I have never…

1. … levelled a Hunter, Rogue, Warrior or Death Knight. I’ve got the occasional alt in those classes to about 5 (5 blocks in the case of the Death Knight) but that’s it. I’ve never even left the Death Knight starting area which means I’ve never gone through all that abuse you have to endure in Stormwind. The masochist in me weeps.

2. … levelled a Worgen or Goblin. I did try a Mage Worgen once but we didn’t get very far because the Worgen starting area caused me huge lags and in the end frustrated me too much. Plus I missed her pre- wolf form (I assume  you get that back?) I’ve never even seen the Goblin starting area. That’s a completely unknown part of WoW to me. People say it’s very steampunk and I nod wisely and pretend to know what they mean.

3. …done Sunwell Plateau. I hear about it, I pretend to know about it, but I’ve never done it. For awhile I think I thought it was another name for Magister’s Terrace. See – I have not got a clue. It’s just all too blood elfy for me.

4. …done any of the Cataclysm areas all the way through apart from Mount Hyjal (& even that was only because I did half of it on one character and half on the other …that still counts though – yes?). I’ve only been to Vasjir once and did not like it- way too watery. I’ve never even got to the stage of Deepholm where you start getting friendly with Therazane – hence no shoulder enchants for me. It’s just so dark and hellish there – feels like I’m lost in the earth’s core without even the comfort of knowing I’m halfway to Australia. Not worth it.

5. …had more than 4500 gold on any one character (& frequently I have less on all of them combined). When I hear about people having insane amounts  like 30K I just can’t get my head around it. Have I missed some setting you select that makes you earn 100 gold for every day you’re subscribed or something? It must be that. It must be. In which case I’m pleased to say Blizzard owes me thousands and I’m on my way to raise a service ticket.

6. …levelled any Horde character beyond the 60s. This means I’ve never done any Wrath or Cataclysm content with a Hordie. My only experience with them in these zones is dying at their hands (I’m on a PvP realm). I find them rather hostile.

7. …properly read any quest texts with any character since I left Duskwood with my first character Terema. Duskwood was amazing but that’s the only real storyline in which I’ve ever properly been immersed. Did I miss much?

8. …done anything in Silithus apart from about 5 quests. I always go to Outlands instead even though I am bored to tears with it. It’s the gear. It’s always the gear.

9. …levelled any rep to exalted unless I could do it with a tabard in a dungeon. I tried the Shatari Skyguard grind and even that was too much. The grind is not for me. They either love me for who I am or they can sod off – yes that is my fighting talk.

10. …understood the whole Teldrassil is a tree thing – it just doesn’t feel like I’m in a tree when I’m in Darnassus. Are they sure they’ve got it right?

Reading this list of what I’ve never done in WoW (& I’ve been playing since BC!) I have to ask myself – what in the hell have I been spending all my time in WoW actually doing? Answers on a postcard please. I have a timesheet to complete.

16 thoughts on “I have never…

  1. 1: I have never rolled anything over 70 aside from my main (Rogue)
    2: Never levelled a single Horde. None. Not a one.
    3: I have totally done all the raids in Vanilla and Burning Crusade and Lich King. With my guild. With our level 85’s. Arthas took us weeks.
    4: I’ve done ALL the Cata areas! ‘Brushes off Loremaster Tabard’
    5: Seen anything worth saving up for that VP couldn’t get me easier.
    6: See #2
    7: Never read a single quest text since Abercrombie totally screwed me over in Duskwood.
    8: Farmed reputation in Silithus. /sigh
    9: Totally farm rep sans tabards. /doublesigh
    10: Darnassus is a tree?!

    and a sneaky 11: I would rather commit permadeath than level in Icecrown again (which is why all my alts stop at the same level)

    1. Great list! I’m well impressed with 4 in particular & we think the same regarding 7!! I didn’t mind Icecrown with Terema but I think that was because I found the Knights of the Ebon Blade rather cool (which begs the question why I’ve not levelled a Death Knight I suppose).

  2. Well, questing brings in a LOT of money, along with daily quests. That’s probably one of the reasons why you don’t have a lot of gold. 🙂

    1. Aaah – that could be it. I thought I would get the equivalent via dungeons but I guess that doesn’t quite work out (I’ve not done the maths of course – just some vague idea I’ve lived by!)

  3. 1. Ain’t gotten a hunter or mage to Outland yet. First warlock just reached her 82nd season. All else done hit 85 at least once now, I thinks.
    2. Ain’t gotten a goblin or worgen ta Outland yet neithers
    3. Me guild went on hiatus before we made it ta Sunwell, but I’s seen it since. Is worth goin’, at least once.
    4. Done’em all at least once, but none all on the same toon.
    5. There do be ways fer ta make money (such as inscription) but they does get tedious. An’ ya don’t need the money.
    6. Once ya go Horde, yer nevers bored, baby!
    7. I likes the stories in Plaguelands an’ Un’goro, since the Cataclysm.
    8. Silithus is a bunghole. Even since the Cataclysm.
    9. What were that? I’s in the middle of extinctifyin’ about 9000 pirates fer ta get exalted with Everlook….
    10. Jumps off the edge, and looks around on yer way down. You’ll see is a tree. Especiallies when ya hits the roots at terminal velocity. Is why there’s no ore there (only startin’ zone without copper).

  4. > 100 gold a day

    Buy 100+ volatile life when it’s cheap. Take it to Uldum and transmute it to volatile air. Get a feel for how it sells on your server and sell when the price is high. Auctionator makes this much easier. I buy them for 2g a pop and sell them around 18g; 16g profit times 15 transmuted a day is 240g a day. I can’t promise you’ll make that much but it’s wonderfully low-effort if you’ve got an alchemist.

  5. I’ve never gotten a warlock, hunter, or shaman to 80 (lock 69, hunter 72, shaman 70)
    I’ve never gotten an alliance character past 70.
    I’ve also never been in Sunwell. Heck I’ve never been in a normal Cataclysm raid either.
    I’ve never leveled Alchemy, Engineering, or Blacksmithing, though in Vanilla I had smithing up to 250 on an old character.
    I’ve never gotten a piece of heroic raid gear.
    I’ve never called anyone a baddie or other appropriate synonym. I’ve thought it, but never said it.
    I’ve never gotten fishing to max level. Not masochistic enough, I guess.
    I’ve never completed a full revamped ZG, and God willing I will never need to.

    1. It’s interesting the classes people don’t end up levelling past 70 and how it differs from person to person. Bet that reveals a lot about our personalities!

      And no alliance character past 70- again that means your 70+ experience is really different from mine I guess. I’m jealous – I’d love to be running groups with the undead. Don’t know why- really appeals. They just seem full of character!

  6. I’ll jump into this!
    1. I have never created a horde toon, not one, not ever
    2. I have never been married in a mmo
    3. I have never leveled alone
    4. I have never missed a raid night (3 years raiding 3 nights a week)
    5. Never been punted woot, now don’t come hunting me down!
    6. Have played as Santagnome at Christmas giving away gold and other goodies
    7. Never played another server other then my own I call home ( Blade’s Edge )
    8. Never made a list like this before
    9. Have driven guildmates out of the Dalaran Sewers on my Chopper!
    10. Have never yelled, cursed, or raised my voice at anyone as a Raid Lead (not while vent was open anyway 😉 )

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