All the sixes clickety click

Oooh I’ve been tagged a couple of times in the 666 meme. Only problem is I lost most of my WoW images when I has to reinstall recently. Not that I had that many actually – always forget to snap the good things because I’m usually too busy doing my shoulder dance of celebration.

But I do have 7 images in my image folder- all very recent & so topical to this blog I guess. The 6th one is this:-

It was only taken last Thurs when I had just had the swift lovebird and then gone on to hit 60 and make and ride my flying carpet! A good evening. As you can see I’m telling Jacky in guild chat all about it & she is being very lovely and congratulating me! I was very happy 🙂

There are three other photos I want to upload though – non WoW related – but the 1st is the 6th photo in the most important of my folders – my Dog folder and the second two just because I can’t resist!

So photo 6

That’s Eddie on the left and Rosie the brown dog on the right – two of the most important things in my life. Rosie sadly passed away a few months ago. I think about her and miss her every day. She was 17 years old when she died and the cutest, friendliest and noisiest dog ever (she was once nearly thrown out of a dog show because of all her barking!).

Here she is in close up.

The most beautiful eyes ever. I love and miss her so much.

And here’s trouble – Eddie – our shadow and devoted companion. He has Peter & I wrapped well and truly around his paw.

I think you’ll agree he’s the strangest plant ever.

So forgive me for indulging in the dog photos – couldn’t resist when I saw how sparse my WoW image folder was.

And here are my 6 tagged bloggers – this could run & run!

Tome of the Ancient

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Jinxed Thoughts

I can do alts, me


6 thoughts on “All the sixes clickety click

  1. I seem to have missed this thing completely! I’m sorry! But since I can always blame it on my laptop (only computer I had) blowing up and me consequently being without a computer for three weeks. I still don’t know how I survived that.
    And now that I have a new computer (I didn’t know there was a fluid version of WoW, with two-digit FPS and graphics and all!), all my screenshots are gone.

    If you don’t mind terribly, I’m going to re-visit this satanical (heh) topic-posty-thingy at a later point. I hate to leave it hanging there like this. Alas, I have no other choice.
    I’m sure I will be making many screenshots in the near future.

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