And Breathe

Well Puw my Panda Discipline Priest just hit 15. Before I could get too nervous I hit the dungeon button & before I knew it I was back in Deadmines healing for the first time in a very long while.

The first thing that hit me was the speed  – the tank was off & running while I was still chatting to the quest givers. But everyone did say hello at least (after I said Hi first of course).

I caught up with the tank & he was still alive – thank goodness. Quickly shielded him & then hit penance for good measure- I don’t even think he needed it since he was probably heirloomed to the hilt (I must be the only person left in game who for some reason still hasn’t got many heirloomed characters).

Didn’t have the nameplates set up as raid frames so that was tricky – I was looking at numbers & could barely see the health bar. But was too nervous to try & change it mid run. So I made the best of things – liberally PowerWord Shielding like an overprotective mother & casting Penance whenever anyone’s numbers so much as hinted they might drop.

And I chased, chased & chased – the tank was single minded in his aim to get to the end of the run in minus ten seconds. I was terrified of losing him so looted nothing & rolled greed on everything because I could not afford even a split second to check out stats.

By the time we got to the ship I was exhausted & my hands were trembling. Ridiculous I told myself- it’s only the Deadmines. And basically shielding was doing all my work for me. But it was my first time as healer in a long time – I’d forgotten how scary it feels to be amongst other people in the game, other potentially highly critical people!

But I survived (and more importantly so did everyone else). And everyone was very nice at the end – they said thanks for the run etc. I sorted out my raid frames & I’m just about to go in again. But this time I’m going to try to remember to breathe.


6 thoughts on “And Breathe

    1. I can’t imagine what it’s like healing in LFR!! I’ve gone back to my other priest – 69 Shadow Priest – though so so tempted to try at least one dungeon as healer!

  1. I think often tanks forget that healers need time to have a moment and catch up, and not all healers are, or have been, healing at a level they feel happy to speed run. When I first started healing, the speed at which the tank took off put me off instantly, I left and wouldn’t do it again. Only when Mr B rolled a tank and we ran them together did I get up the courage to heal him as I could talk to him and could predict his movements etc.

    It’s a shame, as I wonder how many people are not rolling healers purely for this reason?

    Healing in LFR is so simple now, with AoE heals and spam healing, but low levels it’s just you and the tank… no one can cover for your mistake 😉

    1. Yes tanks generally seem oblivious of where the healer is! And when I briefly tanked ages ago & husband was healer I’m ashamed to admit I fell into same trap- I was off & running & he was complaining loudly across the living room at me! Is healing in LFR really easier then? – looks terrifying! Whenever I’ve been in LFR there’s always been someone aggressively moaning about the healers! If I was one of them I’d be quietly sobbing at my keyboard! 🙂

  2. My experience of healing in LFR is somewhat like this: Gosh this trash is very boring… why is no-one dispelling except me?…hmm why don’t people move out of the fire?…mash aoe heal buttons, yawn…why don’t the tanks swap to clear their debuffs?…oh look the whole raid is taking massive damage, can’t keep them up because half the raid isn’t even standing in a group. etc etc. Not at all terrifying, just annoying.

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