Rokk’s Little Game

I hate Rokk. I hate him with a passion. I’m also starting to hate Katherine Lee but I’ve got lower expectations of her anyway (she’s obviously got a ridiculous amount of northern spices she needs to get rid of).

Any of you who chase Profession achievements and Titles will know why I feel this way. I never knew Chocolate Cake could cause me such pain – well yes I admit weighing scales pain yes, and “oh my god this dress looked ok last week” pain yes, but not WoW pain. Never WoW pain. And I think Rokk is doing it on purpose. There’s definitely a smirkiness there. He knows what I’m after. He knows what makes me come crawling to him every day. What do you want me to do Rokk? Make some Mok’Nathal Ribs and Crunchy Serpent stuff and cook it over the corpse of an Abyssal Flame Bringer? Jeez what kind of sicko are you Rokk? No no just kidding yes of course I’ll do it. Oh what are you giving me for this abhorrent act?  Barrel of fish or crate of meat. Hmm I think I’ll go for the meat (drop rate for recipe 2% according to my rather extensive research). What have I got… oh 😦   Raptor Ribs (bet the smell in that sealed crate was delightful) & a big old chunk o’ basilisk (so faux olde world  it has to have an apostrophe rather than an F – sort of thing you’d see in one of Gordon Ramsay’s Gastropubs). Oh Rokk I think you overlooked something…dessert..maybe…something chocolately perhaps? No not today is it? Ok I’ll be back tomorrow Rokk, and the day after Rokk, and the day after that ROKK like the pathetic Chef wannabe I am. Aaaagh.

Any tips anyone? Is there anyway to get this bloody recipe to drop or at the very least aggro Rokk, kill him & ransack his broken and bloody corpse? He ‘s got it on him somewhere I know. I’ve been doing the Outland and Northrend cooking dailies for so long. I read the forums and draw little comfort from the despair I see out there in my fellow title hunters. I agree with those who are saying a title shouldn’t be this reliant on luck, there should be something built in to recognise all the hard work you’re doing. Otherwise it’s basically telling us the universe is random, chaotic and often unfair. And hard work will not necessarily get you anywhere. But I KNOW this! I see this daily! Do I  really need it from the game’s own “Achievement” system as well?? When did WoW get so bleak?

Other more positive observations – aww isn’t the love between Aggra & Thrall a beautiful thing? I did the 85 Thrall quest line to get my snazzy cloak and really loved their scenes. First time in ages I properly paid attention to all the stuff that was being said  (I hung on every word anyone said between levels 1-5 of course, but then I got cocky). And during the scene at the end I ran up to Jaina to see if there was sadness on her face – and indeed there was. Oh maybe she was just irritated by the fact some random weird mage  in a fishing hat was standing an inch from her nose looking  right into her eyes and saying “Ahh there there, don’t cry.”

Had my faith in humanity again destroyed at the end of the quest line though. During the run up I noticed a horde player also doing the quest line. We left each other alone, concentrated on our tasks and, I thought, developed a mutual grudging respect. Plus we were helping Thrall- Alliance and Horde lines were irrelevant right? No. At the very end- after the cut scene – I gave him a little wave. I meant to communicate much in that wave. I respect you. We did it. We have helped Azeroth. You – YOU- are my brother. I..I…love you…. That sort of thing. However, he appears to have misinterpreted my wave because he promptly came over and killed me. I was so stunned I didn’t even fight back (I like to think that it was my sense of loyalty that prevented me from casting even one spell but to be honest the real reason was that  I was just sat there pointing at the screen and  shouting to my husband to come and see what was happening). Total betrayal of the highest order. Never realised a wave could be so dangerous and provocative.

Finally I already have ilevel gear over 329 so can technically go in Heroics, but my DPS is only around 8.5K so I’m going to try and get a little higher first before I venture in. I want to be doing over 10K. I think that’s the expectation isn’t it? But I did just complete  my first raid – Black Temple admittedly!!!! It was fun and I nearly got an extremely cool looking cowl for transmogrifying but just missed out.

And one final last  weird observation – I’ve had two in-game declarations of love from two different people! What do you say to that apart from “Umm Thanks”? Or maybe I should go all Hans Solo and just say,  “I know.” Actually I’d have throttled him if I was Leia and that was his response to my declaration of love.  He wouldn’t have said that again.


6 thoughts on “Rokk’s Little Game

    1. Well I plucked up the courage and went in two today & they were fine. In the first I was still at 8.5 it was ok as you say but I’ve had my firehawk legs since & reforged all spirit on my gear to hit & in the second was just over 10K. Both went well. I’m over the moon I’ve actually been in some Cata Heroic 🙂 I actually have Valor Points! Never thought I’d see the day 🙂

    1. The more familiar I am with the dungeon – and the longer the boss fights I guess- the better my dps. Reached the heady heights of 11.5K in Grim Batol but floundered at just over 8 in Deadmines. Was with a group going for all the achievements in Deadmines though so was a lot of fun (albeit I was living on my nerves in case I messed up!)

  1. Ah, the woes of the elusive, only rumored-to-exist recipes. The ones that “everyone else got on their first daily…”
    I found that sometimes loudly complaining in Guild Chat seems to help. At least that’s how I got my turtle-mount from fishing. The problem is that the complaint in chat has to be sincere – you can’t just type “Oh this blasted turtle never bites”, you have to mean it! I don’t know how WoW knows, but WoW seems to know…

    Good luck – and if everything else fails, there’s always this: (which is the one that I buy whenever there’s a celebration to be had)

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