Sex Talk Azeroth style – Part 1

Not for the easily offended – and I might even be pushing it with the hard to offend – but heyho 🙂

Want something WoW-related to say to your beloved when you’re in the throes of passion? I’m not going to ask why – I’ll assume you have your reasons & will just offer you the following suggestions:-

Top 12  suggestions for Sex Talk Azeroth Style- The Mage version (other classes to follow)

1. Let me portal you to the vale of eternal blossoms – ok slightly cheesy admittedly

2. You ignite my passions – cheesier still

3. I want to frostburn your arse – ok that’s slightly scary- remember your safe word

4. Do you want to see my living bomb explode? – this might set rather high expectations 

5. Excuse my Dragon’s Breath – for the morning after

6. Damnit I have a frozen orb – usually when you’re trying something alfresco

7. I can’t do that anymore, I have frostjaw – does not need explanation

8. I’m approaching critical mass – always polite to give fair warning

9. Damn you & your icy veins – if he/she refuses to cuddle afterwards

10. Can I summon a water elemental? – a polite way of asking for a threesome

11. I blinked and missed it – a tactful response to one who “arrives early”

12. Have you got any ointment for my ring of frost – no comment  (but I am giving a sympathetic wince)


2 thoughts on “Sex Talk Azeroth style – Part 1

  1. And of course, there are those who join in.

    N+1: Imma make you psychic scream!
    N+2: What, no condoms? YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!!
    N+3: Break yourself upon my body.
    N+4: My Onyxian whelp is taking a deep breath.
    N+5: My “goods” are of the highest quality. *Eyebrow*
    N+6: Ya got my attention. (A bit harsh…)
    N+7: “Job’s done!” (OK, that’s a WC3 one)
    N+8: Just mention any daily of the Icy Perverts Sons of Hodir. Polishing the Helm, Thrusting the Spear, Blowing the Horn. In their defence, there don’t seem to be any daughters of Hodir, so most of them are probably pretty frustrated.

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