A Little Sneaky

I’ve just had a sneaky look at WoW Insider. Why is that sneaky? Well it’s because I’m no longer playing WoW. I’m meant to be playing LOTRO. I’ve also been playing a bit of Card Hunter & I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back into The Sims 3. Yes anything but WoW. But where do I find myself. Like a lovelorn dumpee stalking her ex’s house I find myself sneaking quick reads of WoW Insider & feeling all sad and  bereft.

First I thought it was just that the grass is always greener- you love something when you can’t have it – that sort of thing. It’s like when I go on holiday. Up until the time I go away, although I might have had plenty of chance to play WoW, I usually haven’t bothered. Then when I’m on holiday with no opportunity to play I normally decide to listen to The Instance on my iPOD and hey presto – I’m immediately yearning to play it again.  You always want what you can’t have

But it’s more than that. I found myself nostalgic earlier for Booty Bay. Saw a screenshot  on WoW Insider & all of a sudden I was fondly remembering all the times I’ve quested in the area. The memories were so strong it felt like I’d actually been there in person – holidays spent drinking with Baron Reviglaz and Whiskey Slim, scaring Shaky just by walking around in my bikini  (in fact Captain Smotts thought I was one of the sea giants), looking like Club Foot first thing in the morning & getting chased round the docks by old Sea Wolf – ahh fun days.

I really want to log on again & just visit these people (or kill them – either will work). Maybe I need to do Loremaster – something to get me out of the (WoW) house & out into the (WoW) world. Maybe then I can be more brazen about visiting WoW Insider & reading all about the MMO that still seems to be my secret addiction – even when I don’t play it.


4 thoughts on “A Little Sneaky

  1. If it feels good, do it!

    As for me, my IT equipment is revolting. Last month, my little home server decided it didn’t want to play anymore, and I was very lucky that I had seen it coming, and made a full backup to another computer. So I ordered a fresh one, restored the backup, re-installed all the gubbins and then the battery on my laptop went, limitimg my literary activities to places within ten feet of a power socket. So called “Computer Planet” for a fresh battery, was advised that I needed another mortgage, told them to go forth and multiply, ordered one on Fleabay for £100 less, stuck that in this morning and settled down to RealWork. Then I smelled the Magic Smoke, and my monitor went black. So took the Boy out for a trip to the local computer shop, got a new monitor, plugged it in, PC went HOLY $#!+ SO MANY PIXELS! So adjusted that, then I thought it was time to fire up WoW, so I could see Azeroth in Full HD glory, and then ALL THE REALMS were down with unspecified troubles. We’re working on it honest.

    Someone out there does not want Griggin mucking about in Pandaria.

    Oh, and so as not to pepper your journal with replies: Yay for singing! I sort of dropped out of the folk scene a few years back. My dad plays more than I do at the moment. Which is scary!

    1. It does feel good and I’m officially back on Wow. Amazingly & touchingly my old guild had kept Seashell in the guild too. So nice to see everyone’s names again.

      Your IT issues sound horrendous & then the realms being down too – somebody wants you out of Azeroth! I’m enjoying the singing although cried off choir tonight as I was late leaving work & generally grumpy (although part of the reason for me joining the choir is to make sure I leave work early once a week & not be grumpy!). I would love to be able to say things like I was once involved in the folk scene!! Sounds very cool. My musical background pre this choir is annoying my family by incessantly playing the theme tunes to Val der Valk & Heidi on my recorder.

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