Hacked Off

Well what a week of WoW highs and lows. Firstly the highs (don’t want to depress you in the first paragraph). Seashell hit 80 yesterday!!! I’m over the moon. She is now my second highest character and will, I hope, hit 85 before Terema – my oldest  character who is still 84 and  somewhere in Uldum (last seen flirting shamelessly with Harrison Jones).

To get to 80 I had to endure the weirdest dungeon I’ve so far encountered- The Oculus. I went in there blind (is there a clever “eye” pun there?).  I had no idea that drake bit was going to happen. When I was told  I had to pick a colour I assumed you had to go for your favourite colour so I walked around a bit, weighing up the options, wondering which went best with my dress – that sort of thing. Think I ended up on what turned out to be the healer drake. By then as you’d expect everyone had gone. To be honest no one in this group knew how to do the dungeon so I think everyone flew off in different areas and started one on one battles with enemy drakes. That never ends well. I flew right to the top, got totally confused, flew back down again, got attacked, died. Rinse and repeat. Several times. In the end I quit swearing to the heavens I’d never go in there again.

Until the next day- after crazily opting for randoms since I wanted my 12JPs (12!! No Blizzard it’s too much – you are overwhelming me with your generosity) I was in there again. This time – dignity out the window – I decided to throw myself at the mercy of the group and pretty much begged for help the moment I arrived.

“It’s easy,” said one of them, but put a little 😛 after it to show they meant well. Luckily the tank had also never done it so the two other dps & healer gently took us through it, explaining everything patiently (“Now those ahead of us are enemies….repeat after me EN…EM…EEEES, we don’t like them so hit a button…no not that one …you’re now fishing) , including the fight at the end where my AMBER drake  (yes I found out as dps I needed an amber one regardless of what colour dress I was in) came into his own. And we did  it – I achieved Northrend dungeoneer (I hadn’t realised it was the only dungeon I had left  for that) & soon after level 80!!! What a great night.

And so so different from two nights earlier when I was hacked 😦 I couldn’t believe it. One minute I was in a dungeon merrily  spamming arcane blast , the next I had been throw off WoW. I tried to get back in but it wouldn’t accept my password. Then my husband – like the host in a Miss World contest …started announcing each of my characters in turn as they  logged in and out and showed up in his chat window – we are Real ID buddies (least I can do for my husband).  We felt so helpless (like an ardent feminist watching Miss World to keep the metaphor rolling)- knowing it was happening, watching it happen, but unable to do anything about it (apart from chucking a bra in the gas fire). I went on the Blizzard site and reported it while my husband sent a well meaning but ultimately ineffectual message to the hacker saying, “We know you have hacked this account.” Half hour or so later my password was changed & I was back in finding out what damage had been done. All my characters on that server (bar one who had less that 100 gold to her name so was clearly not worth the time of day…not good enough to be robbed …odd thing to be hurt about isn’t it?) were in  Stormwind bank. Nothing had been taken from their bank accounts though just their gold. So if I’m reconstructing events correctly (watched an old Columbo last week  so I know exactly how it’s done) someone would have been waiting in the bank for my hacked characters to hand over their gold. A slick  operation. Blizzard were fantastic though. I had all my gold back – and quickly too. I then promptly went and got myself an authenticator (yes yes I know – should have had one already) and now hopefully (touching every piece of wood I can) everything’s ok.

But I do have a little issue. I currently can’t get into Wrath heroics because my ilevel is 7 too low  & I can’t get into Cataclysm dungeons because it’s about 40 too low. This means I have to start questing in bloody Mt Hyjal- something I didn’t enjoy first time round as Terema who at least was a tough pally. I’m already finding it  difficult as a clothie fighting things that burst my ice quicker that I can cast it & blink faster than me.

But happy days anyway- I have my gold back & I’m 80 and I never have to do The Oculus again- oh wait- there’s an heroic version isn’t there…?


19 thoughts on “Hacked Off

  1. No authenticator?! Make sure hubby gets one as well – you get a pet too!
    Glad to see that you got all your gold back too, I can only imagine what you were going through with being hacked! 😦

    1. Yes we are both now proud wonders of two cute little Core Hounds 🙂 It was horrible when it was happening though – watching it on my husband’s computer and not being able to do anything!

  2. I hate The Occulus with a passion. I don’t know what it is about it, I just hate it. Maybe because in Wrath whenever I wanted to do a random heroic it always dumped me in there.

    Sorry to hear about the hacking. I was hacked last year, and had the same thing, no gear gone, just all my gold, and only on one server. It was most annoying, as about 2 weeks earlier I’d had to remove my authenticator as it had broken, and they were out of stock so couldn’t get a new one. It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it.

    1. Yes really horrible. I should have had an authenticator though- I mean it’s not as if I’ve not heard them talking about them on The Instance often enough. And glad I’m not the only one to hate The Oculus! It was horrendous. I was in another group that fell apart in there earlier. Perhaps only 1% or so ever succeed in there and the majority end up with everyone as lost and panicky as I was!

  3. Oh yes, the good old Occulus… Did you know that if you get dumped in there on your random heroic you get a little baggie that may contain a mount?
    Blizz put that in the game during Wrath because people used to hate that dungeon so much that everyone would leave as soon as they were dumped in there.
    Glad that Blizzard could resolve the hack so quickly – that is so awful, being hacked, I mean.

    As far as your iLevel is concerned – maybe you can get some cheap Cataclysm greens off the AH, or someone can craft them for you? It’ll help with the item level and it makes a TREMENDOUS difference when you’re questing.

    1. Now I did not know about the mount perk – that just might have made it worthwhile. I’m 82 now though and the random Wrath heroic options have disappeared from the dungeon finder so guess that’s lost to me now. 😦

      I did what you said about the ilevel issue and went & spent a fortune (most of my newly restored gold) in the auction house. Actually you said get some cheap greens but all I heard was “Go on a shopping spree you deserve it.” So I got my level high enough to go in the first two dungeons, and it’s now high enough to go in the next two, and I’m sitting here thinking it’s ok that I spent all Saturday doing this isn’t it….?!!

  4. I’m happy to hear that you have your stuff back. I dread the day that my authenticator will die on me and I will have to get a replacement quickly.

    Occulus was one of those dungeons that just take forever and where almost always one or two of your party members get lost from the rest of the group >.<

  5. As the other people above me – I too have an authenticator. Now! I had the same incentive you did – gear and money gone. It leaves you with a nasty feeling doesn’t it. Bliz was pretty good and I got most of my gold back. Glad you survived it almost unscathed.

    On a separate note I tanked my first instance yesterday. Not bravely. I was sweating copiously, fingers trembling over the keyboard etc. etc. Not sure if I’ve got the guts to try again 🙂 and that was only Deadmines a straight line shoot. Must say I did like the instant queue though.

    1. That’s excellent!!! Well done. I’m really pleased. The hardest thing is doing it the first time. What was the group like? Did they try pulling or did you keep them well under control? Really well done for doing it – it is scary but we need far more people in the game brave enough to do it, and nicer people around to stop it being so scary of course!

  6. I once got hacked…..then I decided I had better get the authenticator.

    They took over 300 thousand in gold…..now I have around 2.5 million. Having an authenticator for me is a no brainer.

    1. Hello, sir. My name is Inspector Danslate. I’m with GOD. That is, the Gold Owner Division of the SI:7. It has recently come to our attention that you have been aquiring not insubstantial amounts of gold. Now, we will have to verify that this gold has come into your possession legally. Your cooperation would be very much appreciated on this, of course. So, if you could please just tell us your account name and password and help us out with the authentification codes, we will be out of your hair quicker than you can say “I can’t believe I got con’d! They looked totally legit!” Thank you.

      1. All sounds perfectly official and correct to me – but I once nearly gave a restaurant magician my credit card so I’ve not got the best track record!

    2. I’m now too embarrassed to say how much gold they took from me – it was a small fraction of what you had taken!! But I worked hard for it! – clicking a lot of tailoring and skinning buttons! How on earth do you make 2.5 million? Can’t ever imagine having that much!

      1. The auction house is what I spend a decent amount of my wow time doing. I mostly sell gems and enchants as well as flipping rare recipes and such. It takes quite a while to get there, but I make around 10-20k gold a day.

  7. You can get an authenticator ap for an iphone which is the same as the dongle for free.

    You will find gold very easy to come by when you spend any time as a max level character 🙂 When I started Wrath I had to spend an age grinding to get fast flying and now without any real effort I have 100k in the bank and like to have each of my many alts with 1k pocket money.

    1. The IPhone one is brilliant – really convenient. So far I only have 1.5K on Seashell- did get up to 4K the other day but then blew it all on tailoring mats to make three dresses I now can’t sell. I do not have the money spinning touch!

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