The Kindness of Strangers

This is a  much happier post you’ll be pleased to know (unless you come here to have your nihilistic worldview reinforced…in which case I’ll caveat everything with a “But what’s it all about really …it’s all a pile of crap isn’t it?”‘ so you’ll still feel at home). But I can’t deny I actually have a positive  WoW experience to talk about!  And no I’ve not been visited by the three ghosts (although if I had they’d have been the Ghost of Vanilla WoW, Ghost of Cataclysm & Ghost of MoP). And no nothing dramatic on the road to Damascus (or the road up the Spar in my case). Rather I’ve just had a really nice couple of days in game because of the new guild I’m in

Yes – new guild!! Yes this means Seashell has defected from  her own Raggy Dolls guild …and don’t I have  sleepless nights about that  (although Bravetank is still there holding the fort with her one dungeon every two months). But I wanted to join an active guild to experience heroics and raids in. I can’t help it …I have needs. It would have been lovely if that could have been the Raggy Dolls but it would have needed more experience, knowledge and time from  me to be that type of guild. So instead I’ve joined ….duh duh duh….. Death Dealers of War!!!!!!!! (exclamation marks my own.)

The name is fearsome and scary so obviously I was concerned I wouldn’t fit in. What they asked for in the guild intro were people  prepared to talk and contribute and not just join for the perks (I read this as I was obsessively scrolling through the list looking for a level 25 guild just so I could have mass resurrection….!). But that’s a fair enough request I thought and I have been known to talk (just not while fighting – please don’t expect me to type in a dungeon – it will mean instant wipes for not just that dungeon but all others running at the same time the world over – it’s to do with something at the quantum level). I also worried  that when I did talk my contribution wouldn’t be good enough -that under pressure to say something in guild chat I’d ramble about  crazy things like cabbage patch doll funerals and road kill for vegetarians (yes honestly these topics were part of a recent conversational gambit of mine in work to impress  someone ……..!!). But I plucked up the courage anyway (mass resurrection!!), asked to join & was accepted.

And it’s the best thing ever. I am so glad I joined. Since being in the guild the following has happened:-

1. I have run a few HCs and one LFR raid with my guildees (as I  call them…in my head) – the latter after the events documented in my last post. They somehow convinced me to give it a go again (pretty purples)  and it was  100 times better.

2. They have given  me (so generously) enchants, Kavan’s Forsaken Treads (I was astounded- felt too guilty to put them on for ages …now I strut everywhere of course), various gems & helped me create a macro that has made my DPS quite simply awesome. Now please don’t think I only like people if they show me things or give me stuff – although that said  if you want to send me stuff don’t let me stop you…I like dark chocolate and Decleor and live at Bravetank Mansions, Scaredy Cat Lane 🙂 I didn’t ask for anything – I never would. They just gave it voluntarily, freely,  kindly. I felt embarrassed, overwhelmed, grateful – you name it.

3. They have also reassured me about my performance (as a woman I don’t often get to hear the, “Don’t worry it happens to everyone” line)  & advised me.

4. They have also celebrated my triumphs with me – for example, guess who made it back into End Time dungeon yesterday on her own….and without crying!!  Yes …I’m totally uber.

In short it’s all been lovely. Whereas my last post despaired about the people we meet online I really wanted to write this one to say that that is only part of the picture and maybe I was wrong to focus so much on it (although it can be therapeutic  to vent). There are some absolutely lovely people online  too who laugh when things go wrong (I was amazed in the beginning that in their HCs  nobody yells at anyone for dying, instead there is  humour …smiley faces and everything). These people  are to all intents and purposes  strangers to me yet have shown immense kindness and generosity and have conveyed in their virtual actions the real people they are behind the screens … and lovely people they are too. It’s been nice 🙂


20 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. I am glad to hear you having good WoW interactions with people. Unfortunately, I have been doing a number of pugs lately and lower levels, and the attitudes of people are horrendous. I end up relulting to name calling and vote kicking. When people are asshats, I become an asshat. If they are not, I am generally nice.

    1. I know what you mean. I try not to get angry but I have been known to react in dungeons when I think people are being unfair …I don’t like it though. Confrontation doesn’t usually bring out the best in people – not in me anyway!

  2. Hooray! I’m so glad you found a great guild with helpful people. It makes all the difference. For all the terrible jerks in the game there really are some very nice people.
    I found a great group of people who invited me to raid with them sometimes. Last night (after extreme anxiety before the start) I actually had fun. Their attitude is “We’re going to die, but we’ll learn from it and we’re here to have fun.” They’re supportive and okay that sometimes I’m lost and confused. (Yes, I still couldn’t find the raid entrance, even after scoping it out ahead of time and way marking it) Oh, what a difference a positive people can make!

  3. This is simply awesome! I hope that more mobs go down to your greatness, and Phat Purple Lewtz fall your way as well!


  4. Is this that awkward moment when your guild leader finds your blog post? :p I’m so pleased you’re feeling welcome in DDW, we do try to keep a nice relaxed atmosphere and help people out. Not that you’d know it in guild chat at times with some of us trying to sell our husbands or wives or arguing about whether Marmite is the work of the devil or not lol. I want to know why we haven’t had conversations about cabbage patch doll funerals though! That sort of conversation would fit right in! But would they need funerals when the guild could simply mass resurrect them?

    Anyway, I hope you have many more positive experiences with the guild.

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