And the journey continues

The journey to 90 continues. 89 and a bit. Only got killed 6 times today by the same horrible Horde guy who would not let me quest in peace. I hate my PvP server but the guild I’m in is so lovely I can’t switch servers even though it means I cry on my keyboard every night. I never fight back. I try to out-Ghandi the gankers. It never works but I like to think one day they’ll make a 6 hour film about me & everyone will admire my stoicism.

Other observations:-

  • If I hear slow down once more I’m going to knock some one’s head off.
  • Never go out drinking with a Pandaren. It’s always “Next one is on me” – then they disappear into the toilets for three hours.
  • I think Farmer Yoon & I are at the start of a beautiful friendship.
  • Springtail Gnashers have put me off the Easter Bunny for ever  – however he is very welcome to try to win me back with lots of chocolate
  • Doing quests for Hemet Nesingwary makes me slightly hate myself  –  a chicken sandwich cheers me up
  • I think someone should tell Lili that repeatedly calling someone fat could be regarded as bullying.  Poor Chen – what with her & Gao he’s a broken man. No wonder he drinks.
  • Everytime I see  Kilruk the Wind Reaver I want to hit him with a fly swat.
  • I feel sorry for Gardener Fran’s partner if she’s like that in the bedroom….!  What an absolute control freak. Do this. Do that. Touch this. Touch that. No there there. FASTER FASTER !! Poor sod. And she’s also obsessed with size. Nuff said.

Onwards & upwards.  Definitely upwards. 90 – it is finally in reach 🙂



4 thoughts on “And the journey continues

  1. Quick suggestion if you haven’t considered it, I’m pretty sure this would work although I don’t have any PvP server toons to test it on… if you’re looking to avoid PvP for a while and if you have anyone on RealID/Battletags from a PvE server, have them invite you into a group from a L90 toon that they aren’t going to play for a while. That’ll take you over to their server for questing and they can log out (while staying in group) and go about their normal business without you having to worry about inconveniencing them, as long as you don’t log that toon out you should stay grouped indefinitely.

    (this also works for world bosses if your server doesn’t do them and theirs does, you just won’t be able to group with anyone else for the fight… just get your shot in to get kill credit and either try to keep yourself alive or die with all possible dignity and only rez after it’s dead to keep your repair bill down)

    1. It worked!!!! You are a life saver. Thank you so much. Had a lovely evening on there last night questing in peace but still feeling part of the guild! Brilliant 😀 Husband was my level 90 PvE link & once we were grouped he logged off to level another character so no impact on him. Perfect!

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