Easy Peasy

Why are people so mean? And so critical. Yes it’s one of those blog posts again so yes I’ve had a bad dungeon experience – this time as DPS – and this time for being top of the DPS meter. The problem is I’m arcane and that is too easy according to one particular group (just the healer & a rogue DPS to be honest- the others were quiet). The rogue said I could just bind arcane blast to my keyboard, hit it with my head and still come out on top.

This annoys me for two reasons. Firstly it was totally unprovoked. I was not talking about being top of the dps meter – I was just quietly getting on with the dungeon. Secondly – while I agree that arcane is the easiest I’ve ever played  I do not let that make me complacent. I researched how to do the two stage mana burn/mana conservation thingimijig (technical term). I make sure I use the mana gems & evocation at the right time (when I have no mana – ok ok it’s not rocket science I admit). I keep presence of mind & arcane power up (yes I have an add on to help me- but there’s no shame in that is there?). I use flame orb at the start & mirror image on bosses or tricky fights (particularly if the tank has just died – my mirror image girls have saved a few groups that way ). Basically MaxDPS says what to do & I do it. And that is why I often top the dps meter. But not always. Sometimes better geared/higher level players out dps me. Sometimes if there’s a lot of groups of trash I use blizzard which I don’t think is as effective in terms of my dps but I like the feeling of hitting so many mobs once and seeing all the numbers flash up. I use polymorph when needed & decurse people always. I know that my worth in a group is not just dps output- I need to not stand in crap, use all my abilities, be a team player. And still I was criticised. Just by one group out of something like a 100 I know but in my mind it’s only the criticisms that count. And I’d given that healer 20 mana strudels too. Wish I’d pushed them in her face now (oooh I’m cross).

All people do is criticise.  When I was a Ret Paladin I  was criticised for being too low on the dps (it was Throne of Tides and I didn’t realise Ozumat was above us so at that part of the dungeon I didn’t know what to hit- this did not help my dps at all – but of course no one explained). When I was elemental shaman I was told quite aggressively  what rotation to use and when I was a tank I was told, “I’ve never seen a tank as slow as that” (one of my earliest blog posts in fact – can’t reread for fear of reawakening the pain). Yet in each of these dungeons I know I also did things right. In fact most of the things I did were right I’m sure – as was most of what everyone else did. It’s not that hard. We’re not doing brain surgery here.  But no one ever comments on what’s right. We don’t even get as far as a praise sandwich to at least temper the criticism. It is just pure unrelenting negativity … or nothing at all.

In response to the criticism I just said, “Yes it’s great :D”. I know, I know –  as witty comebacks go it wasn’t particularly devastating but I didn’t want to be drawn into an argument because unlike them I find it hard to type & play at the same time (even though I am playing the easiest role of all and apparently could just be head butting my keyboard). And if I’m honest in some ways I find arcane no easier than tanking – as Bravetank there is a certain basic  rotation which you need to know & then there’s the situational awareness for when things you weren’t prepared for happen. You need both to be a good player in WoW and I find that I am developing both in all the roles  I play.

Anyway enough griping. There is some positive news. Having done 5 of the Cataclysm dungeons I can say I wouldn’t particularly fear tanking them now. Levelling Seashell through them has been good for that. It’s got me familiar with the bosses and so taken away some of the trepidation I was feeling. So I will be going back to some tanking shortly.

But not quite yet because today looks to be the day Seashell will hit 85!! She will be my first ever 85 character. She’s also 525 in cooking & skinning & might well end up being 525 in fishing & tailoring later today too (I have my Sunday planned out). Only archaeology has let me down. She is the most fully rounded character I’ve ever developed in WoW and I’m very proud of her (but still feel a bit silly for saying that). And so what if  arcane is easy – she does a good job of it & enjoys it – isn’t that what this game is for?


22 thoughts on “Easy Peasy

    1. Thank you! I don’t know – I feel really disillusioned right now. Maybe grouping just isn’t worth it. I didn’t help myself yesterday – I made a few silly mistakes myself & felt totally rubbish afterwards.

  1. Honestly? They are just jealous. This is why for the longest time I only did HC’s with my guild. The game is full of bitter little kids who can only make themselves feel good by making others feel bad. And there is more to being good at your character than DPS, like do you move from the bad, do you press the shiny button at the right time, that kind of thing. It doesn’t matter if you can thrown out a billion DPS if after one rotation you are eating floor. When healing LFR I’d rather have someone with slightly lower DPS and avoids the big Ultraxion attack instead of a raid full of people who don’t bother and make my life so much harder.

    So don’t listen to them, they aren’t worth it.

    1. I totally agree, but yesterday – after writing & posting my blog post – in two groups I was that annoying person who made two very stupid mistakes. I was so angry with myself. The unfair criticism is so annoying but then for me to go in two groups and act so clueless – grrrr. I think I was too excited about trying to get to 85!!

  2. It ain’t like playin’ a rogue is rocket science. Ya beat him ’cause ya played better, straight up. I expects what he has a excuse prepared fer every class what tops him on the meters, ta be brought out on each occasion. So pfffft on him, an’ you keep doin’ yer thing.

    1. As Ratshag says, that rogue should talk. His class is like the melee version of the arcane mage. I’m sure he has an excuse for every occasion–“that warlock only beat me because he can dot all the mobs”; “that DK only beat me because he can AMS the damage instead of running out”; “that warrior only beat me because he got to brostorm the adds”; etc.

      And yeah, TBH, I’ve stopped pugging randoms (LFR and LFG) altogether. The experience in LFR particularly leaves me feeling like I’ve just waded through slime. Can you say nonstop poo-flinging? Whereas in LFG, it’s usually stony silence, broken only by businesslike absolutely-necessary instructions, or a sudden violent verbal attack on someone who wasn’t expecting it.

      1. Yes there’s a part of me that is thinking just do quests, avoid all groups from now on, just enjoy your own game – but I don’t think I’m getting the full WoW experience that way. LFR sounds horrendous though!

      2. LFR is all about attitude – I use it for the pure comedy factor. People raging over meters, loot, trolling, whatever. Go in with no high expectations and being prepared to be entertained by the actions of the ragers and you’ll enjoy the experience. Marvel at the amount of people who’ll click any ole portal at the top of Wyrmrest (and end up in Theramore or Ironforge).

        Play the LFR guessing games! How many people will die to Hagara’s ice wall? How many times will somebody yell “STOP DPS!!!!” on Spine of Deathwing? How many wipes on Madness before ALL the dps remember they need to single target the little tentacles? How many healers will be AFK during all trash pulls/boss fights? How many people will press their button after Hour of Twilight has finished being cast instead of during the cast?

        LFR is not scarey, if you are passably competent (ie. can do damage more than the tank) you won’t stand out or get raged at. Just do your rotation and enjoy the show and have no great expectation of getting any loot (that way you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you do get some). 🙂

  3. Anonymity+internet = jerks (to be polite). Its trite and unsatisfying but dont let them get to you. Of course what I do when I get groups like that is vent in a blog post. It makes me feel better. Weirdest thing is I havent had to do that for a while. ether Im running less or their a tiny bit more mature…or im just lucky :/

  4. As above, anonymity+internet+10m players +%youth or jerks = abuse. Plain and simple. Like you I feel the critics more than I should but really when you think about it they’re still losers trying to make a life.

    I assume by now I can say congrats on Seashell’s ding.

    1. I still have 10 blocks to go!!! I know – slow going. Yesterday was not a good WoW day. After posting my blog post I went in two groups & for some reason was absolutely useless and made some really stupid mistakes. Was really annoyed at myself. It’s all very well for me to post about unfair criticism but then to go in and mess up – well that doesn’t help does it!

      1. If you don’t mind the delay, just do the normal versions a few times and you will be fine. It’s what I did on my mage. DPS is easy though…I still haven’t healed a regular heroic on my Paladin; I just keep doing the HoT ones and LFR (and I won’t step foot in a zul on either character…pug-failed ZG once and that was enough for two lifetimes).

  5. The thing about doing random heroics is that people only seem to focus on the DPS number. Not if you stayed out of bad or did the fight mechanics correctly. They only care what that number is. If you are below 10k dps, prepare to be flamed. My sister got shit for doing 15k dps on her rogue. In a Heroic. People are idiot.

    Too bad you guys arent on North American servers. I would run some random heroics with you guys.

    1. Yes that’s a shame- that would be good. Right now my DPS tends to be around the 8K mark so I’ve got to get that higher before going near any Heroics. I’m hoping doing the Thrall quest one & Firelands dailies will get me up to that.

  6. Another thing you’ll get is overall damage thrown at you rather than boss specific. Nevermind that fire mage (in my case) trash dps usually sucks unless you get lucky with procs.

    1. Funny enough that’s already annoyed me. The other day the tank said after the first trash pull, “Oh my God look how low the dps is!” And the healer said, “Tell me about it.” I thought firstly overdramatic or what (I mean what’s the “oh my God about”?- I save that for seeing something really dramatic like a clown doing open heart surgery or something). And secondly you can’t tell what the dps is going to be like that early on- we hadn’t even done one boss. In the end the dps was absolutely fine – although that didn’t stop the tank yelling at us to “Wake up” as well – she was a right little charmer!

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