I need a time machine

I’ve taken some time away from WoW as I’ve been feeling pretty fed up with the game.  My attempt at using the Ironman challenge to reignite something in me failed…so slow & boring. Then I came down with a virus (which I still have – feel lousy), but increasingly find myself thinking about WoW and wanting to log back in. It’s like an ex I just can’t shake off.

So I’ve been thinking about what I miss about WoW & have narrowed it down to this:-

I miss many of the dungeons I’ve done a zillion times as dps & for some reason all of a sudden I want to do them all again. But I don’t just want to do them with a new character- I want to relive what it actually felt like when I did them a year or so ago- a time which seems to have been a sweet spot in my dungeon & WoW life.

In other words I want to go back in time. And creating an alt– which is a time machine of sorts I guess- just doesn’t cut it for me. You can never recapture that exact same feeling with an alt. I think that feeling was influenced by a multitude of things including the time I played,  what was on the TV in the background when I played, how I was feeling about my life at the time, even the way the light streaming in through the French windows hit my screen (which was also incidentally the reason I got lost so often- or at least that’s my excuse!).

There was a time when I felt happy…or at least comforted…by WoW & I want that time back. But I don’t know how to get it. And maybe you shouldn’t look for comfort in a game anyway? Is that healthy? I have no idea. But there was something magical about a year or so ago when I played WoW- everything about the game interested me, I loved my characters, I loved the dungeons, I loved levelling, I loved gearing, I loved the sounds of Stormwind, I loved guild chat, I loved my time on the game – it made me happy.

I want to flick a switch & get all that back again, but I have absolutely no idea how. All I know is I have a very strong compulsion to log in & play & see where it all takes me. Maybe I can’t relive the past- but maybe I still have new WoW experiences ahead of me that will bring the same, if not more, pleasure? I guess there’s only one way to find out.


4 thoughts on “I need a time machine

  1. I’ve been in that same place. Took a break, not knowing if I would ever come back. I was at a place where I didn’t care if I ever came back. Then, after a couple of months, I felt the draw. Or, maybe I should call it a compulsion!

    Anyway, what happened next was a great experience. I bummed around the servers a bit, then I ran into a RL friend who also played WoW. I did a character transfer to their server, and joined their guild. It was great! I obtained new experiences, made new friends. In a sense, my game experience changed (drastically). I didn’t “recapture” anything, but what I obtained was so much better.

    I hope that you get back into WoW, find a sweet spot, and enjoy yourself.

    Granted, I hope that because I enjoy reading your WoW stories! But, I also hope that you find some fun that games like these are supposed to provide.


    1. Yes I think it is like a compulsion! Glad you had a great new experience when you came back. I logged on yesterday after posting. Took my level 5 hunter Seashore & levelled her to 16 and I have to say really enjoyed it (although I was rather nervous going into Deadmines – felt so rusty!). She’s in the same guild as my other characters and it was great reconnecting with everyone but also a new experience with the hunter. I even found & tamed the fox Bushtail in Elwynn Forest! So cute! I hope I will have lots of hunter stories to tell (although I also hope that none of them involve me being called a “huntard” – a term I detest).

  2. If you do figure out how to get that feeling back, write a book about it and make millions, because people have been trying to figure that out for centuries, I think. You’re much better off chasing new experiences than trying to recreate old ones, because I don’t think you’ll ever get the exact same feeling.

    1. Yes you’re right. But it’s all bittersweet – those experiences were so nice. But I agree – need to get new experiences now. That’s what life’s all about isn’t it?

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