I Quest therefore I Tank

The week off from questing seems to have done the trick. Went on this morning and after two failed attempts to escape Terokkar Forest (I thought I could level in SMV or Nagrand but too low level for either) I knuckled down and did most of the early quests  including warp stalker thingies (annoying), olemba seeds (curiously satisfying – perhaps I should be a gardener), worg tails (despair inducing drop rate), Arakkoa feathers (enough to stuff a pillow – lovely gift for Xmas for any Arrakoa hating relatives)  and a lesson in reading quest text when I looked everyhere for Ironjaw without realising he was a wolf  (explanation – I thought he was a basilisk -funny that – given all the bloody basilisks in the area are called Ironspine so logically I thought Ironjaw would be leader of the basilisks – and yes I know I should have read the quest text but how boring is that – I prefer to fly around for a good half hour piteously wailing to my husband that I can’t find him anywhere & rashly asserting the game is glitched).

Anyway Bravetank is finally level 63 – although that was slightly anti climactic since I thought she was 63 already (too lazy to cast my eyes up to the top left hand side of the screen to check her level it seems).

Still going down the questing rather than dungeon route at the moment and justifying this by the fact that the way I quest gives me good tanking experience. How you may wonder? Well I’ll tell you (and for free) – I basically play the part of all 5 group roles – including the bickering, annoying pulling and ninjaring. I start by running around like a lunatic gathering up as many mobs as I can before I’m ready (really like it if I have only half a health and mana bar) – far more than I should in fact – some mobs even give up when they see what I’m doing – refusing to play my little game. Then when I have a crazy number on my tail I spin around and with a cocky little  wink at my imaginary group I AoE everything to death while Word of Glorying myself back to full health whenever needed. It is awesome.!!!! I am tank, dps & healer all in one – like the perfect all in one cleanser, toner  & moisturiser. Not sure I was putting myself through all that group malarkey – my multiskilled paladin is group enough for anyone.

In reality of course I know I’m fooling myself and more to the point I have zero chance of getting any blue pretties this way. But husband’s healer is now lagging far behind me at only level 61 or so (I cannot tear him away from fishing –  can’t imagine Jesus saying this to his mother after trying to call the disciples can you?). So right now my choice is this pretend tanking questing or living up to my name and braving a group without him (but actually aside from being nervewracking this also feels a bit like a betrayal of him too- I broached the subject the other day and he had such a hurt look you’d swear I’d suggested an open marriage). I could of course stop playing Bravetank for awhile to help him catch up but at that rate I’ll be 85 before she is.

So on I’ll press for the minute and hope healer hubby catches up. In the meantime I perhaps should practice some PvP because I humiliated myself the other day when attacked by a shaman. His jumping skills were too much for me – I could not see where he was at any one point (not that I think the ability to jump and move should make you the automatic winner in a PvP battle – but I have to admit he also hit me a great deal too). So today when I ran into another horde player I was a tad fearful. This fear increased a hundredfold when I saw he was also a Pally. Luckily we Pallies have a mutual understanding and respect for each other (ie neither of us wanted a long battle of holy light & flash of light) and so we made dignified exits (ie ran away from each other quickly without once looking back).

Haven’t done any Winterveil festival quests yet. Partly because my husband keeps on telling me it’s dreadful because he keeps getting the same robot toy all the time and  apparently once you’ve had one there’s no point in having anymore and Blizzard know this so are are clearly sociopaths and why are they doing this to him, it’s personal, he’s going to write to his MP and blah de blah de blah. Personally I think he should perhaps concentrate more on levelling his healer than Winterfeil or otherwise an open tanking/healer relationship this is going to be. 😉


8 thoughts on “I Quest therefore I Tank

  1. When I’m leveling with someone and find I’m getting ahead of them, I go lock my XP at the Experience Eliminators in SW/Org and continue playing. I’ll run dungeons with the city tabards on to grind rep, quest to get experience and gear, or even PvP if my gear is good enough. This lets me keep playing a toon I’m enjoying without making me feel like the other person is holding me back.

    Not to carry this metaphor too far, but I honestly think it’s a good idea to get experience with other healers while tanking. Every healer is a little different, and it’s good to get a sense of how different classes and styles work.

    1. I think I’m going to just use his catch up time as a chance to play some of my neglected alts. But you are right about getting experience with other healers – I really need to do that. I just like the comfort of having my husband in there with me when I tank. I’d be fine if he was dps though – just want another friendly face in the group!

      1. You mean someone you can both complain about and complain to. =)

        If we, at some point in the distant future, are online at the same time (I think it happened all of two times so far), I can get you that shaman experience. Wait, not like that!

    1. Definitely getting there. I like levelling with a partner if there are no professions involved. Husband & I once tried it when we were both skinners – was not a pleasant experience! For two real life vegetarians we didn’t half fight about who was entitled to some light leather!

  2. Just discovered your blog today, and I’m loving your style of writing. And I have to say – I like the stories of your husband playing with you. Mine tanks for me, while I’m trying to level a resto shaman and learn healing. The dirty looks, the ‘I NEED MANA!!” moments, and the muttering to/about each other while playing that you’ve mentioned in your posts sounds very much like my house on WoW nights.

    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes it can be “interesting” playing WoW with a partner – we now have to promise each other to be nice before we go in a dungeon – but that then makes us artificially polite to each other!!! 🙂

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