Oh dear what have I gone and done?

Sacrilege sacrilege. I think I’ve found the game that could tear me away from WoW. Diablo 3 couldn’t do it. The Sims 3 made a valiant attempt but failed. And Fable II – well that was just a joke. No the game that’s done it for me is none other than Eve Online. Day 2 of my trial (ok ok I know I might be a tad over-the-top exuberant after just 2 days) and I’ve not thought about WoW once. This is bizarre. In fact it’s more than bizarre. It’s unheard of. Particularly on a Bank Holiday. Particularly when I’ve just started a new alt (a cute fury warrior called Mussels) & particularly immediately  before a new patch for which everyone else is all excited. I’m always out of step with everyone.

Trying Eve out  was a spur of the moment thing yesterday. Not even sure how I ended up on the site. Fate? Eve Online Universe divine guidance? Who knows. But once there I started the download, went out for a few hours (to a lovely Welsh food festival in  town – ate a gorgeous ice cream with popping black cherry candy- sadly didn’t exactly pop in my mouth (disappointing when that fails to happen isn’t it?) but it was delicious). And when I got back home  it was all ready to go.

What do I love about it? Firstly & absolutely the open-ended nature of the game. Yes admittedly so far I’ve been following a pretty linear path –  the initial tutorial (which did a fantastic job of getting me familiar with my Neocom (look at me – using the lingo & all that), setting destinations, warping, using acceleration gates etc. And I’m just about to complete my third set of career missions. So yes so far I’ve been pretty linear. But this is purely to get me familiar with the basics – an extended tutorial as it were (and also because the only time I went off script I ended up doing a 22 jump journey to a Research Agent who declined to work with me because my skills weren’t “at his level”- arrogant elitist. Tail between legs I turned around & did the 22 jumps back & with a new found humility started a conversation with  another Career Agent instead). But that said I can already see that what I ultimately do in-game will be up to me and I find that extremely liberating.

Now I know there’s lots to do in WoW. There’s so much there I’ve never even done (what is this class you call a Death Knight?). And don’t worry. This is not going to turn into an anti-WoW post. Don’t think I have one in me. I love WoW. But I’ve played it since around BC time (Burning Crusade that is, not Before Christ- although sometimes it feels like the latter) and it can feel that I’ve done all the stuff I love a million times & the stuff I’ve not done I don’t have any interest in doing. So sometimes it can all feel a bit jaded. I’ve written about this previously.  Possibly what I’m  feeling now is just the thrill of something new of course- and this will wear off. But it feels like it’s something more. The range of skills & careers open to me & the fact you don’t pick a class, a spec & then start talenting using some “best build” you found on Icy Veins or something  feels absolutely great to me.

Of course I know there are websites that tell Eve players which skills to train for which careers. And that’s not that different from a recommended talent build. And there will be people who write about the right and wrong ways to play  Eve.  I’ve already come across some of this  – the view that you shouldn’t be  a jack of all trades for example,  that if you do you’ll never be able to compete with the specialists. But the fact you can be a jack of all trades, can do any combination of  skills (as long as you do the prerequisites) with nothing hardwired into a particular class just feels so exciting.

What else, what else … oh yes – you train when you’re offline!!! Oh my god. This is amazing. So when I’m in work  tomorrow so is my character. In fact she’s also working while I sleep. No downtime. Awesome. Yes I know it’s all relative – if there were no offline skill training  then skill training  itself would take less time. But I don’t care. It’s how it makes me feel- that me & the game are still involved with each other even when I’m not actually playing it. Very clever. I love it.

There are so many things that have me captivated. I love getting blueprints, buying (or mining) the materials, submitting my job at the factory & delivering it to my item hangar when it’s done. I actually read all the mission texts (several early harsh lessons were eventually learned –  too many times I’ve undocked & flown to some far away destination only to realise I’ve left some vital item or ship module sitting in the item hangar).  I love the market place & the fact it has buy orders. I love the fact a GM contacted me today to ask how I was getting on, what I’d done so far & if there was anything she could help me with. I love the  character creation screen that has resulted in a raven haired sunglass wearing cool avatar as opposed to all my cute yet oh so cartoony WoW characters (I still love you Seashell & your exact human carbon copies Terema & Bravetank). And I love the beautiful space graphics, the music that soothes me, the unhurried pace (the travel time allows me to read the Eve forums while I play) and the fact I genuinely feel like I’m discovering a new universe.

What will I be? Who knows? I suspect something in manufacturing, science or industry. I’m not interested in fighting – be it PvE or PvP. I want to feel like I’m learning something – even though that something is all pretend. It’s a virtual life & I want to live it being oh so knowledgeable and clever (that research agent will one day come to me on his hands & knees  begging for the research crumbs I might just throw his way – no I’m not bitter at all at that 22 jump trip). The same compulsion that used to make me force my Sims to study for hours feels it could be well served in Eve. It is a research addict paradise.

And so yes I am excited. Yes I’m barely able to stop myself upgrading from trial  to full right now. But what does this mean? Is this a short-term fling with a temporarily unresistable stranger who will turn out to have an off putting tendency to chew with his mouth open or is this something that could genuinely threaten my relationship with WoW. The fact I’m even asking the question has me scared.


14 thoughts on “Oh dear what have I gone and done?

  1. Not sure if this will make it more or less fun for you, but Gevlon over at the Greedy Goblin seems to have left WoW for EvE a while back, and is hard at work trying to find ways to game the system and make a lot of gold/PLEX.

    General Gevlon philosophy stuff

    EVE online stuff

    1. These are great- I’m really enjoying reading them (particularly on long auto pilot journeys!). Many thanks 🙂 It’s great having something new to discover 🙂

  2. Hey there Tank,

    If you haven’t come across them yet, look up EvEmon and Eve Fitting Tool (EFT). The first helps with setting up skill plans and remaps, the second is for ship fits. They will make your life hugely easier.

    Also Dotlan maps will become more important to you later on… 🙂

    EFT – https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=24359
    EvEmon – http://evemon.battleclinic.com/

    If there is one thing I would say to you is that EvE is not an easy game. It has a pretty massive learning curve and it will not hold your hand. Please don’t get disheartened if you find something you can’t figure out… ask around. Find a good corp to be a part of. It makes a massive difference.

    Word of warning too, it’s a fairly big step from L1 missions to L2. A bigger step from L2 to L3 and it can be a huge jump to take on L4s…. that is if you like PvE. If you’re into PvP, you might want to check out EvE University in game, they’ll teach you the ropes and what works and what doesn’t… well worth spending some time with them.

    Once you’re into it though, it’s pretty darned amazing. And I can quite happily tell you there is absolutely nothing like it out there. Hope that all helps.

    Now. Go blow stuff up and have a lot of fun 🙂

    1. These are fantastic links & tips. Very many thanks. Only done one L1 mission so far so I have a lot to learn! And I seem to be constantly looking stuff up on the internet to figure out what to do- but I like that it’s not easy. So far I love it 🙂

  3. there are many, many exWOWers flying around in New Eden, glad you found it just when I started reading your stuff:)
    talking about Kharma…


    this should be your first read, covers each and every aspect in your new career in the serious business of internet spaceships
    it is light enough but touches on literally everything

    fly safe!

    1. Just popped on WoW to sort out some stuff after the patch but I just feel a little flat about it & more enthused about Eve. Feel really guilty about this though! But good to hear there are ex WoWers flying around New Eden. And thanks for the Isk link. Will definitely read that.

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