Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Bear

I was really grateful for all the comments from everyone after my last post (& the comments on MMO Melting Pot too – what’s the protocol here- do I also reply there ?). Everyone had great ideas for what I should do now I’m 85 but already sick to death of dailies. The unequivocal consensus was that I should not do so many dailies  & in fact perhaps should drop them  altogether. Many of you suggested things like the Loremaster achievement (including really really reading the quest texts – not just relooking at them when I’m halfway through a quest with nothing happening &  the dawning realisation I’ve missed some crucial bit like needing to use some magic crystal on the mob before I hit them   – normally this realisation coming after I’ve killed 100 for nothing … ). Also suggested were doing older dungeons & raids, and learning  to make money (money that can make my dream of a Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth a reality not a guilty fantasy).

All were great  ideas and have led to me changing my routine.  Dailies-wise I’m now only doing Rokk & Katherine Lee  for the chocolate cake recipe  – unless I really really feel up to Molten Front (I actually want to see how that turns out). Other than that I’m focusing on three things:-

-Loremaster- starting with Twilight Highlands. I am going to do all the quests & explore all the areas and- when I remember (old habits die hard )- really read the quest texts.  Did some of it yesterday & I what I’ve learnt about the Wildhammer clan…well to be honest nothing  much apart from their annoying tendency to lose stuff – gryphons, relatives, themselves, their trousers ….thinking of starting up a Wildhammer Clan Lost & Found business for gold. I’d have that mammoth before the day is out.

-Raiding- I realise now that part of my issue is I’m actually scared to do  proper raids because of how hard it sounds but I want all that cool gear.  What a conundrum. But rather than settle for what I can get from VPs only I need to get a grip and go for it. So when I can I will sign up with my guild for their proper Friday night raid, use Teamspeak and everything (imagine my lilting Welsh voice on the air…a high pitched Anthony Hopkins), and try really hard to perform well at that level.

-PvP. I’ve made myself some vicious stuff  (really vicious – they bite as I sew) & bought a few extra pieces & now sort of have a PvP set.  Yes I’m all grown up. So much so that yesterday I ventured out again to  Tol Barad & also a battleground. It was all very exciting.

Firstly Tol Barad. Previously I’ve always had my heart in my mouth doing the dailies there. I’ve been killed so many times – often by the same people each day (do they  live there?). But I walked out with a bit more confidence yesterday. I had some resilience – physical not emotional  of course. But even better – I’d only been there a few minutes when the universe handed me a gift (even they are fed up of all my deaths – I’m pushing the limits of what resurrection can do). A Worgen Warrior (very tough looking) asked me if I wanted to group so we could do the dailies together.  He said it would be quicker,  but I like to think  he wanted my protection (please let me dream). So I said yes & off we went. And yes  it was quicker & yes I did relax a bit more knowing I had a strong warrior accompanying me (I was Frodo to his Aragorn). It was great. Halfway through the dailies we came across a Hordie bear. I’m sure the bear only  saw me to begin with and thought he’d found easy pickings. But how wrong he was. Sucker! Together me & the warrior  despatched him quick sharpish. I did my usual whoops around the living room (while acting fairly dignified in game…don’t worry …it didn’t last).  I wasn’t so lucky next time. He must have been stalking us and when I  and my protector were separated for just a second  (I was greedily looting I think – still haven’t kicked my Embersilk cloth habit) he lunged at me. I panicked and hit a wild selection of buttons – none of which involved casting one spell but did change my outfits four times- and rather quickly died.  Thankfully by  the time I’d ressed and run back the warrior had killed him. I was very grateful & swore I would not part from the warrior again. So we carried on with the dailies (me sticking to the warrior like a limpet) when again the bloody  bear reappeared (like a Goldilocks nightmare). This time he surprised the warrior & the warrior himself died. I was on my own. I had no choice but to dig deep. I entered a Zen like trance (wax on wax off) &  took a moment to look properly at my task bar & actually hit the right buttons in the right order and …I  KILLED HIM!! I KILLED THE BEAR (I offer no apologies for the caps – I am totally shouting). I was absolutely over the moon. The warrior was pleased for me too- although I think by now he was wondering what sort of lunatic he’d grouped himself with. He said he was also impressed with my DPS – so my neurotic fixation with  recount is paying dividends. So all was good.

Later – still full of PvP euphoria – just before bed (note to self- not the best thing to do if you want to relax of an evening) I went into Warsong Gulch – now with two more pieces of resilience gear and no money. The gate opened &  I remembered what I’d read – that  nothing shows a PvP noob more than running off in a totally different direction from the rest of the group – so I tapped into my inner sheep (baa) and simply followed the crowd over to the Horde base to capture the flag. I got a few hits in on the way & definitely could feel a  taste for blood growing – the lower the health of someone the more single minded I was to bring them down (think Terminator with a staff)-and yet I’m a vegetarian pacifist.  Scary. Obviously I died a few times myself (without any shred of dignity and using words even my tongue was embarrassed to say). On one of my forays I decided to stay with the flag carrier all the way back- seeing myself as some sort of hard core invincible protector. Probably someone with cloth  armor is not ideal for this – but I have resilience..that makes me invincible yes? I was certainly acting like it did. Somehow we made it back but then just stood around on the  upper ledge. I was confused. I thought the flag had to be put somewhere? More DPS appeared. Someone said, “All the dps are here!!!” in a tone that suggested  that was very wrong. I shuffled my feet uncomfortably – not sure what to do. I had thought I was helping. It occurred to me that my place was probably back at the horde side stopping them planting the Alliance flag. Wrong place, wrong time … again. Finally – with nothing else to do  I hurled  myself off the ledge down into the fight below- determined to prove my worth somewhow. I died of course. Quickly. But this time on ressing  I ran back to the Horde side & got in the thick of it there. I felt delight every time I saw a name in red. Something to kill.SomeONE to kill. God I’m so ashamed. It was great. Then it all stopped and – WE’D WON!!!! A zillion honor points came my way. What a buzz.

I went back to Old town & exchanged a number of justice points for even more Honor points like the Honor point junkie I now am – taking me up to something great like 700! I now have two main goals- build up my PvE gear with Valor points & proper raids and build up my PvP gear with Tol Barad, battlegrounds & justice point exchanges.Plus do some Loremaster stuff when I can. And get that bloody chocolate cake recipe. And try & do a few World Tree dailies.

My cup runneth over 🙂


26 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Bear

      1. Even the most experienced pvper gets killed sometimes. Bears also have really good survivability – so you are doubly awesome!

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention something before regarding earning gold. I don´t know what resources you are using right now, but when I started to dabble with the AH, I came across those guys: http://www.justmytwocopper.org . Don´t pay for the gold guide they are advertising – only use the free stuff. While not everything might be suitable for your needs, it sure gives you some ideas as to where to start. Also, in case you don´t use it already – Auctioneer is my favourite Auction House add-on.

    And my last bit of tips and tricks: When you happen to work on loremaster – especially in the lower level areas. Don´t throw away anything. I´m serious. Everything grey goes to the vendor. Most white things go straight to the AH. Cloth, herbs, ore, meats… someone somewhere sure is levelling and needs those items. If you happen to be an enchanter, disenchant quest rewards you don´t want and any green drops that you feel won´t be sold on the AH and sell the enchantment materials.

    Have fun and the mammoth won´t be a dream for long but proudly yours! 🙂

    1. I’m honoured – you are the PvP guru 🙂 Was reading your How to Win Tol Barad post yesterday. Fantastic post! Chickened out after reading it though & went in WSG instead! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. In my excitement to kill, I sometimes repeatedly hit the wrong key and manage to minimize WoW and find I’m starring at my desktop. The shocking part is that 50% of the time I’m still alive when I manage to return.

    I’m doing the Tol Barad gear building right now too and it is a lot of fun and I sat there forever agonizing about my first gear purchase, was wonderful!

  3. Apropos of nothing, I wonder if you might give a mention to a new guild ‘Swords for Everyone’ on Wyrmrest Accord (US). It’s a guild who’s purpose is to support the faint of heart. I would quote from their charter

    Anyone who has social anxiety (or a similar social disorder) who wants an understanding community to play video games with. If you’re someone who:

    is terrified of public chat channels, including Vent (Mumble, Teamspeak, etc.)
    starts hyperventilating when a dungeon or BG queue pops
    has avoided large chunks of game content because of other players
    immediately logs off for the rest of the day (or week) after a wipe because you fear that it was your fault
    is nervous and sweaty just thinking about applying to this guild
    experiences any other irrational (but entirely understandable) anxiety because of interactions with other players

    Seems they might appreciate a Bravetank or two 🙂

    1. Absolutely. Sounds like a fantastic idea. It will be interesting to see how many people you get – I think there are more people than we realise with those sorts of anxieties. Good luck! 🙂

      1. 53 people so far, I believe. And the guild has only been going a week, maybe two. We hope for good things. I think there are a _lot_ of people like me who are nervous about various aspects of the game. The one that has come most under fire is PUGs and LFD.

      2. 53 – that’s great!! I really hope it goes well. Not surprised that PUGs and LFD have been the things most causing issues – they can be very hostile enviroments.

  4. Back in vanilla I thought raiding was only for ‘leet’ people, and not for wimps like me. Now I do heroic raids, and I’m still a wimp, so don’t worry about being out of your depth, you won’t be; as long as you know what to do on a particular boss, you will be fine.

    As regards pvp, being a wimp means I do not particularly like doing it, but as someone who wants to get achievements, I kind of force myself to do random BGs. I do them on my warlock alt, and despite I have 4.5k resillience, i still seem to die in an incredibly short time when melee get their hands on me, and yet my own dps seems pathetic by comparison. I resign myself to mainly CCing people and generally being a nuisance, rather than try to be a super killer on the battlefield.
    Your WSG experience was very similar to my own when I first went there. It took me a while to realise we could not cap the Horde flag unless the EFC (see I’m a vet, I use pvp lingo!) was dead, and our flag was back in our base!

    1. I’m jealous of your 4.5k resilience! I’m going to try to take the CC approach too- although yesterday everyone broke my sheep every time I cast it. Ok “cap the Horde flag” – steal it & plant it in our base camp? Is that right? EFC- enemy flag carrier? So we must kill the enemy flag carrier, have our own flag back at base & then also have the Horde flag in our possession. As mage where should I be? I like being at the Horde end just outside their tunnel for some reason. It’s my lucky spot 🙂 Probably the totally wrong place though!

  5. Hahaha! Wonderfully funny post; I laughed out loud at the changing outfits 4 times part. Oh, I do empathize so much with PVP frantic button mashing!

    Re WSG: I embarrassed myself the first time I ventured into WSG. I think I even called urgently to the flag carrier (FC) to cap the flag already, not knowing that the enemy flag carrier (EFC) had to be killed and our flag returned to base before our FC could cap the enemy flag.

    Oh, yes, sticking with the pack is a good thing when learning the bg! Some of the time they’ll be doing the wrong thing (i.e. squatting in the middle not guarding any nodes in node-guardy fights, or not killing EFCs), but it’s your best chance of survival while you’re still figuring things out.

    1. That explains why the person with the Horde flag was still on the ledge. She was waiting for the enemy flag carrier to be killed. And I – dps- was stood beside her rather than out killing him…… ! Oh well! I’ll definitely stick with the pack for the moment. My philosophy right now is – if I’m in a group & killing stuff I’m helping (a thousand expert PVPers collectively scream in frustration at that statement of course!)

  6. As a jaded veteran it’s great to be reminded of what it’s like as a new player and just how exciting and fun it can all be. Good luck with the raiding, remember to make sure people know your new and ask them to explain the bosses. There is no shame in being new only in being too shy to admit it and so causing a wipe.
    I hope you continue to enjoy it and don’t let the worst aspects of the WoW community put you off. There are loads of friendly people still playing WoW we just tend to play together in guilds to avoid the nastier sections of the community.

    1. I’ll hopefully go in Dragon Soul with my guild. They know I’m new to this so that should be ok. They are very supportive. I have definitely seen the nicer side of the WoW community being in the guild & here blogging too – the comments from readers are always so lovely and helpful (hope I’m not jinxing myself now!!)

  7. Great to hear you’re having fun in PvP!

    You’ll be in full Honor gear in no time! BG’s at first can seem mind-boggling but you’ll get the feel of them soon enough. Do try to ignore the QQ and the teenage angst expressed as violent reactions to loosing in Battleground chat, and just try to have fun. To keep from being overwhelmed, I might recommend just running one till either you “get” it and are able to farm it easily, or until you get bored and moving on to learn another.

    Warsong and Arathi are both great to learn PvP in. Personally, I’d avoid Aterac Valley and Isle of Conquest, though they’re good for farming a good bit of honor quickly.

    Killing people is fantastic fun. Winning is even more so. The more resilience, the better – there’s no limit to how much you want. And speaking as primarily a flag carrier, any support is absolutely great, don’t underestimate yourself – cloth or not, you can win the game singlehandedly in the 10v10 BGs – you’re 10% of the team! No pressure. 😉

    1. So far I’ve stuck only to Warsong – but have been enjoying it. And we’ve won the last three I’ve been in!! Don’t think I can take any credit but….on the other hand…as you say I’m 10%!!

  8. I’m very pleasantly surprised, I didn’t expect you to have that much fun in BGs. 🙂
    I guess I shouldn’t have been, though – as I said in the earlier post, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it either, and it’s been the most fun I’ve had in Cataclysm.

    Here’s a tip to accelerate your gearing up, then – fancy 200 “free” honor per day?

    There’s a spot in Northrend where you can do 4 dailies – *obscenely* easy and fast for an 85 – awarding 50 honor each. It’s a nice way to pass the time and gain some extra honor while you wait for the BG queue! 🙂

    Here’s the link for the quests (ignore the Red Rocket one, it’s not worth the time):

  9. What a wonderful post – even though I read it, what, at least a week later!
    I leveled too many characters on a PvP server, my language doing dailies deteriorated, and then one day I transferred to a PvE server. The peace. The quiet! The ability to finish Tol Barad and other dailies!
    I can’t say that I miss “World PvP”, because in my experience, that means that 2 rogues do their best in stalking me and killing me every opportunity they have. On the other hand, since I moved to a PvE server, I did level a Warlock purely through Battlegrounds (and a little bit of cooking and ‘World Event’ stuff)

    As to Twilight Highlands – if you’re in the Maw, do take a little time and listen to the Shamans that discuss their shamanistic ways. Highly entertaining! If you missed that somehow, fly back into the Maw and sit there listening to them 🙂

    Thank you for your entertaining posts!

    1. Rogues are dreadful – they are constantly killing me. I think they cheat with all that invisibility & sap stuff. 🙂 Will go to the Maw to listen to the Shamans. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

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