “you’re standing in the wrong place  again, you’re lost again, you’re dead again” trauma.  No it was just me and my dudes out in the field beating the crap out of skunks, hares and rats like the WoW pest control officer I’ve always wanted to be.

But oh – those battles can be tricky. I’m currently stuck in The Hinterlands unable to beat David Kosse’s pets. I hate Subject 142 – he’s either burrowing or dodging- either way I can’t get a hit in. But I will get there. Subject 142 will be mine (well  not mine actually –  he will dead – really DEAD – I swear it).

I’m really getting into it.  I’m starting to learn which pet type does well against which pet type and which of my lovely friends have great finishing moves or dots or heals. And I now have a level 10 Snake called Trusty (I’ve promised them all names when they reach level 10, he is named after the “Trust in me” snake in  Jungle Book).  Me and Trusty – well we  got off to a rocky start. I nearly battered him the other day when out on my farm  –  I forgot he was my pet & thought he was a pest. But it’s all good now. He’s won us a few battles with his own great burrowing ability & has earned my undying love.

So it’s me and my dudes ruling the wilds of Azeroth. And Subject 142 – your days are numbered my little friend.


6 thoughts on “All the small dudes

  1. I have a love /hate with the pet battles. I love finding rares and winning battles. I hate not being able to beat a pet tamer and then have to go back and level up a different species.

  2. I would advise anyone who isn’t very confident at raiding to do LFR. The standard expected isn’t high, and there are plenty of other people there in the same boat. If you mess up it doesn’t matter much. You may wipe 3 or 4 times, but it would be rare for someone to pick on you personally; chances are that despite your lack of confidence that there are much worse people than you in the raid. You just have to ignore all the people sniping at each other in raid chat; that can be tedious.

    Pet battles. I am a fan, though I think it needs more work. Having attempted the Celestial tournament, I can tell you that it really is tough. I think Blizzard made far too difficult by preventing you from healing/ressing any of your pets during it.
    You have to defeat 3 trainers in the first round, and then in the second round beat 4 legendary pets – and no bandages allowed. Throw in the horrible rng like missing with even a 95% hit chance attack, and you may well have to start the whole thing again. Rng really stinks when you are fighting so many pets in a row.

    As for pet pvp, ugh! Now I maybe naive, but when I started this I thought I would probably be able to win maybe 50% of the matches at level 25, seeing as I have over 500 unique pets and have beaten all the legendaries and pet trainers outside the Celestial Tournament, but most of the time I got absolutely stomped. Overpowered pets in trios is the norm. Ho hum!

    What I would suggest is downloading some of the pet addons out there. I’m using Battle Pet Quality Notifier (so you can tell what quality they are and whether you should capture or not), Pet Battle Teams (so so useful to set up pre-existing teams and not have to keep swapping pets in and out), and Pet Tracker, so you can see pets on the map that you don’t own.
    I’m also using Better Battle Pet Tooltip, though I forgot exactly what it does now; I’m sure it’s useful!

    1. Yes you’re right about LFR. Although the chat can be horrifying I generally feel more confident about giving it a go there than in a 10 man. I’ve been finishing about 11 in the dps so not too bad, and on the occasions I died others did too (my fear is dying alone & everyone shouting at me!). Before I next go in though I’m going to watch some You Tube videos & get a bit more organised. I read the guides before hand but I think it’s better if I’ve have actually seen the raid too.

      The Celestial Tournament sounds hard (very hard) but challenging. Looking forward to trying it eventually. I’m struggling with Pet Battle PvP – I had about 7 matches yesterday & only won one. Hoping it’s not just because I’m rubbish! Starting to hate the Clockwork Gnome- although I want one too.

      Going to get the Pet Battle Teams add on later. I’m using an add on that shows where all the pets are & if they’re an upgrade for me, but I definitely need one that allows me to set up some teams too. There’s too much swapping in and out at the moment!

  3. I love Pokemon. There. I said it. The comparison HAD to be made, right? Knowing how I get when I play Pokemon, I’ve kind of sidestepped pet battling in WoW.. but that’s not to say I don’t collect pets. I really.. really.. REALLY want to get in to pet battling, especially at the end of an expansion when raiding just isn’t in my forcast. Maybe now is the time to get my little Moonkin Hatchling to level 25?

    1. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never played Pokemon! For some reason it’s just not something I ever thought about trying. Having seen what I’m like with Pet Battles that’s probably no bad thing! Aww Moonkin Hatchling – sounds adorable.

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