Dear Diary

Found my old diary last night. I first started keeping it when I started to play WoW (Burning Crusade). A couple of the entries made for interesting reading.

Day 1

Bought a new game today – World of Warcraft and the expansion Burning Crusade. Good reviews. Not sure if I’ll get into it but prepared to give it ago. Can’t see it being anywhere near as addictive as Realms of Despair but I’m fed up of how long that’s taking to level. 50 levels. Takes forever. I don’t really think graphics add anything to a game – but I feel like trying something new.

Day 2

This game is beautiful. Woke up this morning and ran around in Elwynn Forest in the rain. Just ran around enjoying myself. Until the bears found me. But anyway it was the running I remember. So relaxing. They say it releases endorphins. Spent so long doing it I ran out of time to really go out for my run today but it doesn’t matter. Enjoying the game.

Day 4

Well Terema is doing very well. Well sort of well. Well ok – she’s been killed by every single Harvest Watcher she’s walked by but that’s alright. Petrius – husband’s character- is a warrior. Unlike Terema the Pally he cannot heal himself. This has led to many heated debates about the merits of both characters. We settle them with duels. Which I win. Every single time. He is already spending a fortune in potions and learning the dying art of applying first aid in the heat of battle. Feeling a bit guilty that we both have the game now and two monthly subscriptions. But I think we’ll save money going out and stuff so it’s economical really. Frugal you might say.

Day 6

God it takes ages and ages to kill anything. Should I be using a shield and one handed mace as Ret? Don’t know. Don’t understand my talents. Can barely understand my bags. Can’t wait for my mount at 40 though!!! Apparently there’s a really complicated quest I have to do. But that’s as it should be – you should earn something as good as a mount and not have it too early or too easy. Will need a group. That will be a problem. I love playing an MMMMORPPPGU (or however you spell it)  but I don’t like people. I just like them in the background. For a bit of company if I’m ever really desperate. But that’s all. I ignore everyone who asks me to duel (unless it’s husband having another masochistic moment) and I don’t know how to use the chat channels. And I’ve not done Deadmines yet. Everyone on the chat channels seems to want to do Deadmines.. The armor looks ok but not sure I’d like that dungeon stuff. Walked in once just for a peek and ran back out of there really quickly. Need better gear and there’s the auction house but not gone in there yet because I don’t know what to do.

Day 10

I have no money. I spent it all in the auction house. There were some real bargains there.

Day 11

Oh my god I really trusted Abercrombie! I can’t believe him. I really felt for the old guy. How could he? I feel so ashamed I unleashed Stitches. Can’t show my face in Duskwood – they are really angry with me. Found some werewolf creatures called Worgens (why?). How come Wow doesn’t have playable werewolves and vampires?

Day 12

I hate Stranglethorn Vale. I miss Duskwood so much.  I even miss Abercrombie now. He was misunderstood. Who wants to level in a jungle. And Booty Bay has an odd vibe. Met my first Horde. I was scared.

Day 15

Dear God what is this place Desolace. I’ve never seen anything so hideous. I am never ever coming back here again. Just won my hundredth duel with Petrius. Why would anyone play a warrior?  It’s getting silly now.

Day 20

Mount day!!!! And the quest isn’t needed any more. Petrius lent me 90 gold to buy a horse. Went to Eastvale Logging camp & bought one. It’s great. But I wish there was a special Pally one like there used to be.

Day 20 Part 2

Visited my trainer. Aarghghh. There is a special mount. I’ve wasted 90 gold. And Petrius is charging me interest. This is a total and  utter disaster. Nice mount though. Ran up and down the Cathedral steps a few times showing off.

Day 26

Had to run past some Horde to reach an elevator in Thousand Needles. Terrified. Absolutely terrified. They caught me and I ended up being flagged PvP. Never been flagged PvP before. My heart was in my mouth for the next 5 mins but nothing happened. I stayed behind a rock. Don’t think I could ever play on a PvP server. Still not done any grouping or dungeons. But I think it’s ok. I’m what they call a soloer. Started reading more about WoW online. Alot of people write about it. Obsessed.

Day 30

I hate Shimmering Flats. I miss Duskwood. Why can’t every zone be like Duskwood. Or Menethil Harbour of course. I’d have a holiday home there if I could but I’d spend Halloween in Duskwood. Definitely. I think there’s a connection between me and Mor’laidim that I just can’t forget.

Day 34

Do you know I think I just might make it to 60. Been for a look at the Dark Portal. What would it be like going through there? Can’t imagine. So excited. Also saw my first Draenei. Took a photo.

Day 40

I’m through. And it’s…well..the sky is impressive. But there’s a lot of fighting. And orcs. I miss Stormwind so much. Went to Shattrath and wasn’t able to move for an hour the lag was so bad. Why is Hellfire Peninsula so slopey?

Day 40 part 2

OMG the gear, the gear. It’s incredible. Glad I didn’t waste time in dungeons now.

Day 42

Can’t kill a thing. My experience is going up so slowly I can barely see the line change. This is painful. I hate the Outlands. Have rolled a new character – Luxmi the Draenei Shaman. She is awesome. Can melee, heal and range. Terema has no range. Exorcism only works again undead. So so annoying.  I have to practically give things a hug before they hit me.

Day 47

Patch 2.3. OMG. Terema is killing things so quickly. I love playing her. Poor Luxmi. Oh well. I will go back to her I won’t be one of these people who has alts languishing unfinished forever. But Terema – she is awesome. All the forums are saying Ret Paladins are “OP” and need to be “nerfed” but surely it’s just our time now. Can’t I enjoy it for a bit?

Day 50

Not long for a flying mount. Not long for a flying mount. I’m giddy with excitement. But I’ve nearly finished Outlands. Where will I fly? Northrend I guess – looking forward to the new expansion and  enjoying my mount there. Pity I couldn’t have had it at 60 though to have enjoyed Outlands more. Nagrand is beautiful but I’ve fallen off those rope bridges too many times now for it to be funny.

Day 55

Zombies. Zombies everywhere. This is fantastic. The world is changing before us. I can’t go into the cities anymore. I’m hiding in Zangarmarsh. I guess this is what it would be really like if some sort of virus hit the world. We’d all avoid the real cities and hide out in remote places.

Day 56

They found me! It’s easier to give in and just be a zombie. That’s probably the stance I’d take in real life too. I’m weak.

Day 57

I can’t buy anything, fly anywhere or do anything. When is this going to be over????

Day 60

Bought Wrath. It’s great. If you like Vikings and that sort of thing. Music’s very loud and annoying in Borean Tundra but found myself humming it later. Went back to Outlands to buy my flying mount – can’t wait to use it.

Day 60 Part 2


Day 65

I like these people in Grizzly Hills. Feel like I can really trust them

Day 66

Why won’t they stop chasing me? Why?

Day 70

Is it weird I’ve never been in a dungeon? Soloing is viable – isn’t it? Read some blog posts that say I’m missing out. But you can’t believe everything you read in a blog (particularly blog posts about finding long lost diaries…).

Day 74

I think I’m going to hit 80 in IceCrown . Not very picturesque is it? I’m going to build rep with the Knights of the Ebon Blade – they have cool boots.

Day 76

OMG rep grinding- kill me now. Sod the boots. There’s got to be more to life than this.

Day 80

I’m 80. Whoohoo!  No more bloody levelling. No more experience bar. No more grinding. This is fantastic. Can do anything I want now. The world’s my oyster.

Day 81

Can’t think of anything to do. Been to Storm Peaks but what’s the point in killing things if you don’t need the experience. Bored.Think I’ll level Luxmi.

Day 82

Whoohoo Luxmi if 65. Won’t be long before she gets her flying mount. She’ll be 80 before I know it. I love this game!

Bravetank update: At point of writing Terema is 84 with 4 more blocks to go and Luxmi is 74. I’m great at this game aren’t ! 🙂 Never been back to Desolace though!


24 thoughts on “Dear Diary

    1. That’s really true isn’t it. I spent £9.00 in town today on 4 coffees – that’s a month’s subscription. Mind you maybe that says more about the ridiculous price of coffee!

  1. Brings back so many memories of my first max level. Never doing dungeons, wondering what the heck PvP is and looking for wherever this damn that I have is, and never having gold. Ugh, and mounts at level 40.

    Loved this!

  2. “Had to run past some Horde to reach an elevator in Thousand Needles. Terrified. Absolutely terrified. They caught me and I ended up being flagged PvP. Never been flagged PvP before. My heart was in my mouth for the next 5 mins but nothing happened.”

    I remember this! I, too, had to run past those two Tauren guards right before the elevator and I was so scared that I nearly fell off. I made it to the bottom safely, only to instantly get killed by one of the stealthed panthers who used to hang around there (I was much lower level than I should have been to step foot into Thousand Needles at the time).

    Great post, it was so fun to reminisce.

  3. Good memories. It really was uphill both ways to/from school back then 🙂 . I didn’t have to sprint past the guards at 1K needles as I was horde – love those Tauren – but other things you said resonated. I’ve GOT to get a character past the mid 70’s. In the time it took you to go to 80 I managed to get about 20 characters to 30 🙂 . I get bored fairly quickly with a spec/ playstyle. However – neat memories and it must be exciting to find ‘your past’ like that. All those ideas and beliefs you had seen in hindsight. Neat.

    1. I’ve never been in Thousand Needles as Horde – must be nice for them to actually be friendly to you! I have been to Stonard as Horde & I remember first going in & thinking oh that’s what it’s like behind those guards. I’d so many times run past them, fleeing for my life!I I have way too many characters in their 30s-60s. Only Luxmi & Terema have got to the 70s & 80s so I know what you mean about getting bored. I’m forcing myself right now to focus on them & Bravetank!

  4. Bravetank.. I came across Pixar’s new trailer for their princess movie coming out in June 2012 and thought of you. Because guess what it’s called?



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