The Next Level

Hello. I have a guest post up on MMO Melting Pot. It’s called the The Next Level . The Pot were looking for guest posts on the theme MMOs from the future – what will the MMO scene be like years and years from now? My post gives a little insight into how I think it will all work. I think it could be fun…..!

8 thoughts on “The Next Level

  1. Lean methodology. We *use* Lean methodology at work. It’s mostly to do with daily briefs, continuous improvement, and things and stuff. Don’t tell me… you too?

    1. Yes we use Lean methodology too … I think all the stuff about identifying waste and continuous improvement is good to be fair, but I think any business worth it’s salt should have a culture that does that routinely. I also think organisations apply Lean like a plaster – rather than fixing the broken leg underneath!!

      1. I think it’s similar to ITIL, in that everybody talks about it, nobody uses it in quite the way envisaged by the visionary driving forces and still it puts things in your vocabulary that people will recognise.

        I’ve seen this a lot – when a company identifies a problem it’s having, rather than sitting down to think about the problem, they cast about for something to buy that they can then apply to the problem: “Hmm… The management of our computers is cr*p. Luckily $BIGCORP has a product that lets us manage our computers… with PICTURES!” It’s a variant of throwing money at a problem till it goes away. Which in those cases, it never does.

      2. Exactly. I once attended a seminar that was showing that to make Lean really work you have to be prepared to do more than just fix easy problems (they called them low hanging fruit). They said you need to be prepared to make radical organisational structural change if the Lean work identifies this as necessary to truly eliminate waste, improve the customer experience etc. The organisation were having this seminar having decided to reintroduce Lean into the business just after making large significant organisational changes. Completely backwards. I knew then that all it would really be was more chasing after low hanging fruit.

  2. I’d like to live in a world where doctors prescribe pizza and beer and management speak is an ability with a cooldown…

    @bannog, it’s not really uncommon.

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