A Tale of Two Dungeons: Part 1

As you know I’m a super cool and rock hard level 85 now and doing Heroics (struts stuff around keyboard). Ok …that was totally for show – I might be doing them but as you’d expect I’m working myself up into a nervous frenzy before, throughout and after. I thought as range DPS I could […]

Rokk’s Little Game

I hate Rokk. I hate him with a passion. I’m also starting to hate Katherine Lee but I’ve got lower expectations of her anyway (she’s obviously got a ridiculous amount of northern spices she needs to get rid of). Any of you who chase Profession achievements and Titles will know why I feel this way. […]

Better late than never

She did it! Thought I’d do it on Sunday – finally did it Tuesday – but it’s done. Seashell is 85! And here she is when it happened: First ever 85!! At long last. Feel slightly guilty it wasn’t Terema (just a smidgen off 85) or Bravetank, (in her 60s) but really just pleased to […]

Easy Peasy

Why are people so mean? And so critical. Yes it’s one of those blog posts again so yes I’ve had a bad dungeon experience – this time as DPS – and this time for being top of the DPS meter. The problem is I’m arcane and that is too easy according to one particular group […]

Hacked Off

Well what a week of WoW highs and lows. Firstly the highs (don’t want to depress you in the first paragraph). Seashell hit 80 yesterday!!! I’m over the moon. She is now my second highest character and will, I hope, hit 85 before Terema – my oldest ¬†character who is still 84 and ¬†somewhere in […]

Holding Out For a Hero

For years I’ve read about WoW heroics with both a sense of fear and awe. I’ve read how high the standards and requirements are, how professional the conduct, how unforgiving the judgement. You do a fraction less than the dps expected and you are unceremoniously booted. I never thought I’d be good enough to go […]