All Grown Up

Aaargh total pressure. This might be a blog post actually read by Blog Azeroth people. I was selected Blog of the Week on Sunday and it’s only now occurred to me (Tuesday) that I actually need to post something (I’m a bit slow on the uptake).

It’s a good time to post though because this week I feel I’ve finally reached a milestone. I’m a real WoW player. I’m doing dailies. Properly. You know – making sure I do them regularly (one might even say daily).

When I first started reading online about WoW and listening to podcasts everyone would talk about doing dailies. It sounded really important. I wondered what it would be like to have dailies to do. How did you get them? Was there a quest line that led to them? They had a total mystique about them. I imagined telling my mother importantly on the phone, “Can’t talk sorry I’m doing dailies,!” and her being suitably impressed by her daughter.

It’s similar to when I was younger – I heard someone say they “owed” their sister 50p. I was awestruck. What did owing mean? I couldn’t conceptualise it at all.All I knew was I equated growing up with being able to owe something. Sadly how right I was.

Of course it’s not that I’ve only recently done my first daily. I have done some previously – in an ad hoc fashion. I never stuck it out for long – a bit of Knights of the Ebon Blade stuff for Terema until I tired of Icecrown (day 2), the Winterspring Frostsaber for Luxmi (I am proud of that one I have to admit!) and..well … that was it. But now it’s a very different story.

With Seashell my level 48 mage I have become quite obsessed with dailies. Every day she does her fishing & cooking ones- both because I want to level them & because I want to get the achievements you get when you do all the fishing dailies in one area, all the cooking ones in one area etc. And I’m actually sticking with it and even enjoying it. I like getting my little green bag after the fishing one & the chef award after the cooking. It is strangely satisfying. And on top of that right now she is also doing the Darkmoon Faire ones (even the annoying games – I’ve become quite the tonk expert) and then the Love is in the Air ones – running around delivering bracelets to the Alliance lords and masters like a deranged suitor.

On top of the dailies thing I’m also finding myself very Achievements focused with her. I’m actually looking at the 100 Mounts achievement and thinking yes I could do that (I’m totally deluding myself of course but that’s beside the point – I have aspirations). The What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been is turning into one of my top priorities in life. What’s happening to me? Seashell’s WoW journey seems so different from any of my other characters. She is doing professions, fishing & cooking, getting reps up, trying to collect mounts and companions and now trying to get some mega achievement. Levelling is turning out to be rather incidental to her journey. It happens while I’m doing other things like finding an area offering me skill up for skinning, exploring new areas in which to fish, running dungeons in tabards to build rep. It’s a much more holistic journey and feels a more well rounded experience. She’s even got her own style courtesy of transmogging.

And the whole thing has reminded me just how great a game this is – it can offer so much variety, so many ways in which to play your character and spend your time online. I know other people feel differently but I personally really do still love playing this game and I’m still finding fresh ways to enjoy it. They say to try to find things in life that get you in the zone – a state of total absorption. It is said to be a good state to be in because it usually means your mind has stopped wandering off to the past or future and is instead in the present. My mind needs that – very much so – and WoW offers it to me. That’s a good thing.


16 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am doing the same thing with my hunter who I’m currently leveling. He does all the dailies he can every day and lately it’s so much with the cooking, fishing, Darkmoon and holiday dailies now too. I hate doing dailies on my main but for some reason I love doing them on my hunter, it’s weird. It’s like I have high hopes for him so I take care of him more than my main. it does feel nice though completing so much on a daily basis! πŸ™‚

    1. I agree with the high hopes meaning you take care of them more than your main. I definitely feel that way about her. I really feel it’s going to be worth the investment!

  2. I try to do dailies as much as possible on as many toons as possible but I get easily distracted in the game πŸ˜› I try to at least do my JC daily :D! The 100 mounts goal isn’t that hard really, I’m 94/100 on my main (druid) and would hit 100 if I finished rep grinding πŸ˜›

  3. Mountain of Mounts isn’t too hard. You can probably get 80 mounts or so without too much effort. After that it needs a bit more work, but as long as you are willing to spend some money, and pvp for honor mounts, then the 100 is definitely within your grasp. The 150 pets achievement is a lot harder!

  4. Dailies for the win! Mildly distracted at the mo by the need to build my new fileserver out of matchsticks. But I used to joust with the Hordies every day, try vainly to convince that stupid Dwarf to stay out of that [EXPLETIVE DELETED] cage, wreak havoc among the Dark Cultists, bring flowers to some Orc girl, thaw out some ice maiden, and the like. (No, I’m NOT going to talk about the froggensnoggen. It never happened, and my lips are sealed). So now I can summon Icebrand the Squire whenever I need him. I’ve also done the Firelands ones on two characters now, and they both have their flaming birdies. Also, once every 30 minutes or so, I can now put down a toadstool, and SIT ON IT! How cool is that?

    But I think I’m dailied out a bit. I think once my new server is serving what I want it to serve, I’ll concentrate on mining ridiculous amounts of ore, because recent expenditures have left me somewhat strapped for cash. Also, Aciciel wants to craft some new leathers so I see dead Dragonkin in her future.

  5. Some dailies are addicting… some will come with a shinny that will drive you nuts (yes I am looking at you freaking Oracles that never gave me a drake!)

    Great post πŸ™‚ it made me chuckle πŸ™‚

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