The Tanking Road to Recovery

What is it with people and speed in the game? Last night and this morning I’ve been in groups where one person has wanted to blitz through at the speed of light. What are they rushing for. Life is but one long journey to the grave after all- why hurry there?

Actually really enjoyed last night’s run – huge shout out and thanks to the Raggy Dolls guildees who ran with me (hope they don’t mind being named…Mosschops (he has no say – he’s my husband in hunter form bragging about the size of his bow), Kochi (awesome mage who is dual specced as a need/greed counsellor and made a break through with me last night!) and Jacqlyn (fantastic bear tank who is everything I’m not when I tank – polite, considerate, prepared to wait for healer- she has set the bar very high!). Jubilate was busy doing grown up stuff raiding so the four of us tackled Deadmines (twice) then Ragefire Chasm & then – without me – they did Shadowfangkeep – they died in that quite a bit so I understand – read into that what you will 🙂

They are all lovely and I’m so happy they’ve joined the guild. I was very embarrassed by my dps though. I used every combination of buttons to try to raise it but couldn’t get it higher than 28 (not going to say what Mosschops’ was but it did show he can indeed use a bow!) In the first one even the healer was higher than me (we’ll get onto the healer in a second though). Now I am a couple of levels lower than everyone else so maybe it’s that? I can’t see how it can be my rotation as I only have 4 things I can rotate – how badly can I be messing that up (I do get higher dps if I spam renew 4 times right?!)

I also humiliated myself at another point by accidentally passing on a robe that I think was perfect for me (my size etc.). I fumbled my buttons because I was too busy stressing over recount. Not sure if anyone noticed though. I also can’t type as much as everyone else while I play but I’m hoping I come over as cool and mysterious as opposed to completely clumsy and ham-fisted 🙂

The speed thing though. The healer in the 1st one demanded the tank pull more and go quicker etc and acted mortally offended at the idea he/she (can’t remember which) might need a mana break. Jacqlyn was cool and didn’t respond and also importantly did not change her pace. I’m ashamed to admit if it had been me I’d have pulled the entire room, run around like a lunatic and basically allowed the healer to set the pace which I know is absolutely not the right thing to do. I know I would do it because this morning when tanking I let a pushy dps set the pace against my better judgement and almost ended up causing a wipe. I received stern words from my husband on that point. Actually he was full of stern words this morning (i.e. he’s a total grump). Apparently I’ve become a real tank. He doesn’t mean this in a good way. I don’t allow time for looting (guilty). I don’t check he’s with me (guilty). I run off with the dps (guilty – but it’s not a form of adultery no matter what he says). I can’t really argue. If there was a tanking support group I’d join to stand up and confess I am an inconsiderate tank. I know I must follow the 12 step programme to get better:-

  • I must admit I am powerless over my addiction to run from mob to mob pulling too much and spamming consecrate, holy shield and hammer of the righteous
  • I need to believe that a Power greater than myself (in the shape of Anadin the husband healer) is the only thing that can restore me to sanity
  • I must make the decision to turn my life over to Anadin no matter how slow he sometimes heals and how oblivious he appears to be of when I need cleansing
  • I need to make a moral inventory of myself and an actual clear out of all my bags
  • I must admit to Anadin and the Raggy Dolls that even last night I transgressed – pulled twice by accident – sorry 😦
  • I must be entirely ready to have Anadin remove all my defects of tanking character – yes he who has never tanked is for some reason now an  expert
  • I will humbly ask Anadin to remove my shortcomings – or at the very least poisons when I am bitten – something that would be far easier if he’d bloody download Decursive
  • I will make a list of all persons I have harmed in my tanking – have emailed the spirit healer in game – she’s going to get back to me
  • I will make direct amends to such people  – mana cookies from Flossy my mage all round
  • I will continue to take personal inventory and admit when I’m wrong – “Sorry I lagged” is now a macro
  • I will seek through prayer and meditation to improve my understanding of Anadin’s will – or at the very least realise when he says “nv” this is his typo for “mb” – I should know this surely?
  • Having had an Elune awakening as the result of these steps, I will try through this blog to carry the message to other bad tanks.

So come on all us crazed ego driven tanks – let’s remember our healers. Without them we are nothing  it seems – apart from very very dead!


9 thoughts on “The Tanking Road to Recovery

  1. I really like your 12 step process to tanking. My Main is a Holy Priest, and I am learning how to Tank on my Pally “Cúchulain” on Arathor (US). Thank-you

    1. Good luck learning to tank. I’m enjoying it although I get stressed & have to force myself to do it each time. Having healer husband helps although obviously it leads to a fair amount of bickering 🙂

  2. See, whenever I get the “Pull more stuff” from anyone, I pull the whole room and force a wipe.

    Then I get kicked.

    I just don’t have the patience for impatience when I’m tanking. (Mmmm… delicious hyprocrisy!)

    1. That’s a tactic I should use! 🙂 Not that I’d like being kicked. I’ve only been kicked once (not Bravetank to be fair) – the experience of finding myself standing in a field all dazed and confused was not pleasant!

  3. I would have to say that pressure to pull faster is what keeps me away from wanting to be a tank or level one. I know that if someone gets pull happy, I can pretty much hold my own, as a healer. I know to blow my cooldowns, or drink a pot, or deal with it another way. Especially as a new tank, I would hate to pull more than I can handle. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.

    That was one thing I found enjoyable about starting to run the Experts in Rift (which is their version of Heroics). You can’t do those runs in 20 minutes. If you go into an Expert on a strict time frame, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. That felt great! I could actually enjoy the instance and the people in it. I could learn how to play my class. It was a huge relief to have that time again to myself and not feel that pressure that comes from being in a hurry.

    1. That sounds good. Time to learn to play your class – that shouldn’t feel like such a rarity but it is! How long were you playing Rift before you felt good enough to play run the Experts? Are the other dungeons (non Experts) as similarly “gogogo” as in WoW?

  4. That’s why I love playing my priest. Leap of Faith is “teh best” when you have pushy tanks or dps. “If you pull ’em, I pull you.”

    There should be a glyph or something to reduce the cooldown to something like 30 seconds, though.

    (for all not in the know: Leap of Faith is the ability priests get at level 85. It costs a bit of mana, has a considerable range and can be cast every 1.5 min. What it does? It pulls an ally player to you. Great fun, I tell you!)

    Umm…what was the post about again?

    1. I definitely like the sound of that. Do people ever complain when you do it to them? Or do they think they’ve discovered a new ability in themselves (ooh look I can jump into yje priests’ arms at will if I press….what was it…something)

      1. They complain about it all the time.

        “You scared the hell out of me with that! Stop it!”
        “Stop pulling me!”
        “Why do you I suddenly walk against a wall? DAAAAAAAN!”

        Even if I save their lives doing it (I felt so awesome when I yanked the tank back onto the net on Beth’tilac when they didn’t get out of the fire fast enough and were just starting to fall down from it [which would’ve meant a wipe] — yay for me!) they complain about it.

        “Stop pulling me, ghostcrawlerdamnit!” — “I’ll have you know I just saved your life / averted a wipe / saved you the repair / [insert bragging about how perfectly I did that here]!” — “I don’t care…STOP PULLING ME!”

        Nothing is so hard as [insert race here]’s ingratitude.

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