A Styleesh Hallow’s End

Ooooh Hallow’s End  begins today 18 October (actually because of time zones not sure if that is actually my 18 October 2011 or someone else’s that begins tomorrow, or another from yesterday, next week or last year).

I’ve never done much festival stuff in WoW.  To be honest I’m not that much of a traditionalist in real life either (my usual Sunday lunch is pizza with popcorn) apart from loving Christmas and singing carols as soon as there’s a “ber” at the end of the month. But the spooky, dark, scary atmosphere of Halloween in real life and Hallows’s End in the game does capture me.  So this year I’m going to try to take part.

There are some drawbacks though. I am notoriously not good at this stuff (what are you good at you might ask but I refuse to answer if you’re going to do impressions of my mother). The only thing I can successfully do in the in-game holidays is eat food that gives me a buff. I’m quite proud when I do it and show off a bit but really it’s not that clever.

I have done the village fire bit before and  I think once got something (a little broomstick if I recall). That was great but I found it very hectic with too much choice – there were always bigger flames that beckoned me. Glad I’m not a fireman – don’t think they like that kind of indecisiveness. Also not sure why we aren’t just flooding these targeted areas in the game with frost mages to eradicate these fires (I really should be the Alliance leader – I’d have several efficiency reviews underway before anyone could say Lean or Six Sigma).

Anyway going to go to Azure Watch and do the flame thing with Styleesh, my little Shadow Priest. Apparently it’s more easy to solo there if you have to (so says WoW Insider in whom I am keeping the faith even though they have never ever mentioned my blog no matter how shamelessly I court their attention) so I think that will mean more chance of stuff (is that right?) Of course I’m really doing it for the Orphan Matron. I’d do anything for her and the sterling job she is doing keeping little draenei kids (kids – young goat – get it?- I chuckled for ages) off the streets (poisoned land) around the Exodar (though having said that can’t say I’ve ever seen any young draenei in this area).

Then there is the candy stuff. In real life I’ve developed quite the sweet tooth over the past year. This means that all sweet stuff appeals to me – even false, virtual “cannot taste it no matter how much I gnaw at my monitor” WoW stuff. Sad I know. So I will be picking up the sweets in the inns and chatting the innkeepers up on the hour (love it when my game life echoes real life). I suspect I will get tricked more than treated (again game life echoing real life – where will it end?) but it will be fun I’m sure. Might also brag to my dentist about That Sparking Smile Achievement if I get it (he’ll tolerate anything as long as I pay beforehand and refrain from biting him again).

Now I’ve never done the GNERD thing and only now know what I should be doing – basically eating them and then going in a battleground. Only ever done Warsong Gulch and got called a noob there more times than I care to remember and got killed more times than I could ever remember (repetitive killing blows to the head being detrimental to short term memory). Have read that the GNERDS buff disappears when you die so I’ll have to have all 5 bags chocked full of them to have any chance of this one.

Then there’s Tricks and Treats of Azeroth – going around all the faction and neutral inns for the candy. Thinking of having a drink of all the beer and wine in each inn as well so I can get on the way for that achievement too (there is one isn’t there for drinking Azeroth dry -the Dipso Achievement or something?). I’m teetotal so really should be opposed to doing this but I’m also a vegetarian who has a shameful count of boar killings under my belt – so  hey ho!

The most difficult one I think is having to douse the opposite faction’s wicker man. Never been great at anything remotely sneaky, clever or hard so not sure how successful Styleesh will be at that. Plus I think you need to start in Stormwind and she’s yet to leave the Draenei area so will also have all the big city culture shock thing to deal with.

But I will need to go somewhere lively for the Check Your Head quest – and probably Booty Bay I guess to find the Horde races. I’m on a RPPvP server so extremely nervous about venturing out of alliance zones – won’t know whether to really fight or emote some dramatic death and suspect I won’t be given the choice (have a great death speech all set up on macro though – do love the chance to perform). I suspect though the only role I’ll be playing is that of a ghost having lost her body yet again (think Hamlet’s father – a classic role for all thespians of course).

Then you have to get the Sinister Squashling and Hallowed Helm – presumably at my little one’s level from a treat bag? Might log Terema in to queue for the dungeon but she’s Ret and I have a phobia of dungeon melee dps  (I hope return readers are keeping a count of my phobias – there will be a quiz at the end of the year). But I really would like the opportunity to try to kill the Headless Horseman so maybe I will need to channel a bit of Bravetank’s spirit for Terema.

Oh Bravetank! How could I! Just occurred to me I made all these plans for Styleesh and Terema and haven’t thought about what  Bravetank will do.

Well it’s all about fear isn’t it – Halloween is the dark part of the year, the part where the veil between this life and the next thins and all that. So she will have to go into the darkside too and conquer the ghouls of Stratholme and finally put some demons to rest there given what happened last time. I expect though there will still be plenty of anger, fear, vengeance and remorse (just from healer husband!) – but in a way the perfect ingredients for a hellish Hallow’s End.

Enjoy the fun!


10 thoughts on “A Styleesh Hallow’s End

  1. Fergets Wow Insider. If they mentions ya, you’ll get a big traffic spike fer one day, but they don’t leave comments and they don’t come back.

    WSG is a bad place fer the GNERDING – ya die way too often. the bigger BGs is better, ’cause ya can kinda hang back and sponge up HKs.

    Ya should definitely run the Headless Horseman – is the most fun holiday boss fight, and be quite easy. Run him a lot – the chance fer a Helm of Evil Laughter be worth it, since Temera be a plate dps.

    1. I’ve never done any of the bigger BGs at all- but I’m definitely going to try. And the headless horseman. Husband did it yesterday & got the Horrific Helm right away!

  2. Yeah, I had my best luck with AV with the GNERDS buff. Or grab a cannon/vehicle in places like WG/IoC. Pop the candy, hop in and start mowing the enemy safely down!

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting. I have had a few people from comments I’ve made on WoW Insider but the Daily Quest has never picked me up at all. Not in that statosphere! Glad you found the Maps for Tanks link useful. It’s brilliant isn’t it. Such a great idea.

  3. Agree – you don’t want exposure from WoW Insider. It feels good for a moment and then you get lots of nasty comments. (I don’t know what it is about the readers of WoW Insider but some really know how to HATE).

    I tried the GNERDs thing over two years and on my shadow priest and the easiest way to do it is to go in as a healer into Alterac Valley – stick with the crowd and heal people. When the people you’re healing get killing blows on the enemy you get em too (or something like that). Easiest way to rack up killing blows. But, yeah, don’t get caught out on your own or you’ll be slaughtered.

    Lots of candy. I’m glad the calories are virtual too!

    1. Funny you should say that about WoW Insider. The only nastiness I’ve encountered in regard to the blog so far (touch wood three times for no more!) was from WoW Insider people. And it was really awful & upsetting. I was really taken aback and for awhile after was almost scared to read any more comments in case they were the same! Odd. But I’ve had other visitors from WoW Insider from comments I’ve made- who have been absolutely lovely of course. But those two really stick in my mind. Will try the healing. Can’t wait to do it now!

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