Regrets I have a few Part 2

Listening to an iTunes preview of Glee the Music Volume 7 as I type this and the beat is not half making my typing quicker (and my shoulders are shimmying fairly rhythmically- it’s quite a sight). Hmm that’s a confession I might come to regret.

Anyway where were we – oh yes my loot confession. Oh dear. Here goes.

Ok I was in a dungeon. That’s normally where loot goes wrong I know. Yet to have a problem when out questing on my own apart from that one time when I tried to loot an orc who was only playing dead. He accused me of coming onto him (I like the red eyes but the green colour makes them look too festive for my tastes – it would be like making out with a Christmas tree).

Anyway ok so I’m in a dungeon. It’s Sunken Temple so relatively straightforward. And again I was tanking. The group was already annoying. As soon as we entered a dps warrior and his bestest friend – a shadow priest I think – announced, “We’ll clear the right hand side, you three do the left” (the three in question were me, healer husband & a dps whose class escapes me). Now that is not how groups are meant to work is it? Never before come across the 3+2 strategy. But heyho. I’ve gone past the point of arguing with people like this in dungeons. Just not worth it. I did think about leaving but felt confident that me, husband & the dps could cope & I wanted the exp so off we went. And it was indeed fine.

But then a blue two handed sword dropped. We all rolled greed and I won. Fine. Husband was disappointed because when he’s not healing his toon is Ret and it would have been an upgrade for him. Obviously you can trade with another person from the group within 2 hours so we were agreeing to do this later when the warrior dps said in party chat, “Can I have the sword.” Now I immediately thought, “Yes, he takes priority because his dungeon role is warrior dps whereas my husband wanted it for his other spec.” I knew the warrior hadn’t actually rolled need of course but we all make mistakes I thought. So I apologised to husband (am I a bad wife?) and told the warrior yes I’d trade it with him. Seemed the fairest thing to do.

But as we continued my husband said, “You know that’s BoE don’t you. He just wants to sell it.” And he was right – it was BoE. Suddenly it just felt as if the warrior was trying to put one over on me.  You know I have issues with loot rolls anyway- what’s right, what’s wrong, what I should/shouldn’t do. It’s a minefield. And now it seemed as if I was being stupid and the warrior was just going to sell it for a zillion gold on the AH. By now we’d joined up again with him and the priest and were fighting as a five man group (sanity was restored). I took the opportunity to inspect him. He wasn’t using a two hander. In the confusion of it all this seemed to confirm to me that he wasn’t asking for the sword to use but to sell. “What am I going to do?” I asked my husband, feeling panicky (but still tanking like a pro of course!!!). “Don’t give it to him,” he said. “It’s not about me having it, sell it yourself on the AH, but don’t give it to him.” “But I promised,” I said. “I don’t care,” he said, “He’s pulling a fast one.” And on & on we went debating the morality of what he wanted me to do. It was like Sophie’s Choice. Sort of.

Finally the dungeon was over. “Whose got my sword,” said the warrior (rather arrogantly I thought for someone who’d rolled greed fair and square and lost, but then I had promised and…oh it was so complicated.” I took a deep breath and wrote, “It is BoE – I hadn’t noticed, so I’m not trading it.” “What the f…!” he replied. “Give him the sword,” said is loyal lapdog priest, who was one of those people who irritates just by drawing breath. “You don’t use a two hander,” I said. “It’s for my other spec,” he replied. But then before I could answer he left the group – as did his priest (of course).

Well I felt absolutely awful. “I might as well just go out and buy a ninja outfit,” I announced dramatically to my husband. But he kept on insisting I’d done the right thing and that the guy was in the wrong but I felt dreadful. I left the dungeon & sent the sword to my husband in the mail. He thought I was going to sell it but I knew he could use it & I didn’t want to make gold on something I felt bad about acquiring – blood money.

I just wish I had given it to the warrior dps. Even if he was putting one over on me so be it. I would have at least kept my word but instead I feel like I let myself down. I’ll never do it again. If I promise something to someone they’re having it – my word is gold even if it costs me gold. It’s the only way.


18 thoughts on “Regrets I have a few Part 2

  1. if it was a BoE drop you couldn’t have traded it anyway, unless he was on your server , so I wouldn’t worry about it, ( gloves of the fang are like that there was much drama in a group I was in a while ago, mage won them on greed and became upset she couldn’t trade them to a hunter the hunter sorta flipped out ,and no actual ability to trade.) and if he didn’t roll need and it was recent he could have actually just not wanted it to be soulbound when he got it , so that he could sell it.I have recently had a pretty low opinion of many random players of late , it’s the main reason I’m taking a short break from the game.

    1. It’s too bad that the behaviour of players has led to you to want to take a break from the game though isn’t it. The ability to interact with others should be a good thing but so often it’s a cause for so much stress it’s ridiculous.

  2. Since you lost points with me for the Glee thing, I might as well lose points with you in return: your husband was right.

    If the warrior had wanted the sword, they could’ve just rolled Need. And if it was for their other spec, your hubby had the “same right” to it as they did. Plus, they could’ve asked if they were allowed to roll Need on it. It’s not like you don’t have about 2 minutes to decide if you want something or not. That is enough time to type one sentence even if you are in the middle of a fight.

    And on the subject of keeping your promises: maybe you should get in the habit at looking at what you’re about to roll on. 😉 Again, two minutes is more than enough time.

    1. I’ve even bought the Glee album now!! It’s fantastic. I’m going to get them all & become a total Gleek as I think they’re called 🙂 I imagine I’m on nil points now!

      You can’t expect me to look properly at what I roll on AND tank can you?!!! What am I – some sort of WoW prodigy? 🙂

  3. It was a greed roll, and you won it, so that made it yours, not his. He could have Needed but didn’t. Perhaps if he had shown a bit of humility, things would have ended differently:

    “Whose got my sword,” – this made me lose all sympathy with the guy. Honestly, bad manners/bad attitude rile me more than anything.

  4. -‘Where is my sword?”
    – “You are holding it!”

    For some reason (anonymity?), a lot of players tend to be selfish and rude ingame. I remember giving up on my lvl 80 tank (my first toon) when LFG came out. But now I could not bother less about bad-mannered LF buddies. Actually, I find them rather entertaining.

  5. The fact that he didn’t roll “need” pretty much proves he was only going to sell it. BoE items become soulbound if won with a “need” roll.

  6. Dear girl, I sympathize as I have quite a lot of anxiety issues even about things I shouldn’t be anxious about. /hug

    My logical self hastens to point out, though, that if he wanted it for his off-spec, then you and your husband had just as much claim to it as he did, since you have off-specs that can use it, too.

    1. Thank you. It is hard when you find yourself getting anxious about these things. I feel better from everyone’s reaction on here though. From what everyone has said it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was!

  7. I wanted to share a fantastic way of removing LFD group stress while tanking that I ‘discovered’ the other day.

    Spent a whole afternoon running dungeons and generally feeling good and relaxed; no bad-mouthing dps, no gogogo, no ‘pull more’ healers who then let you die.

    Later realized that I had moved my party chat to a new window while in a guild group and forgotten to move it back after. I made the decision that reading it after the event would only spoil my mood and deleted it all. Had such a lovely time I think I may do this every time from now on at least until this alt reaches 80+ dungeons.

      1. And even better you can instead imagine all the fantastically complementary things the rest of the group MUST be saying about your skill/haircut/shiny shiny shield.

  8. Indeed, I also have to agree your husband was right, ~.^ You promised before you realised it was BoE, of course finding that out changes things. If the warrior wanted to use it he would’ve Needed on it, and if he misclicked he probably would’ve said “Sorry, I meant to need.” and like someone said above, I don’t think its possible to trade BoEs so it was all out of your hands anyhoo.

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