A Wordsworthian Profession Dilemma

I wandered lonely as a Cloud
(Serpent), scared of facing PVP grief,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of waving Green Tea Leaf,
Beside the lakes in Pandaria,
As I fought the Hozen and resisted Sha.

Continuous as the stars that shine
In Pandaland but high above,
They stretched before me, oh so fine,
A herbalist would fall in love:
As a skinning alchemist what to do?
To Sha Touched Leather say toodle-oo?

The bears and cats made “skin me” motions,
But the herbs promised more
In alchemy potions,
But as I gazed—and gazed—I very much thought
Of the gold and wealth old skinning had brought:

For when before the screen I sit
And watch my character I must admit,
My eyes seek out the icon of mail,
My skinning auctions never fail.

This is the bliss of the skinning profession;
And so then my heart is pleasure fed,
With thoughts of animals all quite dead.




4 thoughts on “A Wordsworthian Profession Dilemma

    1. Yes feeling a bit more positive – started levelling my hunter, then dipped into a rogue & for some reason the combnation of the two got me into my 85 Shaman again- who is now 86 and a half & finally getting to experience Pandaria 🙂 She is the Alchemist Skinner – terrible combination I know! 🙂

  1. I haven’t really been playing much at all lately – mostly writing. You see, silence at the Redridge Chronicles doesn’t mean I’ve left, it means I’m plotting something. Which means that I have to do the occasional bit of in-game recon to make sure that the heroes don’t take a left turn where they clearly should have gone right.

    This one is fairly unique in that I already know how many chapters there are and what the titles are, and then I have to make plot and stuff round them. And since I’ve already commissioned the cover art, I had better get writing. I have a Gnome to traumatise.

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