Bravetank Bugle

Something new today – the first edition of the Bravetank Bugle!!! 🙂

Click to enlarge


14 thoughts on “Bravetank Bugle

  1. I have recuperate! Also, my [first aid] skills are pretty good!
    As a rogue though, I don’t see why I can’t tank. Its all about aggro, right? I have LOADS of aggro!

  2. Unfortunately for the good Doctor I can assure him that the result of a “good smack” is usually a damn strong debuff or, as an alternative, a huge boost to the deeps of the opposition.

    I was pleased that the gnome survived and it was sooo nice to hear that little Billy got what he was owed although I’m sure Bernice’s pies weren’t to blame…. much.

    MPs mage priests or the almost as useful Members of Parliament.

    Nice news.

    1. Yes the gnome survived- not sure she’ll ever walk right again but that’s another story. 😉

      I dislike that Billy too – feel lots of interesting news stories about him on the horizon!

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