I met Strider!

Oh my little hobbit is so cute. And oh Archet is pretty. And oh I think I’m going to like this Guardian class. Yes I’m getting into LOTRO. I spent a few exploratory days on an Elf Minstrel but have decided to start again with a Hobbit Guardian after getting tired of singing my enemies to death (I’m already torturing husband with my singing in real life…I’ve joined a choir …so it was all a bit too close to home). And boy am I glad I’m now a Hobbit. Within seconds I had run into  Frodo & Sam (I stood to the side, looking on in starstruck silence, resisting the urge to offer Frodo a pedicure), and have now earned my stripes (plus a lustful look …well I think it was lustful) from the delectable Strider for helping him out.

What I love so far (apart from Strider):-

-The opening narration

-NPCs saying stuff- but not too much that you don’t want to read the quest text

-The straight talking description – Walt has been “murdered”. Ooh – chilling. Those evil blackwolds.

-The “collect your loot when you want it” system  – although logically it makes no sense (I don’t play MMOs for logic  – the crazy loot the animals of WoW carry put pay to that)

-The faint/swoony effect when something dramatic is happening

-The  range of classes  on offer – they all feel very different from WoW. Maybe as I level  it will  end up feeling the same but right now it’s different

-The graphics- I ran through some grass that was swaying in the breeze  – beautiful. But then my hobbit’s hayfever kicked in & it got messy.

-The sounds – I splashed in water! Actually splish splashed. Bobby Darin eat your heart out.

-The fact that I don’t know what’s coming next. And it’s this that I love the most. I am excited to log on. I am excited to level. I want to play some more tonight before bed. And it’s a work night. How crazy am I? And I don’t want to rush through anything. I’m not desperate for end game. I am right at the start of discovering a brand new world and it is great. I remember this feeling in WoW. I remember getting up early the first Saturday  after I’d bought the game, so excited to log on I couldn’t sleep. I remember my toon running down the road from Stormwind to Eastvale Logging camp and I remember thinking, “This is going to be great.” And it was.  For a very long time. And now I’m having the exact same feeling in LOTRO.  The same feeling but a new experience. Ooh – exciting.

And there’s Strider of course. And the lustful look. There might be a thing happening here. Let’s see how it goes.  I’ll play it hobbit cool (but I’ll shave my feet … just in case).


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