The Righteous Fury Poltergeist

A while ago I posted about a dark day in my tanking life – actually they’re all pretty dark seeing as they’re all set in dungeons (boom boom- my jokes are reaching new heights I know – not good heights admittedly but new ones anyway). I had forgotten to put righteous fury on and was struggling to hold aggro. Oh how we laughed. After wiping. Several times. Now I check my aura, seal, kings and righteous fury every 2-3 minutes in the same way that at home I check the locks and that the plugs are switched off i.e. obsessively.

Anyway funny thing happened today. We had an overkill of Righteous Fury when my darling husband (whuh oh – it must be bad- I’m using a term of endearment) decided to put RF on himself. Someone in the group thankfully spotted it. He then denied putting it on, denied even having it, denied all knowledge of its existence, his existence, the universe, you get the point. I looked over my shoulder at his screen- there it was at the top large as life. He still claims he doesn’t know how it got there and at one point said, “You must have put it on me.” Not only is that impossible but even if it was why would I do that? What could I possibly have to gain by doing that? Basically his “I hit whatever button I feel like it” approach has showed itself up for the irresponsible toon life threatening strategy it is. Now if that helpful person in the group hadn’t spotted it he’d have started pulling lots of aggro, would probably have died and then blamed my tanking skills (lack of I mean). As it was I got blamed for criticising him for having RF on. All I said was – very politely – “Can you please take it off & make sure you never put it on again. EVER!” I thought that was quite mild but apparently that’s extremely critical in Healer Town. They are sensitive souls there. And finally according to him there was no harm in his having it on anyway since we were, I quote, “all still alive aren’t you?” Which I guess could be regarded as the test of a good healer, or a marginally acceptable one who is bloody lucky to have such a great tank with him (I mean me by the way – hard to believe though that is).

The actual run went really well. I was over the moon. I knew the way around. The dps didn’t pull. I remembered to wait for husband to have two mana breaks thereby averting two more tantrums. He takes ages to drink though – I usually run off just before he’s finished since I think I can hold my own for the first few seconds of a fight- he disputes that though and swears he has to use his strongest heals on me from the word go since my health goes down so quickly. However, I think you’ll all agree that given what I’ve described above we can take everything he says from now on with a pinch of salt – brought to us by the same poltergeist that put righteous fury on him.  In fairness though his healing was great – it actually felt at times as if he wanted to keep me alive – amazing!

At the end of it I was all happy – another dungeon under my belt & he was all grumpy – no good loot had dropped. Usual day in the life stuff. I then released him from healer duties to play FIFA and off he trotted.

In other news:- last night I did Sunken Temple about four times on the trot with Flossy my arcane mage. I love playing her. I think she is my favourite alt ever. We even look alike. See here – Flossy picture

My father in law almost put this picture up on the wall the other day mistaking it for a photo of me. He said my eyebrows need a trim though.

I feel no fear as Flossy. I hope this doesn’t mean I soon become too reckless and overconfident and run into an Aron Ralston type mishap with a boulder – unable to reach my wand and forced to drink my own toon juice to stay alive. I don’t think I’m playing recklessly. Just with confidence – which is so unlike me.  Sunken Temple was Orange to me and I went in there as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I said a breezy hello to everyone, flexed my arcane dealing hands and let loose. Then apologised profusely for pulling & slunk to the back of the class. Seriously though – out came my blasts and missiles, I even threw in a few frost and fire instants when the mob’s health was low and anything else would take too long to cast. My little fingers whizzed over the keyboard. I pulled out my mirror images for the boss fight and the style rating of our group increased tenfold. My mirror images & I look like the coolest blood elf pop group ever- not that there’s strong competition. The Mirror Images I imaginatively call us.  Probably more talent in us than your average X factor contestant – thought again that’s not really saying much.

Anyway being an arcane mage feels the ultimate in flexible, quick, powerful (dare I say overpowered?) dps. I never get stressed. I never get worried. Which means only one thing. Something bad is going to happen to her isn’t it? This is that scene in the film when someone says how happy they are, faces the camera, and the bus comes from the right and knocks them clean off their feet.

Oh well- I’m going to enjoy it while I can. It’s just come to my attention that at end game dps are normally more in demand than tanks or healers. That begs the question why I am putting myself through the agony of tanking & sometimes healing (although Androse my healer is currently back in med school retaking her qualifications such was her last performance) when dps is the future. And ranged dps at that. Why am I making life so hard for myself with Bravetank?

Oh yes – I remember. Because I’m scared of it. And I must overcome that which I’m scared of. That’s the vow I made to my Zen Master (Eddie my dog who made a similar vow to try and stop being so scared of his own reflection. We’re in this together boy.). And if I can conquer tanking who knows what will come next. Maybe even spiders. Now that would be an achievement.


5 thoughts on “The Righteous Fury Poltergeist

  1. A little thing to be noted:

    generally, tanks and healers are in higher demand than dps for any level and difficulty.

    In random dungeons, especially.

    Although you only need 1-2 (mostly) tanks and 2-3 healers (depending on the people involved) for a raid, which leaves 5 (but up to 7 in certain cases) spots for dps, at least on the realm I have my 85 toons on you never see anyone asking “lfm 3dps for raid abbreviation xy” more than twice in a row. Begging for that last tank or healer (sometimes with bribes of thousands of gold — exaggerations are possible and used exclusively to paint the picture more clearly), however, can take up to 30min of time in trade chat (there is no chat but trade chat…or is there?) in the lives of the poor tank- or healerless future raiders.

    The only situation I can see a higher demand for dps than anything is in a raid with a defined core group at its center. And that is mostly because you try to get your healers’ and tanks’ timetables adjusted so you don’t run the risk of not being able to raid because your tank of choice isn’t available on this particular day of the week. Therefore, most raid cores have their tanks and healers pretty fixed and are more lax on pugging one or two dps, if necessary.
    There are more reported cases of a raid dissolving because a tank quit than there are of cases where the raid group disappeared from the world of multi-group-dungeoning (I just made that term up — or if I didn’t, I wasn’t aware it existed) because one dps quit. Healers are somewhere in between, but certainly more likely to be a “raid wipe” than dps (data for this statement is completely made up).

    I, therefore, in my deepest and most booming voice, demand that you keep tanking. You’re susceptible to this, right?

    I close with the wise words of OMGIDPSSOMUC (the “H” didn’t fit — haha, what a completely unintended pun) :
    “DPS are a dime a dozen”

    1. You’ve destroyed my last little spark of hope. Was going to change the blog to Confident DPS and enjoy the easy life. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tank at end game. Though my levelling rate means that is never going to be a problem!

      1. I guess I’ll have to concoct an ingeniously clever plan to get you to tanking in end game.


        I got it!

        I’ll just tell your husband there are shiny purples waiting to be looted by him!

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