Peer Review

I’ve been thinking about peer review and how powerful a tool it can be if correctly and appropriately used (i.e. no anonymous scrawled comment left on the desk stating “I hate you and your mother is a whore” –  that feedback is inappropriate and unless supplemented by important information about how the individual’s whoring mother could improve her cost/income ratio it is frankly unhelpful.

Anyway I have been thinking about how there could be a peer review system in dungeons. A brief little survey (just 60 secs of your time to complete) could pop up at the end of the dungeon allowing you to rate your four fellow dungeoneers in a number of categories. Those dungeon members that score well will automatically go to the top of the queue when they next queue for a dungeon. Those that score poorly will be cast into the burning pits of hell.

So – good idea yes? What then could the peer review consist of? Many organisations’ objectives are now set around Productivity, Attendance and some sort of Behaviour objective. This could cross over very effectively into the dungeon environment in my opinion.

Consider the following sample questions:-


1. How would you rate the tank’s pulling?

(a)I haven’t a mark on me – fantastic!

(b)Don’t like to criticise but the range mobs were using me as target practice – they called me Bullseye.

(c) OMFG. Even the spirit healer advised me not to go back in.

2. How would you rate DPS1/2/3?

(a)Their elegant balancing of damage delivery and threat minimisation was almost poetic in its expression. I was honoured to be in their presence.

(b) They helpfully linked to Recount every 2 minutes so they must have been good.

(c)They shot anything and everything that moved – when the tank was dead and the healer taking a mana break.

3. How would you rate the healer?

(a)They should give out honorary medical degrees for that sort of healing.

(b)I don’t find it particularly helpful to be offered alternative therapies in a dungeon (a massage won’t bring my green bar back up no matter how firm your hands).

(c)They inflicted more damage on me than the mobs – emotionally I mean.


Person A/B/C/D was

1. Appropriately present and correct in both the dungeon and party chat. We LOLd and ROFLD like there was no tomorrow.

2.Adequately present for one with some sort of dehydration (or alcohol?) problem combined with serious bladder control issues and a wife/husband/dog/cat/alternate personality that rules the roost.

3.Lagging so much they must surely have gone back in time before WoW was invented and so ended up caught in a time paradox that only Donny Darko could sort out.


1. My new bestest friend – we’ve exchanged real id, addresses, birthdays, deepest darkest secrets  and soon marriage vows. I lurve them.

2.Well they can jump high and dance well and I learnt a few new words. That’s something right?

3.I can’t answer- I’m on hold with the police.

Would you recommend this person to other groups?

1. Yes without reservation – except I will never allow them to play with anyone else ever again since they are now mine all mine

2. Meh

3.Only under the sort of torture inflicted on Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man and Blizzard have promised they don’t do that anymore.

So there you have it. Surely this is the sort of questionnaire we need. It would sort the wheat from the chaff and let us lovely, saintly, perfect group members get to the top of the dungeon queues and know we are in for a pleasant (albeit with no blogging material) dungeon with equally well scoring people! Peer review- definitely the way forward. Next blog post – agreeing a development plan for underperforming (i.e. crap) group members.


11 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. I’d love to see a workable system of player ratings, but a big difficulty is they can be meta-gamed and abused:

    Queue with 4 guildmates.
    Rate down each random soul you get.
    Alternately, try to extort them:
    “If you roll on that ring, we’ll all rate you as negative as we can, and others won’t play with you.”

    1. Yes I could just imagine it getting abused like that. Could be a way round it though but would probably be overly complicated. I hate the fact we have to think of complex processes because of fundamentally bad behaviour.

  2. Brilliant to bad the really bad players would still cry and you forgot the players that expect to be carried since there main did it once

    1. Ah yes I did. You’re right. That would have been a good category to include. I’m surprised they aren’t petitioning Blizzard to create a special plate so they can have everything handed to them on it!

  3. I’m starting to think there might be something already in place, behind the scenes like this. My oft-forgotten DPS alts get queues in a few minutes, but my main DPS takes 10-15. Is there a log somewhere of % of instances started/finished, votekicks started, etc, mixed in with gear level the LFG tool uses? My alts do perhpas 2-3 instances a week, where my main would do 15ish, depending. By the very nature of doing more runs, I encounter more…colourful…players and am involed in more kicks and failed, aborted runs. Thankfully fewer as the Xpac goes on, but queue times remain high. My alts usually have trouble free runs and have very short queue times.

    *contemplates deeply wearing thoughtful expression*

    1. Oh you’re onto something there. I feel like Woodward and Bernstein now. What have you uncovered?!!! Big Brother in WoW. They know everyting. I bet the algorithim is something ,

      DPS1 – Killed X mobs divided by X seconds after tank pulled multiplied by total number of deaths added to gear score and number of times &&%!! appears in their party chat!!!

      Your score- as a percentage- determines where you are when you next queue!!! Perfect!!

  4. I agree with others that something would have to be put in place to avoid people consistently downranking people. I’ve seen it in other voting systems; people always vote someone at the lowest level, or the highest.

    Obviously you could look at their average rankings and if they always seem to be the same extremely high and extremely low value, you could devalue them. Similarly, people who sign up as a group and value you a single random person there could also automatically be valued less.

    Additionally, if these player surveys were randomized and you wouldn’t get them all the time, it would prevent people from holding the survey over someone’s head.

    1. Definitely like the randomized survey idea – that would take the blackmail aspect out of it! And factoring something to take into account that t’s a group voting is a good idea.

  5. Good idea, similar to what they have on XBOX Live I think.

    However, I feel this wouldn’t be in Blizzard list of things to implement. Maybe it’s giving players too much of a presence? Even though they do say the community should “police itself”. However, it does sound like an interesting piece to expand on.

    – Jamin

    1. I didn’t realise they had something like that on XBox Live. That’s good. Christian Belt wrote something similar yesterday in WoW Insider Arcane Brilliance after trying the Raid Finder on the PTRs. He was advocating some form of player rating system. Interesting article.

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