Bravetank Does…

Discovered Photoshop and WoW model viewer. Be afraid. Be very afraid! I already have the opening series of shots for my new TV series…

How cool is that? No- just me! Ok – well I love it anyway 🙂

In other more important news … Bravetank reached 60 yesterday!!! Those of you on Twitter will already know how giddy with joy I was yesterday evening. She started the day at 56 & finished purchasing her flying mount (which shows you how non productive in all other ways my day was yesterday). She is 61 as of this very moment thanks to Jacqlyn who kindly accompanied Anadin, myself & another player through Hellfire Ramparts & Blood Furnace this morning – both of which went brilliantly because of Jacqlyn’s great advice – don’t stand on bombs ( I am attracted to bombs like someone who’s just found her soulmate), don’t stand in green stuff (I wallow in it like it’s some sort of aromatherapy treatment), equip a sword and shield Bravetank – that type of thing!! She was really awesome!! Thanks Jacqlyn 🙂  I should also mention Anadin hit 60  (in Blood Furnace) & enjoyed a dungeon run not having to heal me. So he was all smiles for once (apart from when he died 10 times running to the instance and got a tad grouchy).

Anadin & I were also very brave yesterday & went in Lower Blackrock Spire via LFD. I had looked at a couple of You Tube videos beforehand to see if I could find my way round – but no help. Those videos all seem to cut right after every every fight to the start of the next one (so I have no idea how they actually got there) while pumping out crazily upbeat music that makes my runs seem rather sombre affairs (although I had some Christmas songs on in the background this morning which gave me a festive feel at least). I then tried to read some walkthroughs (no one can accuse me of being unprepared) but when they started talking about jumping off ledges, waiting for patrols to pass, hugging the left hand side wall and taking warlocks out – all in the first paragraph – I almost gave up. But a slice of pizza and a bit of lemon cheesecake refreshed my spirits. “Let’s just go in and try it,” I said to Anadin, “It’s the only way we’ll learn.” “That’s the spirit!” he said, sounding almost jovial, as if we weren’t going to end this run as we end all runs – barely speaking & accusing each other of being “sharp”. But you know what they say- hope springs eternal.

So we went in the dungeon & I decided honesty was the best policy – “Can someone lead us around,” I said, “I don’t know the way.” No answer. Hmmm. But one member of the group (a mage) ran left so I followed- assuming they were taking the lead. “That’s the way to Upper Blackrock Spire,” said another dps (a rogue), “This is a Lower Blackrock run.” “That’s why I asked someone to lead,” I muttered through gritted teeth while typing merrily “Ok thanks!” (thank god I don’t have vent). Anyway we all ran back & the run started properly.

It was a good run to be fair. At several points I  found myself thinking – I really like this tanking lark, I’m enjoying myself, I want to do more of these! All crazy heady stuff in the cold light of day. Even healer husband seemed to be enjoying. I was being polite and asking him if he was ready (as he patted down yet more corpses for hidden loot)and even waited by his side while he had his mana breaks. All important stuff that will be covered if we ever renew our marriage vows.  And the group were patient if a little quiet. The only problem was the mage. He was running a completely different dungeon to us. That earlier misunderstanding had just been the start of it. When we went left he went right. When we went up he went down. When we fought the mobs he held tea parties & when we took a break he did all but yell out to the whole dungeon, “Come and ‘ave a go if you think you’re hard enuff” and aggroed everything in sight. We were so out of sync we were in alternate universes –  in our one he was powerfully insane, in his he was insanely powerful. For most of the run he was either dead in some remote part of the dungeon or winning cool gear and not responding to us when we nicely said Grats. Interesting fella.

But we did it & as the dungeon was so complicated and long I really felt like we’d achieved something when it ended. Hellfire Ramparts & Blood Furnace are so much more straightforward in terms of actual layout. Why were vanilla WoW dungeons made so complex? Is this part of the dumbing down of WoW everyone complains about because if so give me more dumbing down – I like it!! In fact I think my favourite dungeon would be a straight line dungeon  – some mobs on left, some mobs on right, big boss at end, purple gear for tank (every time)! Brilliant!

And finally as we started this post with some pictures (clearly feeling very arty today)  so we shall end on one just because I want to mark the occasion forever –  Bravetank is 60. You might have heard! And this was her yesterday after buying her mount.

Yes I know – I took the picture with my bag open. Don’t ask me why. It’s her bag. She was probably looking for her lipstick or something (she’s a lesson to us all in looking our best while we kick butt….hmm says she who can’t even remember whether she brushed her hair this morning…oh husband is shaking head- I didn’t). Anyway here’s to Bravetank and the continuing road to 85 – while at the same time being an art critic, scientist and crime solver! Awesome 🙂


8 thoughts on “Bravetank Does…

  1. Grats!
    LBS and UBS are a nightmare, well done for going through it without having a total breakdown – 2 years later I still wake up in cold sweats with a manically jovial ‘I seem to be a bit lost’ on the tip of my tongue.

    Double Grats!

    and for knowing that looking good in the face of evil is as important as swords and shields… GRATS!

    1. I’ve never seen anything like it. Everywhere we went we doublebacked. I gave up all idea of knowing where I was going & just followed the rogue around & hit stuff!! 🙂

  2. This guide of yours must have been the most patient fellow ever to come out of LFD. Or just a damn good guide. How can you keep getting lost in almost all instances but not in the Blackrock Spire? If any dungeon, this would be the one to get lost in! Well, actually, the Wailing Caverns are worse. They don’t have that name for nothing.

    I have a feeling you will like Trial of the Champion (sadly, a level 80 dungeon). The layout, that is. I’m not sure if you’d be a fan of jousting.

    Congratulations on 61. It seems I will have to dust off my shaman, huh?

    How about an art thief getting murdered? It would involve all three pictures (the museum is the crime scene, the miscroscope is of the M.E. and the crime scene is — well, the crime scene).

    1. Oh yes Wailing Caverns – they are horrendous. Yes I think you need to bring the shaman out. If you & Jacqlyn are on at the same timeas me & Peter think of all the guild points we’ll earn 🙂 That crime does sound like a good idea. I work on something interactive!

  3. Oh great idea Danslate, I hope she’ll take that crime on. Bravetank, I can’t even find an entrance for anything in Blackrock Mountain I spend most of my time falling off the chains into the lava, so well done!

  4. I have just stumbled across your blog and I have to say I love the idea of your guild to help people get into the more ‘high-profile’ roles without fear of the instant wrath that can follow even the slightest misclick in PUG groups.

    I healed and tanked my way through WotLK including the Lich King and have tanked all the Tier 11 raids and up to Ragnaros in Firelands. I am also currently the raid leader and co-GM in my guild. However I queued for a heroic dungeon – and accepted the popup (important that bit) – for the first time ever while queuing on my own as a tank only 2 days ago. I should probably say that I cancelled the invite after it popped several times and drank far too many cups of coffee in the process.

    Probably the same as others it spoils the fun if you spend the entire run with that knot of fear inside in case you make a minor slip up (or get lost, I get lost a lot…). I don’t get that if I have at least one wingman with me (preferably 3 or 4 though).

    Looking on the positive side though, it makes me a very patient PUG DPS and I always stay to the bitter end to help a new tank.

    Although my play time is a bit limited these days if I can summon the nerve I may roll an alt or transfer a character over to join the crusade.

    1. Sounds like you have fantastic healing and tanking experience. No need to summon the nerve- if you can roll an alt please do so – you’d be very very welcome 🙂 So glad to hear you get lost too though!!! You are so right – it isn’t good doing a run with all that anxiety in you. Not good at all. Glad there are people like you who are patient dps though & help new tanks. I always do that too – if I’m ever in a group & the tank says “I’m new to tanking” I become all motherly & protective. I’m sure they love that!

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