It’s WoW Ironman time

I have decided to give this a go. I was very inspired to read about this version of Ironman (& of course I was in total awe at everything Tome of the Ancient achieved on her fantastic Ironsally mission in 2011- which you can see here ).

The new version of Ironman includes the usual requirements- no gear (just greys/whites), no talents, no professions – but has the additional requirement of no deaths. None at all. The minute you die it’s over & you have to start again. Goodness. I think I’ve been known to die just walking from my starting spot to Marshall McBride to pick up the quest A Threat from Within …I am that fragile.

I decided to be further hardcore by randomly selecting my gender, class & race. That part isn’t a requirement  – but in for a penny, in for a pound & all that. It turns out my wannabe Ironman is to be a male human priest. I was quite happy with this really – I have Power Word Shield & heals – easy journey to 90 ahead. Yes? Right?

I’ve named my hardcore priest Runn – as he will be running quite a bit I suspect. So far so good – he’s level 15. But goodness- it’s changing my gameplay. I’ve never been so nervous facing off against gnolls, kobolds & murlocs.  I’m being very cautious at every stage – shielding before I go in to fight something 3 levels below me- that sort of thing. Ridiculous really. I’m also currently rather scared to leave Loch Modan. I’m managing quite well against the bears & spiders there and Runn & the dwarves are getting on famously – couldn’t I hang out here until 90? I suspect not. However, the priest interviewed on Wow Insider said her strategy was to quest in areas a couple of levels below her – so I’m at least going to follow that.

What I have enjoyed so far is the peace and tranquility of just doing questing – no thought of battlegrounds or, now I’m 15, dungeons. And it feels very old school in a way – it reminds me of when I first started WoW & the entire world was new to me. I played it very much as a soloer – it was all about the questing. And I knew very little about gear, professions & talents. Of course the situation now is that gear, professions & talents are simply excluded from me – but what it means in effect is I am free just to enjoy the world itself & really spend time with each quest area (translation – I hanging on for dear life to areas where I can still get a drop of experience rather than going off to any area slightly more risky).

It’s good. It’s fun. It reminds me of what I first loved about the game. Let’s hope it stays this all the way to 90!



4 thoughts on “It’s WoW Ironman time

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I clicked onto your website links above, but they’re not working – just wanted to let you know.
    I looked onto your Amazon profile page – you don’t list any contact info there, such as a blog/website, FB, Goodreads, or other.
    Another thing is that although people can follow this blog and/or subscribe to it via email, there is no ‘Contact’ page/area for you (readers don’t even know your name until they read it on your book). Are you also on Facebook or Goodreads? (I don’t use Twitter.)

    Best Regards,
    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

    1. Thank you for this. Much appreciated. The link is to another Bravetank blog I’ve now redirected back here! Will take out the reference to it though- thanks for the prompt! I’m in the middle of setting up a proper author page – with my name & important things like that!! And yes my Amazon page only really points at Twitter – I do have a Facebook page but don’t go on there much!!

    1. That’s a great idea. I will do that. Plus I have the domain name just need to set up my blog. Hoping to do it on the weekend. You’ve spurred me on 🙂

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