Who Wants Chocolate Cake?

I have the most amazing unbelievable stupendous good news. Yesterday was my birthday as some of you know (that’s not the stupendous good news though – I turned 40 after all). Despite it being my birthday I popped onto WoW to do the Dalaran cooking daily such is my dedication. Note I only say Dalaran. I have totally given up on the Rokk dailies because if he says “Glad I could help” one more time after giving me a crateful of crap I will kill him & end up spending the rest of my days in the Stockades – I refuse to do time with Hogger for him).

By the way on my way to do the daily I opened my mailbox to find lots of birthday treats from the guild. I couldn’t believe it. How kind is that. If anyone is on Defias Brotherhood EU then do please check out Death Dealers of War – you will find there the nicest collection of people you can ever hope to meet. I mean- they gave me lots of pressies including 3 companions, cake & raid food. I was over the moon!

But it didn’t end there. I still had to do the daily. Now in the depths of my mind (not that deep admittedly – think shallow end of a children’s paddling pool) I wondered if maybe – just maybe – Blizzard would know it was my birthday & would reward my dedication to the cause. But it was a similar type of wondering to when you wonder if you’ll win the lottery this week or whether they will invent an immortality pill by the time you’re 60. That sort of thing. Basically a sort of “Wouldn’t it be amazing if….” type of wondering. But guess what???? Miracles do happen. You can have crazy wonders and they can come true (so my order for the immortality pill is in). Because guess what dropped on my birthday???!!!!!


How can that be? Did Blizzard do it for my birthday? Do all birthday daily cooking questers who have not already had that recipe always get it? What kind of complex algorithm could do that? What are your theories? Is this evidence of a higher power at work in WoW? In the world even? Is this something quantum physicists need to know about? Does it blow all sorts of holes in everything Stephen Hawkings has written? All I know is it makes me feel all good about things. I mean if I can get the chocolate cake recipe on my birthday there is a wonderful benevolent power at work – one that is totally supportive of chocolate. Can you ask for anything more?

Immediately ran off to buy the ingredients to make it. Took screenshot today of my achievements to show the date I got The Cake is not a Lie Achievement. May the Fourth. Star Wars Day. My Day. Chocolate Cake Day.

Finally the quest for that recipe is over.

Two other things to mention today. It’s been totally remiss of me not to have to have talked about these in previous posts but I’ve been crazily obsessed with the School of Hard Knocks as you know.

The first is Danslate’s second audio book style blog post reading of a post I did a few weeks ago – Bravetank’s guide to the Holy Light. It can be found here. His brilliant voice makes my words sound good & the music he uses provides a great background atmosphere. I’m amazed he has put all that time and effort to do something like that for one of my posts and I’m also totally chuffed too 🙂

The second is the guild Swords for Everyone on Wyrmrest Accord US – link here. Martin spoke about this in one of his comments & said the following- “WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR
Anyone who has social anxiety (or a similar social disorder) who wants an understanding community to play video games with. If you’re someone who:

is terrified of public chat channels, including Vent (Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.)
starts hyperventilating when a dungeon or BG queue pops
has avoided large chunks of game content because of other players
immediately logs off for the rest of the day (or week) after a wipe because you fear that it was your fault
is nervous and sweaty just thinking about applying to this guild
experiences any other irrational (but entirely understandable) anxiety because of interactions with other players”

Sounds fantastic for people like myself & others out there who really do feel anxious about all the people related parts of the game (tried Teamspeak this week- will write about it in my next blog post – still presently getting over the horror & shame of it all and too scared to speak anywhere near my computer at the moment). Anyway the guild offers a great opportunity for people to play the game amongst other people who really understand this anxiety because they’re feeling it themselves. So do please check it out if you are on a US server & think this could be the guild for you.

That’s it from me today. I have a dreadful cold so I’m all sick and shivery. Still managed to do a bit of PvP though & won in AB – I’m a total trooper for the Alliance it has to be said 🙂


10 thoughts on “Who Wants Chocolate Cake?

  1. Awesome birthday treat, grats.

    Might have to run Tempest Keep on my 40th birthday – surely the phoenix mount will drop for me…

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