Better late than never

She did it! Thought I’d do it on Sunday – finally did it Tuesday – but it’s done. Seashell is 85!

And here she is when it happened:

First ever 85!! At long last. Feel slightly guilty it wasn’t Terema (just a smidgen off 85) or Bravetank, (in her 60s) but really just pleased to have done it. She’s also got to 525 in Fishing, Cooking & Skinning but Tailoring is stuck at 491 and slowly bankrupting me!!

Anyway happy moment:)


18 thoughts on “Better late than never

    1. Thank you! I’m too instant gratification for that (or lazy…!!) – I like to get the 100 pieces of cloth in 5 seconds by pressing Buy! Even find myself cursing people who sell individual bits of cloth – they make me press buy too many times!!

  1. Yayyyy!

    Fishing: I hope you’re fishing at Darkmoon Island every faire! The floating wreckage pools give you crates that can contain Cata potions/ cloth/ ore/ herbs/ etc.

    Cloth: Embersilk IS expensive. Depending on prices in your server, you could also try farming frostweave from LK humanoids (frostweave cloth and embersilk are about the same price on my server, and LK mobs die in a couple hits at 85 versus the more robust Cata mobs), then selling the frostweave for gold to buy embersilk. 🙂

    Don’t forget to do the Thrall quest (starts at SW portals island) to get a free 365 cloak and also unlock the Firelands dailies–first NPC is unlocked after a short chain quest and you can buy a couple epics from him, too, for about 60g each.

    1. Thank you!! The only fishing I’ve done on Darkmoon Island is the one for the quest. Didn’t know the about the floating wreckage pools but will definitely fish there next time. That’s a good idea about the frostweave – I’ll check the price later. Going to start the Thrall quest tonight I hope. Last night got invited to a raid so did that instead – Black Temple level 70 raid mind – but still my first ever raid group 🙂

  2. Yay! Grats! I know, tailoring is a nightmare now that you move so fast through expansions you don’t get time to gather cloth before you’re leaving the zone. Frostweave cloth nearly drove my Forsaken to a second early grave!

    1. Thank you! Yes I’m spending crazy money on it. I found myself thinking 800 gold for 20 bolts of embersilk was good value the other day but luckily caught myself before I pressed buy!

  3. Congratulations! CHEER! Rockets and fireworks and chocolate cake!

    I recently dinged on a disco-priestess (2nd tailor, 3rd alchemist), and I can relate to your need for cloth! I’m too stingy to use the AH a lot – I need my spare gold for pets – so I pace myself, only craft what’s useful or sellable and gives skill points. Fortunately I can already make my own back and leg “enchants”, so I’m low on motivation and can afford to wait for the Darkmoon Faire to carry me. Those 5 points are awesome towards the end of your crafting skill!

    1. Thank you!! So funny though you mentioned chocolate cake – don’t know if you’ve read my most recent post today but that’s a sore point!!! Glad you reminded me about the 5 points at Darkmoon Faire – currently 505 so they will help. I’m trying to budget my AH activities!

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